10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In America

If your scared go to Church, if you’re in the hood, turn on the TV. Cause whether you’re tuned into the high speed chase goin on down the street, or if you’re just too much of a pussy to go outside. Either way, We’ve compiled information on all the most dangerous neighborhoods,based on Robbery, rape and murder. So you know where not to have your honeymoon, with that being said, here’s our list of the 10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in America

Number Ten: Whitman Park, Camden, New Jersey

This shithole of the first world, has a very violent past, and its futures looking about as bright, as the end of a crack pipe. Cause all you’ll find in these streets, is used condoms, hustlers, and crack whores. For the Gangsters of the area, they call the north of this place: Dope City and to the South, it’s known as Crack City. This dangerous orgy of crime and violence, is all due to a lack of jobs, an overtaxed court system, and failing schools. Joshua M. Ottenberg, the former Camden County prosecutor said, “in Camden, the drug economy is the economy.” With an average of 84.78% violent crime rate, there is a 1 in 12 chance, that you’ll be a victim within a year of living there. So for those of you who have given up everything, you know where to go.

Number Nine: Detroit, Michigan: Livernois Avenue/ West Chicago Street

According to Scientist, Dr Andrew Schiller, the intersection of Livernois Ave and West Chicago Street, is the most violent area in the United States. Within this 2 block radius, your chances of becoming a victim of assault, murder, armed robbery, or aggravated assault, is 1 in 10. Experts believe it is due to the lack of fiscal resources, that has allowed this legendary American metropolis, to decay into gang bang central.

Number Eight: Memphis, Tennessee: E. Mclemore Ave/Latham St.

Memphis is one of the most rapidly growing City’s in the US. But with its rapid growth, comes a 14% Crime Rate Increase, and it has no signs of slowing down. At the rate it is going, the Crime Rate will have doubled in just 2 short years. So I guess you could say, progress, has its disadvantage

Number Seven: Rochester, NY: Orange Street / W. Broad Street

You may know New York as one of the greatest cities in the world, but as they say, all that glitter ain’t gold, bitch. As Upstate New York is typically a place to rest, relax, and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Unfortunately, Rochester said Fuck that, not only for murder rates, but rapes, robberies and assaults as well. Orange Street and West Broad Street in Rochester, is one of those places you don’t want to be, when the sun goes down. It’s something like Riddick, the walking dead, and your parents room, all mashed into 1. That’s because this area has a 88.20 percent crime rate, after noon.

Number Six: New Orleans, LA : Conti St and Marias St

Home of Musician and legend Luis Armstrong, Louisiana is generally a calm, peaceful state, but in this neighborhood of New Orleans, it has the worst of reputations. With many of the residents still feeling the effects of Hurricane Katrina, poverty is rampant, and still at an all time low. But when you push in a flow of happy flashy visitors, it make for a stew of easy victims, theft and rape. So next time you wanna hit the Mardi Gra, just be sure to stay clear of this area. Unless your Jared from Subway, in that case, ride along through, bitch.

Number Five: Wilmington, Delaware: West Center City

“Murder Town USA”, Wilmington ranks number five on our list, because According to the FBI, the city houses just 71,000 residents, but yet has an average rate of 118 shooting victims a year for the past decade. Since then, there were over 140 shootings in 2015 alone. West Center City is the most dangerous neighborhood in Wilmington. Local Politicians recently gave approval for an additional $2 million dollars for crime fighting efforts; however, with 40 percent of West Center City’s residents living below the poverty line, police have no way of keeping up with the crime.

Number Four: Atlanta, Georgia: McDaniel Street/Mary Street

Since 2000, Atlanta has been one of the fastest growing cities in the U.S. However, with growth, Comes a lot more problems. Atlanta, which is commonly referred to as “The Trap” for its busting drug trade, and crime rate, has put McDaniel Street and Mary Street dead smack in the middle, since it’s known for its violent reputation. The area is a popular hangout for Atlanta’s Pittsburgh Jack City Gang. In 2012, the gang made national headlines when it posted a clip of a man being brutally assaulted , because he wasn’t welcome in the neighborhood. That’s some pretty frightening stuff, would hate to have to go there on business, because what if I’m not welcome.

Number Three: St. Louis, Missouri: College Hill

One of the worst neighborhoods in the US, infamous for its shootings and homicides, is college hill St. Louis, If you take a quick walk around here, you’ll notice a lot of Houses without windows. Stores that are fully boarded up, Poverty and despair, and the feeling someone is trying to kill you. At Least that’s what the locals say, As they believe their surrounded by murderers everywhere they go, it also doesn’t help that they hear gunshots going off all the time, rumor has it the war sounds you hear in battlefield 1, was just a microphone placed on a busy college hill street.

Number Two: Baltimore, Maryland: E. Oliver Street/ N. Broadway

Baltimore has earned a reputation for its rate of murders; rape and thefts since the last year. In April 2015, the mysterious death of Freddie Gray after he’d been taken into police custody was fuel for the flame, as it caused a war zone scene in Baltimore, citizens lit the streets ablaze, making May 2015, Baltimore’s most violent month in last 40 years with 43 homicides, With a 93.29% violent crime rate, there is a 1 in 10 chance that you’ll become a victim this year, that’s only if your living here of course, looking for a change of scenery? I heard east Oliver steet is to die for.

Number One: Chicago, Illinois: Auburn Gresham

If you gotta roll through this hood, you best be strapped. the windy city aka Chi town, has seen many gang related crimes over the years, which is why locals believe that a gun battle can erupt anywhere. For that, Auburn Gresham, is the most notorious neighborhoods in the entire country. It’s famous for it’s Deadly and frequent battles between street battalions, and according to crime reports, there were 465 homicides in 2015. A quick message to all our viewers out in Auburn Gresham, you the real mvp’s, much respect cuh.

And there you have it, our list of the 10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods In America. did your town make the cut? If not, tell us about your city in the comment section, below. And as always, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.

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