5 Things You Didn’t Know About ModernWhiz

As celebration for our 100,000th subscriber day, we thought it would be nice to show our fans, you Modern Whizards, a little knowledge about our team and inner workings. Because every new channel is just a small pond in the Proverbial Sahara Desert known as YouTube, but we’ve been fucking shit up since 2014. We appreciate all the love and support we get from each and every one of you. And will keep doing our best to keep bringing you the best Top Tens and Real Net Worths with the professional touch of Modern Whiz. Annnd, keeping it real and talking that shit. With that being said, welcome to our list of 5 Things You Did Not Know About Modern Whiz

5Our Team

Our team is comprised of 6 bad ass members, something like The Seal Team 6 of YouTube, where we produce 20 mother fucking videos a month, and we are competing with huge top YouTube channels, who have big ass networks funding them, but don’t worry about us because we’re kicking their ass. Independant. Bitch! And that’s all Thanks to you guys!

4We Create Our Own Beats

Every video you’ve seen thus far from Modern Whiz, has been created by musician and Modern Whiz creator Johnny ‘Nine Diamond’ Olmos (who denies being related to Edward James Olmos, but we know the truth). Nine has been in the YouTube production world for ten years now, and has thousands of beats and millions of views on Youtube videos he’s created. And you can check out all the fire, at Expertbeats.com. Nine also has been credited for helping in the creative portion of many notable YouTube creators such as Supereeego, Jason Chen, Timothy DelAGhetto, and Megan Nicole.

3Meet Narrator: Yori U

Yori U recently joined the team and is now a writer and Narrator for Modern Whiz. As he writes scripts for all the top tens he reads, he also helps with the writing of The RealNet Worth. And you may remember Yori, As he was a TMZ Paparazzo for over 8 years, and was hired directly from Harvey Levin, when they met at a gas station when he was in his early 20’s.. You may also remember him on HBO’s Entourage, as he plays himself, with his buddy Turtle. Yori U. is also recently credited for catching a notorious serial burglar who had a 1 Million Dollar bond for his arrest in the South Bay of L.A. using his TMZ investigative skills.

2Meet Narrator: HD Flat Beats

Get to know Mike ‘HD-Flat Beats’ Olmos, the co-creator and older brother to Nine Diamond. As the awesome voice narrator for Modern Whiz and The Real NetWorth, HD has been in the hip hop game for years now, creating music for such acts as Papoose, Sly Boogie, and Roscoe to name a few. And is now managing ‘up and coming’ LA hip hop artist Pac Man da Gunman. His most notable move is when his company Broadcast King was recognized as one of the top SEO and web development companies by the LA Times and the Chicago Tribune.

1Our Analytics

So far , Modern Whiz is on pace to hit 2,000 subscribers per day, and those numbers are growing, just like my penis Our audience is comprised mostly of Men at a whopping 78 percent! And the age range is anywhere from 18 to 44 years old, which is considered the most influential demographic in the world. Congratulations , guys. And yes, SEX is the most searched term when organically finding Modern Whiz. You fucking pervs…

And there you have it, our list of the 5 Things You Did Not Know About Modern Whiz. Did you think this video was hype and want to know more about the crew and the production? If so get us to 200,000 and we’ll provide you with juicer, sexier, and girthier facts about us , and mention them in the comment section below, and as always/ don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe.


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