10 YouTubers Who Quit Their Channels

I have to say, that this list was absolutely annoying to research, as many popular YouTubers claim they are going to quit, even using Quitting YouTube as their thumb nail title, only to either click bait their fans or seek attention, you know like the time you threatened your mommy that you were gunna run away from home but never do, because we all know youz just a bitch nigga, like this guy , this guy , this girl, these chicks, this guy, annnd this fucking dude…But there are some that stick to their guns and really just bounce the YouTube world, unless you’re like DaddyOFive and is forced to quit from alleged child endangerement, and you lose your kids, and then become daddy minus five ..just sayin’.. With that being said, welcome to our list, of 10 YouTubers Who Quit Their Channels


This creator’s YouTube channel was pulling in millions of views from his awesome musical score to his high flying GTA stunts and fails. But for some odd reason, he or she, (no clue who this person is) is no longer uploading to YouTube, in fact it’s been over a year for any activity on this page.

9Essena O’neil

Ok, I know she’s not a big YouTuber but, she is still a YouTuber as the Social Media star, gave up Instagram with 600K followers, SnapChat, and every other social media, stating that “social media is not real life” as she uploaded the video to YouTube. But even that wasn’t enough, as she had many people calling her out as a hoax, saying it was 100% self promotion.

8Lucas Cruikshank

The Fred Figglehorn channel became an instant success and Lucas the creator became a YouTube star. But when Nickelodeon came calling for his own Fred movie, dude jumped ship and bounced even landing the lead role on Nickelodeon sitcom Marvin Marvin..but when ratings sucked ass, and the show got dropped…So did our boy Lucas..


Now you might not know this channel due to lack of popularity, but here at Modern Whiz, Game recognize Game.. As we aren’t very impressed by many channels, this one was an eye brow raiser.. Just check out their 3d parallax photos and their detailed editing. It’s easy to see that their was production value and investment capital put into it. But with slow moving YouTube subscribers and viewership, we’re guessing that it cost too much to make..soooo welcome to the YouTube graveyard, Plethrons.. btw that name sucks dick..

6Oprah SideVerson

Ok, this one has an asterisks behind it, because OSN didn’t actually quit YouTube.. But he did quit his main channel Oprah SideVerson when he was 1 day away from hitting 1 Million subs.. Check out his channel and a video titled “My Life IS Over” when he uploaded an illegal term of usage video and was given a major strike… His emotional plea to the company that gave him a strike might even make you cry…dude even apparently went to their physical address and was denied even a face to face…welcome to the YouTube life


No idea what happened to this guy, as he stopped uploading years ago to YouTube…Wast time chasing cars had nothing to do with literally chasing cars, at least we didn’t see any of that. Leaving YouTube with hundreds of thousands of subscribers seems like a waste especially if your content was ad friendly like his was. Here’s a theory, he won the lottery and he’s on an island somewhere eating grapes and bitches asses all day..

4Kev Jumba

This popular YouTuber quit out of nowhere when he was hitting a stride of millions of subscribers. And today, we hear about many YouTube stars that became millionaires from their channels, why did he quit YT and all his social media? Well, KevJumba apparently built a school in Kenya named after him and went internet silent… Good for you Kev, one of the good guys.


As one of the most popular YouTube stars ever, KSI recently decided to call it quits as he states that “ we stopped looking for monsters under our bed when we realized that they were inside us.” “Tranforming” then a tweet “Gone”.. Some consipracy theorists believe that he has a terminal illness and is going to die soon, so he wanted to spend the rest of his life finding the meaning of his own life. His brother “says thats retarded, and wrong.” KSI also made a snapchat video where he breaks down crying.. Maybe ehe just had a mental breakdown and he needed to get to an island somewhere eating some bitches ass.. sorry for using that joke again.

2FPS Russia

Real name Kyle Meyers from Georgia, he started his Youtube career playing Call Of Duty on his channel…That progressed into him talking about the guns used in the game in his russian voiced character Dimitri Potapoff, and evolved into him shooting the guns in real life..Assault rifles, flame throwers, explosives, you name it, he shot it and he blew it up..The channel grew to 1 million subs in 1 year and thus creating more money for him to use in his production..But it wasn’t until 2013, that shit hit the fan, when one of his crucial production men=mber Keith Ratliff who supplied him with the ammon and guns was found shot and murdered. ATF then raided Kyle’s father’s ranch where he also lived. FPSRussia was gone and a distant memory.. After a long hiatus, Apparently he’s back on YT again.

1Ray William Johnson

I remember interviewing Ray way back in 2011 for TMZ, when we cutely talked about why Cats are become so viral for YouTube… That’s how old school this YouTube legend was…Amassing millions of subs and billions of views his Equals 3 channel became a phenomenon where he would react to viral videos. Although Things started to unwind when Ray signed a deal with Makers studio in 2012 starting another channel called ‘Your Favorite Martian’… Disputes with contracts and ego erupted and Ray bounced from Makers and everything associated.. He then started Equals 3 studios and is now working on other entertainment related projects.

And there you have it, our list of “10 YouTubers Who Quit Their Channels’ Did we miss any other popular quitters? If so, mention them in the comment section below, and as always/ don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe.

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