10 Last Photos Taken Before Death

Death is something we all have to face eventually, but we never know when our journey to the end will be fulfilled. Imagine if you knew that the next photo you take would represent your very last breath? Let’s take a look at the Top 10 most frightening photos taken…before death!

10Paul Walker

Actor Paul Walker was famous for his roles in the fast and the furious franchise, but it seems his life got a little too fast and furious to be sustained. This photo represents one of Paul’s last moments on Earth, as he steps into the car that would take him on a one-way journey to his destiny.

9Xenia Ignatyeva

This young teenage girls bright future was quickly cut short moments after she took this selfie, A daring experiment that saw her climbing to the top of a rail bridge, ended with her falling straight to the bottom.

8The Unidentified 9/11 Jumper

Among the many tragic photos that exist in haunting memory of this fateful day, lies this photo of an unknown man jumping out of a burning building, only to plunge straight into death’s arms in another way. This is surely one of the most tragic and haunting photographs in all of history.

7Officer Steven Green

This screen grab from a news report displays Steven taking one of his final breaths before the man on the right would make sure he would never…take another. The killer was later tracked down and shot by police, but nothing can soothe the pain of Steven’s family.

6Princess Diana

This highly controversial accident also comes with a highly controversial photograph, one that creepily displays one of her final moments as Princess here on Earth. The suspicious crash killed Diana as well as her suspected lover, Dodi Fayed, this photograph being the last remaining evidence of their existence.

5Petra and Gary Slok

This particularly eerie photo was taken moments before the mysterious disappearance of flight MH17. It is suspected that the plane was shot down by Pro-Russian separatists back in 2014, but with an ongoing investigation, we may never know the truth.

4Joseph Avery

The oldest photo in our selection displays Mr. Avery holding onto a log for his life in the Niagara River, seconds before his fate was decided. Joseph had two friends traveling by his side, who also succumbed to the wrath of the river that day.

3Robert Budd Dwyer

See that crazy glint in his eyes? That’s the last spark that ever existed in this man’s body, before he decided to take his own life by means of a revolver, at a busy news conference. Nobody saw it coming, and nobody could stop it from being broadcast live to millions of horrified witnesses.

2Pavel Kashin

Free running has made many people famous, for many different reasons, Pavel’s reason being slightly more unfortunate. This stunt artist attempted to do a brave backflip off of a wall, which saw him falling sixteen stories to his fateful death. Sometimes, being famous is just not worth it.

1John F. Kennedy

The infamous and haunting photo of President John F. Kennedy, innocently riding through the streets with no idea what was about to hit him – literally. The tragedy is still mourned to this day, along with this terrifying photo.

And there you have it – our top ten most frightening last photos taken before death. Do you know of any creepy photos we haven’t looked at? Be sure to share them with us in the comment section below. And as always, be sure to like, share and subscribe.

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