Top 10 Gold Diggers

Get ready to have your credit cards all maxed the fuck out when you enter into these gold digger’s lives. Don’t believe us? Ask all the rich people who’ve been swindled by these fake tittty con artists. Wanna kiss? I need new shoes. Wanna Blow Job? Bring me a red ferrari. Condoms? What are those? Let’s bareback and see where it leads us! With that being said, Welcome to our list of the Top 10 Gold Diggers.

10Courtney Stodden

You might remember Doug Hutchinson in some obscure movies and roles. At one point in his life, he might have been worth some money. But I’m sure he’s been cleaned out already since he met Courtney. At the tender age of 16, although lookin’ like she was tore up and 40, Courtney married then 51 year old Doug and the judicial system was totally cool with it, since her family signed off on the marriage. She must come from a family tree of professional scammers.

9Evelyn Lozada

The Kardashian’s must have read Evelyn’s playbook. Because this professional sports gold digger is fucking good. Her funds come from many balls, Basketballs, Baseballs, Footballs, and Dick n Balls. Listen to this laundry list of all stars, she gets engaged to Antoine Walker after being in a 10 year relationship with him but decides to jam after he loses his 100 Million dollar NBA fortune to gambling, marries Chad Ocho Cinco but dumps him after 2 weeks of marriage after figuring out he’s recently broke, then marries MLB player Carl Crawford after he signs a $142 Million dollar contract. Damn that pussy, must be good!

8Tracey Edmonds

Deion Sanders, Eddie Murphy, and Kenny “Baby Face” Edmonds. No, I’m not listing the top african american entertainers of the 90’s. I’m listing every guy that slipped his dick and a ring into and on Tracey McQuarn, now known as Tracey “Fuck a Prenup” Edmonds. Although we do want to mention Tracey has her own thing going, as she is the board of directors for the Producers Guild of America. And CEO of Edmonds Entertainment.. But Let’s be fair guys. Now I aint sayin she a gold digga but she aint messin with no broke nigga..

7Raffaello Follieri

You don’t have to be a chick to be a gold digger.. right K Fed, wink wink..As This gold digger dude literally has no soul. The scam was complex as Raffaello took a 50 Million dollar investment from some rich dudes to buy Roman Catholic churches in the U.S.. As he plays hot shot Real Estate mogul, this con becomes boyfriend to millionaire actress Anne Hathaway. And yes, their apartment was raided by the FBI and her personal journal was confiscated for evidence. “Dear Journal, The Devil Wears shit Italian cologne”

6V. Stiviano

Crater face skeletor looking whore V Stiviano will fuck you over so hard you’ll lose your sports franchise. Can you believe that shit? Yes, it actually happened. As the 33 year old “model” (we use that word lightly) was not only gold digging on married 81 year old billionaire Donald Sterling but was recording his conversations as well.. Going straight to TMZ with her private chats with Donald. Dats Foul!

5Kevin Federline

Back up dancer and part time pizza delivery boy K Fed didn’t have much going for himself. After knocking up his girlfriend he decided to bounce on her while pregnant to start dating Britney Spears. Who was the most famous person on the planet at the time.. K Fed played it smart as he swooped in on Brit while she was the most damaged in her life. He proposed to her, while Britney paid for her own engagement ring. how did that convo go? “Will you marry me? Yes I do! Well, you gonna have to buy your own ring Bitch.

4Kimora Lee Simmons

After marrying founder of Def Jam records Russell Simmons, Kimora became a household name when she showed off her luxurious lifestyle on MTV Cribs, even hosting the richest houses on MTV. Kimora and Russell divorced after 10 years while receiving $40,000 a month in alimony. Imagine that?? 40K a month? Why would a judge approve that? Maybe he was getting in on the action? Maybe he was hittin that shit with some deep creampies? Still wanna get married? And oh yea, Gold collector Kimora re a richer ass bankin ass nigga from Goldman Sachs. Who woulda saw that coming!

3Blac Chyna

This whore bag is on the prowl and she drives a pink Lamborghini throughout L.A… Just to let you guys know. First, Blac Chyna gets knocked up by rapper Tyga then goes after Rob Kardashian and gets him to give her a baby too… So what does this bitch do in order to drive around a $300,000 luxury car? Opens up those legs and gets a nice fat warm and cheesy cream pie. So I guess, you can say, she’s in the Pie making business.

2Crystal Harris

This bitch can’t wait for the day Hugh Hefner dies. Trust me when I say this… SHE CAN’T WAIT! One day in the near future, Crystal Harris will own the Playboy brand and everything that comes with it.. And it is stated in their agreement by lawyers that she gets nothing in a divorce. So she sucked it up , and is now playing the waiting game for 91 year old Hef to enter the pearly gates.. And once he dies, so will the Playboy brand, Why? Cause this hoes about to cash out, das why.. Sad AF.. Isn’t it?

1Anna Nicole Smith

Billionaire oil tycoon and 90 year old pervert J Howard Marshall was ready to die. Until he met small town stripper Anna Nicole Smith and found what it meant to be in a true mutually loving relationship. See, you can really feel the love in these pictures of the two as J Howard’s lips are decaying and his skin is turning into wax… We could see why Anna was in so much love. Just look at the happy couple! J Howard eventually died, probably minutes after this photo was taken, but Anna only got a portion of his $800 Million dollars. As his family cock blocked her in court. Those tears are real, people!!! Did she love him, or did she love the money? (Edward Olmos voice)

And there you have it, our list of the ‘Ten Biggest Gold Diggers.’ Did we miss any other Diggers? If so, mention them in the comment section below, and as always don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe.

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