10 Most Feared Original Gangsters

Every story has a hero…and a HAHAHAHA a villain, but these notorious and highly dangerous gangsters put every villain in all those movies.. to shame. Take a look at our list of ten most feared original gangsters.

10Carlo Gambino

While most babies learn to walk and talk before anything else, this Mafia blooded gangster’s first milestone, was learning how to use a gun. Blocka blocka.. He killed relentlessly to secure himself wealth, putting New York in a state of fear until 1976 when he died of “unknown” causes. Hmm.. maybe he caught a case of Karma?

9Sam Giancana

This villainous mobster contracted killings with his gang, known as “Forty-Two”. He was widely feared as a merciless killer, until one day someone said, Fuck this guy and shot him with enough bullets to build a Iron Man suit.

8John Gotti

Nicknamed “Dapper Don”, this frighteningly dangerous crime boss was always surprisingly well-dressed and stayed lookin fresh, he was known for taking his job of instilling fear into his enemies VERY seriously. But eventually the FBI tracked him down and brought an end to his reign of killing with style.

7Meyer Lansky

Gangsters start young sometimes, which is apparent in Mr. Lansky’s case, as he formed his gang while skipping algebra class. They went on to gamble, kill and basically did anything to cop that Denero. They were formally known as Murders Inc. – a gang made to Rule, and I aint talkin Ja Rule, sorry ashanti

6Louis Buchalter

This seemingly jolly looking fellow hid a much darker secret. Occupation? The Hitman. He happened to be the mob boss of murders Inc., and he was the type a Guy that would shoot you in the face, just for lookin at him funny. But Life caught up with him eventually, resulting in the death penalty, right on the Sparkler chair. A merciless end to a merciless 5 star killa.

5Frank Costello

Known as the Prime Minister of the underworld, this bad ass mofo founded his own crime family – WHILE in the confinement of prison. He never failed to outsmart police, and actually lived a long and happy life, with no one being able to convict him of anything more than tax evasion, in which he only served 11 months, Now that’s pretty Clutch, if this guy taught a class, I’d take it

4Albert Anastasia

Now this guy’s last name may sound like a Disney Princess, but this scary dude was nicknamed the Mad Hatter by other gangsters, owing to his psychopathic nature. He started committing murders at a very young age, becoming an indispensable employee of Murders Inc. But that shit went 0-100 real quick, and he was assassinated in a hotel room by some mysterious cloaked men. Inside job or outside revenge? We’ll let you decide!

3George Clarence

Otherwise known as “Bugsy”, this widely feared monster was known to kill ordinary people that had nothing to do with him. He killed his best friend, killed women, he even kidnapped Al Capone’s bodyguard and sent him a few pieces via Air Mail, all we can say is that the remains Al received, probably left him with a little bit of mouth throw up.

2Al Capone

He’s the most famous gangster in American history, famous for his rather short temper. Famous for being a raging sociopath, and Famous for running crime like a game of beer pong. Swish.. He was not only feared, but filthy muthatrucken rich, resorting to any amount of violence necessary, in order to get what he wanted.

1Charles Luciano

aka Lucky Luciano This father of organized crime worked ruthlessly, eliminating anything and anyone that got in his way, including other Mob Bosses. He was the founder of his very own crime family, and the most feared crime boss in American Histroy, but he eventually died of a heart attack at 64 at the Naples international airport, while he was meeting with American producer Martin Gosch in talks of making a film based on his life. I guess the only thing more cut throat than the Mob, is the Movie industry.

Anyways, there you have it folks; our list of ten most feared original gangsters. Have we forgotten to mention any? If you know of any more Gangsta as shit mob bosses, please mention them in the comments section below. And as always, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.


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