10 Unbelievably Expensive iPhone Apps

Apple’s App Store is full of great apps that are inexpensive or free, but there are also a handful that cost hundreds of dollars. If you think an IPhone is costly, wait until you finish watching this video, because we are back, with our list, of 10 Unbelievably Expensive iPhone Apps, so let’s take a look.

Water Globe

Meet the $350 Water Globe. What do you do with it? Nothing. It is a mere snow globe simulator, Yup, a digital version of a muthertruckin water globe. The only luxury you get with it, is the function to set it as the lock-screen on your Iphone. So pretty much, its a fancy ass screensaver.


If you’re not a dentist, this $500 app isn’t for you, because DDS GP, was made for dentists. It includes various explanations of conditions, treatments, and procedures for patients. But honestly guys, if you saw your Dentist whip out this App, I’d say Get the fuck out.


Designed by Ca ca ca ca casa Futura Technologies, MPiStutter is a $1000 app created for Stutterers. In simple words, It is an app that will help to improve your speech ability and public spe spe speaking. Okay im definitely going to hell for this one. MPiStutter designer used ‘Modifying Phonated Interval stuttering therapy’ in their back end code, so that they can rectify problems in your speech , and give you the best solution possible. This is a great application, that saves you thousands of dollars versus seeing a speech therapists.


Ignition is an app that can’t be used on its own, but is instead used in combination with a piece of software for the PC and Mac known as LogMeIn. When used together, users gain remote access to their computers, and the files stored on them, and can restart or shutdown computers remotely. Ignition alone costs $1000 and LogMeIn starts at $149 a year.


Agro is every farmer’s friend, An expensive friend. The price of Agro is $1000, and it helps agronomists by taking the headache out of filing paperwork, and keeps track of inspections, chemicals, crops, and pests on a farm. I guess the maker of the app never heard of Excel sheet. But o well, hopefully the farmers never heard of Excel either.


‘Stylish cashier system for all purposes’, App.cash is designed by visiomatic and is a complete virtual POS system. You do know what POS is right? And no we don’t mean POV you sickos, it’s a sales management app. You get a virtual your cash drawer, receipt printer, customer display, a barcode scanner and a credit/debit card reader, all in for $1000. Damn, I guess these people have never heard of PayPal.


The complete Bar prep guide that includes lectures from Harvard Law professors and even questions from previous Bar Exams, BarMax is designed by Harvard Law Alumni to help Law Students. I mean, Rich Law Students pass their bar exam, because BarMax isn’t exactly cheap, it costs a neck breaking $1000 to download, and the makers claim that It covers other educational topics as well, like an all in one package, shit, for $1000 It better make me good enough to get someone outta prison like they did oj Simpson.


If you are a dedicated football fan with money to blow, then you’re gonna want this app. This dedicated app for managing stats is pretty much a glorified spreadsheet. Because It doesn’t even come with season tickets to your favorite NFL team, Nonetheless, if you need a dedicated flag football app to record your god given flag pulling talent, this is your holy grail.


If you think you’re a hot shit piano player, then this app is for you. CyberTuner is a $1000 piano tuning app for professional piano players. The app will set you back even more than a grand piano, considering you’ll also have to pay an annual subscription fee of $80 for Cybercare, what is zeus’s testicles is cybercare, they can cybercare these nuts.

VIP Black

Also known as The Millionaire’s App.”, it’s not just for any everyday normal person. Just to download the app is a whopping $1000, you have to verify that your assets are over one million pounds. Once you download the app, Users get VIP treatment from the company’s luxury partners. So Let’s say you need a hotel room in London, use VIP Black to locate ultra premium rooms, and also receive a complimentary fruit basket for using the app. Well, good thing us low borns have yelp.

And there you have it, our list of 10 Unbelievably Expensive iPhone Apps. How mad would you be if someone bought one of these apps on your iphone ? Let us know in the comments section below. And as always, don’t forget to like, share and enable notifications bruh


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