Top Ten Hottest Wives of the NBA

When you make it to the NBA, you become an instant millionaire, have adoring fans wanting your autograph, and have hot chicks wanting to have your baby. And eventually wife you up. Even if you look like Maurice Speights. With that being said, we are back to our Top Ten Hottest Wives of the NBA! Heads up, Just keep your mouth shut if snitch ass D’Angelo Russell is anywhere near you.

10Meghan Allen

Playboy cybergirl and Fear Factor contestant Meghan Allen was once engaged for marriage, but a month before the wedding her fiancé met some other chick and got her pregnant instead. Damn… She moved out of town and relocated to Dallas where she met Maverick’s guard Devin Harris on the rebound when she was a bartender. After a few years of dating, the two tied the knot and wala! Harris has yet to leave her and knock up someone else. You’re a catch Devin!

9Lala Anthony

Lala has been in our lives for some time now. First being introduced to us as an MTV VJ for the very popular Total Request Live. Lala Vasquez met Carmelo Anthony around the time of her MTV days and was married by 2004 to the NBA superstar. Their wedding was filmed for VH1 titled LaLa’s full court wedding. The beautiful Lala is not only an actor but a New York times best selling author with her book titled The Love Playbook. Chronicling her life married to an NBA star!

8Kendra Shaw

Kentucky native and beauty Kendra Shaw met her fiancé Julius Randle at the University of Kentucky when Randle played his one and done season. When he was drafted by the Los Angeles Lakers the 2013 Miss Kentucky Teen contestant moved with her man to L.A. The Laker power forward eventually proposed to Kendra while they were on a offseason trip to Greece. (Now Thats a rock!)

7Axelle Francine

Tony Parker is trying marriage again. This time to French journalist and hottie Axelle Francine. The two are already expecting their second son and are now living in San Antonio Texas where Tony is still the starting Point Guard for the Spurs. Before meeting Parker, Axelle was a French Journalist and has a masters degree in information and communications. Hopefully this love will last, AND Tony will stop trying to fuck other teammates wives. Just don’t look at his phone Axelle.

6Gabrielle Union

The beautiful actress and spouse to NBA superstar Dwayne Wade has been in the lime light for many years. She’s been in a dozen feature films and a number of tv shows since 1997, when she played a Klingon daughter on Star Trek for six episodes early in her career. Marrying then NBA champion and Miami Heat superstar Dwayne Wade in 2014. Gabrielle also once dated Jason Kidd in high school, but was dumped before her junior prom. You missed out Kidd.

5Savannah Brinson

The Akron Ohio native and high school sweetheart to some guy named Lebron James. Savannah has been around the NBA for over 14 years now as King James’s wife and mother to his 3 kids. Good possibility that after her husband retires from the league her oldest son Lebron Jr. will be lighting it up in the league for many years to come. She might as well run for commissioner of the NBA.

4Ayesha Curry

Chef Curry isn’t the only cook in the family. His sexy wife Ayesha is now a cook book author, and has her own show on the Food Network called Ayesha’s homemade. While she sells food products from her company called “Little Lights of Mine.” She can also be remembered as the hot girl on Hannah Montana. Time flies.

3Yvette Prieto

Michael Jordan’s wifey and ex model of Cuban decent Yvette Prieto has been thrusted into stardom. Or more accurately thrusted into the front row seats next to Michael. None the less, she’s thrusted. The Cuban model met Jordan while dancing at a Miami night club with friends. Since meeting Jordan in 2009, her life has completely changed is now considered to be a celebrity fashionista..billionaire.

2Vanessa Bryant

Vanessa met the Laker superstar when she was still in high school.. And some old pictures of Vanessa during those years are incredible. Vanessa who recently had her third daughter with Kobe, has stood by her man through thick and thin hair. Kobe fro to Kobe No..but the hottie milf is still looking gorgeous as the two relax while kobe is now a retired legend.

1Amelia Vega

As the tallest and youngest Miss Universe winner ever at 6 feet 2 inches and at the time 18 years old. This Dominican bombshell tops our list of the hottest NBA wife. Married to Boston Celtic all star Al Horford in 2011, Vega represented the Miss Universe
Organization by helping various non profits around the world. But enough of that and lets take a look at Mrs Horford’s hot model pictures… Damn…

And there you have it, our list of the top 10 hottest wives of the NBA…Have we forgot to
mention any? If so, Mention them in the comments section, below. And as always, don’t
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