10 Child Stars Who Aged Horribly

There are many child stars who have won the hearts of millions, with their cuteness and fuzzy wuzzyness, but unfortunately, that shit dint last long enough, and With that being said, it brings us to our list, of 10 child stars of who aged horribly.

10Clint Howard

The Andy Griffin show, would not have been complete with out this lil bugger, as he went on to warm the hearts of viewers episode after episode. Unfortunately, Father time wasn’t a fan of the show, and decided to totally fuck Clint. Now the only roles this lil buggerd good for, is to play the pedofile, or the alien. #DontDoIncest

9Taran Noah Smith

child star of Tim Allen’s nineties hit series, Home Improvement, looks like he went backwards through the butterfly cycle, as he looks more like a zombie slug on meth. After going through a bad marriage and multiple run-ins with the law. This DUI stacking, Crackhead, sure has seen better days.

8Austin St. John

If you were a fan of the Red Ranger, you probably got a quarter inch chub everytime he came on screen, but unfortunately, those days are gone. After leaving the show, he became a firefighter as well as an EMT. Eventhough he still has a black belt, lets just say, that shit needed to get re-fitted cause today he looks more like a Soccer Dad.

7Fred Savage

He was the cute kid with the quirky smile in ‘The Wonder Years’ But those years turn up, and Fred has since left the acting behind, and now enjoying life as a regular ass dude.

6Haley Joel Osment

As a kid, he showed his talents in the sixth sense, with the i see dead people.. and various movies, but 17 years later, he is still trying to make his way as an adult actor, but has not been offered the roles he’d like, and has been left with playing the shit roles cause life happens, and sometimes its a bitch

5Jeremy Miller

Our next contender is Jeremy Miller, who unfortunately lost his cuteness as soon as he hit puberty. Jeremy had some stiff competition with Kirk Cameron and Leonardo DiCaprio. But those awkward teen years hit hard and they left their mark, the mark of the beast. He may not have the looks of his former co-stars, or their amazing smile, or six pack abs, or perfect teeth, or huge dick, but one things for sure, he no longer looks like that innocent little boy from Growing Pains.

4Raven Symone

She was adorable on the Cosby Show, but now 30, Raven-Symoné has lost all her cuteness from her “That’s So Raven” days. She was once considered the most charming child actress in America, and won millions of heart around the world. But She hasn’t done much since then. but that’s all changing soon, as she recently announced that she’s in works with disney for a spin-off show, who do you think they should cast as her future seeing daughter? let us know in the comment section below.

3Danny Bonaduce

If you want the poster child for being cute as a kid and then getting ugly as an adult, you don’t gotta look much further than Danny Bonaduce. He was the cute little kid in the Partridge Family, but like many other child actors, he also got into drugs, which ruined his chances of acting again. Not only that, when he got into his weird fitness phase, everyone was convinced that he was on steroids, because of his mood swings and anger management issues.

2Macaulay Culkin

Do you remember that cute kid from Home Alone? or Richie Rich? Well, On number two is Macaulay Culkin, like many other child actors, he took to drugs to feel the void of his fading fame, and after years of use, He got himself clean and tried to get back into the movie scene, he took on a few acting spots, but his adult appearance wasn’t exactly what casting directors were looking for. But don’t worry about Macaulay, He now has a happy life outside of acting, by rockin out with his band “Pizza Underground” which only make songs about their love for pizza.

1Lindsay Lohan

She was once the little freckle-faced redhead who wowed audiences by playing identical twins in the remake of ‘The Parent Trap.’ And while she looked to be transitioning nicely from child actor into gorgeous leading lady with her glowing look in ‘Mean Girls,’ it appears that the pressure of stardom, sucked her up, and shitted her out, remember that old saying, don’t do drugs kids, well… don’t do drugs kids.

And there you have it, our list of 10 Child Stars Who Aged Terribly. Have we missed any? If so, then mention them in the comments section, below. And as always, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.


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