10 Hottest Celebrity Leaked Nude Photos

The iCloud might be the most dangerous and unsafe application that has ever been created.. In 2014, many celebrity nude photos were leaked due to the fact that they had iCloud accounts. And if you’re a hot chick, it’s almost a guarantee that you have some naked selfies somewhere in your phone.. your mom just said, “whaa why?” Because mom, that’s just what dirty hoodrat thots do nowadays.. It’s as common as sliced bread.. So get your bottle of jergens, and tissue box ready, cause it’s time for our list of the Ten Hottest Celebrity Leaked Nude Photos.

10Vanessa Hudgens

Starting off our list, is good girl turned naughty AF, as the x high school musical star, had her nude photos leaked 3 times, 3 years in a row.. It was soo good, I thought it was Groundhogs day! Cause the squeaky clean Disney star’s bubble slash vagina, was popped, when she had one picture with her finger in her mouth showing off the goodies JIZZ ALERT….

9Emily Ratajkowski

This model blew the fuck up, when she decided to show off her ta ta’s on Robin Thicke’s Pervy “Blurred Lines” music video…As she became a sex symbol in a matter of days.. she also became of symbol of easy hacking as her nude photos seemed like they were leaking more than my bathroom faucet. Not like we haven’t seen her titties before, but ya know da boys like different angles.

8Melania Trump

This has to be the First Lady of the United States to have her naked pics leaked? Right? I can’t really imagine Barbara’s Bush being leaked… but hey, we live in a weird world right now.. As the Potus’s wife’s GQ cover shot in 2000 was leaked when the photographer took a shit load of nipple snappies, probably for himself… n who know how many private time slappies hes got out of um.

7Ariana Grande

How fast does it go from Nickelodeon to Naked up loads? Well, in the case of Ariana, FAST as fuuck.. remember her as the innocent girl who was on that one show? Sorry forgot the name.. But anyways, Grande grew up and she loves to take naked selfie pics in front of the mirror. I guess you can say she makes the boys D’s get grande.

6Sienna Miller

The latest to have her iCloud storage hacked, is british actress hottie, Sienna Miller. As she is apparently, topless wearing a mask.. whoa, is this a eyes wide shut scenario? Anyways, if you’re into cults, halloween, illuminati, or pure kinkyness, then these pics are definitely worth a bust.

5Megan Fox

The world wide web has been circulating many Megan Fox nudes for years, but we’re not sure that most of them are 100% authentic..as some pictures seem to be missing her tattoos..so don’t be fooled by them.. but knowing the internet and knowing how much hot chicks love to take selfies, we’re not surprised if some are real.. As regarded as one of the hottest actress alive, she’s got a bunch of sexy shots, here’s where she’s taking a quick skinny dip that is authentic. Damn.. I wish I was those nipple pasties.

4Kelly Brook

This british actress denies to this day, that her nude photos are all super imposed. Although, she was part of the iCloud hack of 2014, there is no true confirmation if these awesome boob shots are actually hers.. But as we all know, Kelly Brook is super amazingly hot, so we’re going to assume that these pics are hers, allegedly.. Real or not, you make our list Kelly! Cause my imagination tell me those tits are Rockin.


It’s at the point now, that almost everybody and their mamas have seen RiRi’s tits.. So let’s confirm what we all know, One.. Riri is super freaky, two.. she has huge nipple piercings, and 3..she loves taking selfies of her big juicy booty.. #Keep it twerkin girl

2Kim Kardashian

When this nude picture was leaked, yes, the internet almost broke and busted a cyber nut.. As Kim K was literally the most famous person in the world at this point, btw what the fuck happened to Paris Hilton? Anyways, Kim K’s pepperoni nipples were on full display as her selfies were leaked, just like Ray J’s shaft at the climax.. N just for the record, Ray J’s shaft is huge AF.

1Scarlett Johansson

As one of the hottest women that walk the earth, Scar Jo’s nude photos made nations hard with quarter in chubs… cause when her Cloud was hacked and leaked with pics of her showing off her naked body in bed.. Well, lets just say, kleenex stock rose, pc screen froze, and keyboards, mouses, and mouse pads got sticky. Sorry Ryan Reynolds, but thats what you call an interception.

And there you have it, our list of the ‘Ten Hottest Celebrity Leaked Nude Photos’ Did we miss any other hottie naked selfies? If so, mention them in the comment section below, and as always/ don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe.

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