10 Deadliest Child Armies

One of the most deplorable acts by humans around the undeveloped world, is the increase of child soldiers. In the past, weapons were too heavy for children, but with the development of lighter more powerful weapons, and the ability to withstand poor nutrition and physical exertion, children as young as 8 years old around the world are becoming warriors for lethal combat. Bummer as fuck right?… With that being said, Welcome to our list of the 10 Deadliest Child Armies


It has been reported that over 3000 children have been abducted by an insurgent group by the name of Kukis…yes, the name may sound similar to the declines treat we americans call Cookies, this group isn’t so sweet..As the insurgent group kidnaps and trains their child soldiers in the forests of Myanmar.. The children are ordered not to talk and to guard the Indo-Burma border with lethal force. Thought you had it bad right?, when your mom made you eat your vegetables…Hashtag First world problems.


The Mexican drug cartels seem to not have an age limit as they recruit fighters as young as 10 years old..These kids are lured by the chance to become rich drug king pins, and rule their surrounding towns by fear. The children are used mainly to smuggle drugs across borders as they are the safest and most effective option..And this just in, Donald Trump just landed the lead role in ‘Wall Cop’.


This story is beyond depressing..AMNESTY International has estimated that over 30,000 children have been recruited or forced into being a child soldier.. Young girls are often used as wives and sexually abused by their commanders and other soldiers. At the age of 9, A child by the name of Kalami, was forced to kill an entire family and eat their bodies as training… In an interview, Kalami has confessed that he feels his life is completely lost and can’t sleep at night from terrifying nightmares…beyond fucked up, right?…


Human Rights Group NGO, recently has estimated that 70,000 children are used as Burmese child soldiers. And the shit they make them do , is absolutely horrifying… A child as young as 12, is abducted or taken by military groups and are forced to burn down villages, torture and execute anyone who opposes them.. Its gotten so bad that families in Burma do their best to hide their children so the military groups will not target their children for abduction. Fist time hearing about this? We thought we had problems..


With terrorist groups such as the Taliban and Al Qaeda, young children are often recruited to fight against the enemy, and who’s the enemy? pretty much anyone who’s not down with their crew..And in many occasions, these children are manipulated and used as suicide bombers.. And the world got a glimpse of their terror, as a 12 year old boy beheaded a Pakistani man on the internet..

5Iraq & Syria

Thought Al Qaeda and the Taliban was bad, ISIS makes them look like Junior Varsity Terrorists.. As the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria pillaged through towns, large cities, and villages, they abducted many child soldiers, and even gave them cute nicknames like “the Cutey bear team” ..nah i’m playin.., they’re actually called the “Caliphate Cubs” and the age ranges from 7 years old to whoever the fuck..Young boys as young as 8 years old were shown executing enemies of the Caliphate in point blank range. And horrifically, young girls are used as sex slaves for the senior ISIS members. Not cool, dudes..


The Moro Islamic Liberation Front , or MILFs as they like to be called, are one of the most powerful armed groups in the Philippines. And these MILFs aren’t just armed with big fake titties, these guys are carry big time assault rifles and rocket launchers often used by teenagers in their group.. But recently, a peace treaty with the UN has the MILFs on strict restrciton from recruiting children in the Phillipines..Hopefully our MILFs in the states keep on recruiting young men. God Bless Our MILFs


Child Soldiers! What Uganda Do about it? Joseph Kony of the Lord Resistant Army of Uganda is a real piece of shit.. As he recruits young children to hack their own parents up, so the child has no home to return.. Fucked up shit right? And if the child resists from killing his own parents, then the rest of the child soldiers are ordered to kill the kid who refused…Told you he’s a piece of shit… Uguanda’s child soldier numbers seem to be growing each year, as the LRA abducts tens of thousands of children from their homes each year, and are marched to southern Sudan as they are tortured and trained to become fighters for the dangerous group. Since we all know Kony is a shit head, lets throw some Gorilla poop on him.. Ok, now I feel a little bit better.

2South Sudan

As we speak, South Sudan is now in a bloody Civil War and it’s not just the Rebels recruiting young people, but the Government forces as well.. In a conflict between supporters of President Salva Kiir and those of former Vice President Riek Machar, the war has killed hundreds of thousands and has displaced over 3 million people. The United States has even gotten involved and has donated $2.1 Billion in humanitarian aid to South Sudan during Obama’s Presidency. And here’s where it gets more fucked, according to the Commission on Human Rights, this war; shows all of the warning signals of a Rwanda-like genocide. Damn, can’t we just all get along??


In a bloody conflict between Al-Shabab and the Somali National Army, both sides have used thousands of child soldiers to help fight their battle. In a country where 75% of the population lives in poverty, it’s easy to see how the sides can enforce recruitment of children to fight for them, especially if they offer food, shelter and money. Al-Shabab has stepped up their activities as they have been launching daily suicide bombings and armed attacks throughout the country and even in the capital Mogadishu. Here are some kids dancing after they weren’t kidnapped today
And there you have it, our list of the ‘10 Deadliest Child Armies ’ And if you want to be mentioned in the next video, leave us a cool comment on our twitter handle @ModernWhiz.. and as always/ don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe.


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