10 Pets Who Inherited A Fortune

Pets, for some it’s dinner, but for everyone else, it’s overloads of cuteness, love, and heart warming fun. Their unselfish loyalty and love certainly deserve a round of applause, and well, for some, I guess that means a couple million bucks. So with that being said, let’s take a look at our list, of the top 10 animals, that inherited a fortune, from their masters.

10Bubbles The Chimpanzee | $2,000,000

When you’re cute, funny and the favorite chimp of Pop King Michael Jackson, your life is set. In addition to his legacy in Pop Music and Some billion dollars, MJ made sure his chimp would be well taken care, by leaving him $2 million in his will, to secure his long-term healthy future. The chimp now lives in an animal sanctuary in Florida, due to his increasing aggression towards humans. Well, I guess money doesn’t buy you Happiness.

9Trekkie The Pups | $4,000,000

Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, the widow of Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, set up a $4 million trust for their dogs, plus an additional $1 million for a domestic employee to take care of them for the remainder of their lives. Damn how do you apply for that job..

8Gigoo The Hen | $10,000,000

Publishing Mogul Miles Blackwell and his wife had a track record of caring for animals, having established the ‘Tubney Charitable Trust’ in 1997, to protect farm animals. Before she passed away, she was a widow and had no children, so she left left her favorite Hen, Gigoo, 10 Million Dollars. Shit Baby, for 10 Million Dollars, I’ll be whatever you want.

7Conchita, Lucia and April Marie- the Chihuahuas | $11,000,000

Gail Posner left $3 million to her three Chihuahuas, as well as diamond dog accessories, an $8 million mansion in Miami, for a grand total of $11 Million. Putting the salary of the Taco Bell Dog to shame. The dogs’ live-in caretaker also inherited millions. However, Posner’s son, allegedly claimed that her house wait staff, highly influenced the decisions of her will. Well it looks like im in the wrong profession.. Why don’t they teach Care taking in high school..

6Trouble The Maltese | $12,000,000

Leona Helmsley, who died in 2007, left a whopping 12 Million Dollars for her Maltese “Trouble” deliberately leaving her grandchildren out of her will. This caused the caretaker to spend 100,000 a year on full time security, because Trouble had received death threats. As they say, Money and Trouble go hand in hand.

5Blackie | $12,500,000

When British antiques dealer Ben Rea died in 1988, he left his $12.5-million fortune to Blackie, the only surviving cat of the 15 cats he had in his mansion. Rea’s relatives received nothing while the reclusive millionaire made sure his furry BFF would be swagged out in the finest collars for the rest of his life. At one time, Blackie held the Guinness Book of World Records, as the richest cat in the world. Until she was scratched out by the next contender on our list.

4Tommasino | $15,000,000

not the Italian Mafia Godfather, but a little mobbed out cat. The childless widow of Italian real estate investor, Maria Assunta, rescued this 4-year-old stray from the streets of Rome, and in no time Tommasino became a piece of her heart. But in 2011, Tommasino made Assunta an offer she couldn’t refuse, so she left this cat $15 million, making him the fourth richest animal in the world.

3Oprah Winfrey’s Dogs | $30,000,000

The pets of billionaire TV personality “Oprah Winfrey” was once quoted as saying that if her home were to catch fire, the one personal possession she would grab, is a photo album of her five dogs. two golden retrievers, two springer spaniels, and one cocker spaniel. Not only do they already have a more lavish lifestyle than 99% of the American population, but these Golden Spaniels, will inherit a whopping sum of 30 millions when she kicks the bucket.

2Kalu The Chimpanzee | $65,000,000

Patricia O’Neil, The daughter of a British countess and ex-wife of Olympian Frank O’Neill, made sure that her estate in Cape Town, would go to her favorite Chimp “Kalu” ultimately making him the second richest animal in the world, worth over $65 Million. That’s a whole lot of Bananas and cocaine.. Right on Kalu..

1Gunther | $372,000,000

The Richest of the Rich, Fiercest of the fierce, fanciest of the fancy. This handsome hunk of bad ass aka Gunther, isn’t just a bit rich, he’s off the wall slap you in the face rich. The German Shepherd inherited his fortune of $372 Million Dollars, from his completely not crazy owner, a German countess, that went by the name of Karlotta Liebenstein. Aside from spending money like a don. Ya.. I’m talkin’ bout chewy bones, bitches & Limos, This Dan Bilzerian of Dogs, also purchased Madonna’s old Miami home for more than 3 million, and his favorite daily delicacy… a rare white truffle worth over a grand.

And there you have it, our top 10 list of the richest Pets of all time. What do you plan on leaving your pet? Mention them in the comment section, below. And as always, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.


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