10 Most Evil Parents Of All-Time

It’s easy to make babies, even rats and cockroaches figured that part out.. The hard part is, keeping your baby safe and teaching them to become happy healthy children with care and support… Well, that’s definitely not the case for some these fucked up parents on this list. With that being said, welcome to our list of the Ten Most Evil Parents of all time…Can’t we pass some law to castrate some of these disturbed people?

10Drunk Dad Lets 8 year old drive

This is mild next to some of the shit you’re going to hear..But starting off our list is Dumbass Dad of the Year candidate Billy Joe Madden from Mississippi. Billy apparently picked up his 8 year old son and 4 year old daughter one day and was smashed out of his mind.. when he realized that it might be a better idea for him to switch seats with his 8 year old..why? because duh the 4 year old is too young! The 8 year old proceeded to drive on the highway while daddy slept in the back with his sister who didn’t have her seatbelt on..needless to say, they were pulled over and Billy Joe lost his kids… at least he got an awesome nap.

9Dad leaves Baby in Oven Overnight

Haven’t you heard the term, there’s a baby in the oven? Well, in this case, it was literal.. as parents Larry long and Brandy Hatton got shit faced and forgot Larry put his 5 week old baby in an oven over night. Luckily for this idiot, the oven wasn’t on and the baby survived a night of almost becoming a thanksgiving turkey. How did they get caught? Larry snitched himself out and called a mental health hotline and confessed to being a moron..Cops came, and swooped the baby. the child is now 18 and works at Kentucky Fried Chicken.

8Couple Raises A Virtual baby while real baby dies

This doesn’t make any fucking sense to me.. Ok, so these two loser South Korean couple decide to have a baby…once the baby was born, they decide to leave the baby at home unattended while they spend countless amounts of hours raising a virtual reality baby. Their real premature baby starved to death and the couple were arrested for neglect. Hmmm, well, at least the virtual baby became a doctor

7Parents Pimp Their Daughter To Make Van Payments

What has this world come to? Georgia couple Sandra and James Davis was convicted after authorities found out that they pimped their 14 years old daughter to 67 year old used car salesman Robert Bearden. The couple and the salesman/ manager agreed to not make payments to their 1998 Dodge Caravan if they would let Bearden have sexual relations with their child…How did the negotiation go down? “Your payments come out to $281 a month for 60 months.”.”how bout we don’t pay shit and you can fuck our 14 year old every month?!” Like I said, this world is fucked.

6Toddler Hot Car Death

This story became national news, when piece of shit husband and father Justin Ross Harris left his 22 month son in his hot car as he went to work at Home Depot.. At first glance, It sounded like a tragic accident until prosecutors dove into Harris’ life and revealed that he was sending sexually explicit texts to multiple women and even underage girls. Prosecutors argued that Harris left his son in the car to die in an attempt to rid himself of parental responsibilities… He was convicted and sentenced to life in ass-pounding prison. At least there the sex is free..even if you don’t want it…

5Abandoned quadriplegic Son in Woods

After abandoning her 21 year old son in the woods with only a bible, mother Nyia Parker went on Facebook to reveal how happy she was..Her son Daequan Norman is a quadriplegic who has cerebral palsy who cannot speak. And After his absence from Philly’s School of The Future, the police were notified and found Daequon in the freezing woods after 5 days, adopted by Wolves thus creating Jungle Book 2 ..,just kidding.. His mother Nyia Parker was charged with attempted murder… I now question everyone’s overt happiness on Facebook.. “Wonder how many baby killers used the smiley emoji today?”

42 Year old Smoking Baby

Remember the story of the 2 year old boy from Indonesia that would smoke 40 cigarettes a day? Who do you think smokes more? Him or this dirty Italian hoodlum? BTW nice ass mamasita! ((add in thumb nail pic)) Well, that kid is now 9 years old and actually turned his life around.. No thanks to his shitty parents, saved by the world wide attention he gained, twirling that cig around like a thug. The Indo government got involved and pulled the child from his family and entered him into a rehabilitation program and even launched a campaign to end childhood smoking in the country. So Who do you think this kid looked like more? The Michelin man? Stay Puft? Or E Honda? Leave your answer in the comments below?

3Sick Sadistic Video Made

25 year old Ashley Jessup is a sick and twisted human.. as she was sentenced to life in prison after authorities found video of her performing oral sex acts to her 10 month old son. The boyfriend who was receiving those sick videos was also arrested, convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison after it was found that he encouraged the mother to commit those disgusting crimes… Now the only baby dick video’s the boyfriend gets now, are 10 inches down his throat (2 second pause) Because that boy Draymond was blessed with a baby arm dick.

2America’s Most Hated Mother

As a single mother to two young boys, Susan Smith was convicted of murdering her two kids Michael 3 and Alex 1 after she strapped them into a car and rolled it in a lake in Union County, she then proceeded to tell the press and police that the kids were kidnapped… After an all out search went down, it was revealed that she killed the kids to rid herself of them after she found out that her boyfriend broke up with her because she had children.. Susan Smith is known now as the 2nd Most Hated Mother in America, after Kris Jenner.

1Held Captive For 24 years

This sick son of bitch could possibly be Satan himself.. As Josef Fritzl held his own 18 year old daughter captive for 24 years and having 7 incestual children with her… As this sicko kept up the torture and slavery, he kept 3 of the children in the basement cellar with their mother, as the other children were claimed to be found by Sicko and his wife Rosemarie..Finally, the police were alerted after the oldest incest daughter was taken to the hospital and the doctors found the story to be fishy… Thank god, as this sick mother fucker was caught in 2008.

And there you have it, our list of the ‘Ten Most Evil Parents Of All time’ And you thought your parents were bad, Did we miss any other fucked up daddies n mommies? If so, mention them in the comment section below, and as always/ don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe.

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