10 Celebrities Who Attacked Paparazzi

Stars & Paparazzi are like those couples who fight a lot, but still cannot live without each other. When it comes to Stars and Celebrities, you will find one or more paparazzi’s holding their big ass cameras, scratching their balls, and flashing some pics to make some mega bucks. But at times, these paparazzi’s cross the line, and go overboard, and when they do, it mixes for an excellent Paps vs Celeb Recipe. So with that being said, Let’s take a look at our list, of 10 celebs, who took matters into their own hands, and opened a can of whoop ass on the Paparazzi.

10Shia Labeouf

Yes, the infamous coffee incident. One fine morning when Shia was sitting at a coffee shop in D.C., A paparazzi was taking photos of him and shia lost it. He got a cup of hot coffee and chucked it at the paparazzi, then ran away. No charges were filed against him, but rumor has it.

9Russell Brand

Comedian Actor Russell Brand attacked a paparazzo, at LAX, for allegedly taking pictures of his then-wife Katy Perry. But it wasn’t just any pics though. This guy was taking panty shots, from under her dress. So Brand went full on 007 on the Pap’s ass and was immediately taken into custody by LAPD, where he paid 20 grand for Bail. But regardless Katy Perry supported Brand, and knew he would do it again if needed.

8Alec Baldwin

Now this guy has a reputation for breaking his foot off in a paparazzi’s ass, and It all began in 2012, when he hit a Daily News photographer, while leaving the courthouse with his fiancé. Since then he’s been undefeated in the ring, and has gone through numerous amounts of altercations with the paps, he’s even made death threats towards them.

7Hugh Grant

Don’t piss this English McMuffin off, or you might get kicked on the shaft or worse, you might get Baked Beaned. In 2007, he was arrested for an attack in London, when he threw a container of baked beans, at a Pap, Yes, Baked Beans, he then yelled at the Pap and said, “he hopes his children die of cancer.” The sad new is, the reporter’s children did died of cancer, a new form of cancer, called Hugh Grant Syndrome, Fast forward to 2009, he kicked a TMZ cameraman in the balls while leaving the New York Hotel, rumor has it that’s how you get Hugh Grant Syndrome.

6Britney Spears

In 2007, she famously slammed a photographer’s SUV with an umbrella until the umbrella broke in half. This was when she was in and out of rehab and watching a shit ton of mary poppins. I guess a spoon full of medicine, makes you shave your head.

5Miley Cyrus

In March 2011, when Miley was coming out the gym, she noticed that a cameraman was trying to get video footage of that ass. Which Caused her to turn into the notorious serial killer, Hannah Montana. She then went on to assault the photographer to make sure he would move his camera out the way. At one point, She was so disgusted with paparazzi, that she thought of moving to Nashville, but didn’t, and turned into the blood thirsty harpy we’ve all grown to love today.

4Chris Martin

You may love his music but you do not wanna piss this coldplay frontman off. Infamous for getting physical with the media, Chris once smashed the windshield and slashed the tires of a paparazzi’s car, during his Australia tour in 2003. Martin was arrested, but the charges were dropped, because nobody fucks with coldplay, not even Australia.

3Kanye West

In 2008, when an insensitive paparazzo was chasing this rap star, and asking inappropriate questions about Kim, like “what that mouth do” and “does Kim ever call you Ray J while you smashin”, this heated the situation, and West lost it, so he destroyed the photographer’s camera. He may not have started it, but it did land him in community service.

2Justin Bieber

One of the biggest pop stars of all time, has got quite the past with the paparazzi. He Once hit a photographer with his car on Sunset Strip in Los Angeles, And In Another incident, he removed his shoe and threw it at a photographer who wouldn’t move his car out of the way. Justin also wanted to fight a photographer outside the london airport for snapping some pictures.

1Sean Penn

Our no.1 contender Sean Penn is notorious for putting the smackdown on paparazzi. During the 1986 shoot of Shanghai Surprise in Macao, China, he was found allegedly dangling a Paparazzi from his ninth floor balcony, after He found him hiding in his hotel bedroom. He was charged with attempted murder, but fled the country before he could be caught. Well one things for sure, I’ll never see the movie “I Am Sam” the same way again…

And there you have it, our list of the top 10 Celebrities who attacked the paparazzi? Have you ever beaten up any paparazzi? If So, Mention them in the comments section, below. And as always, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.

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