10 Serial Killers Released From Prison

What will you do if you come to know, that your new neighbor next door, is a convicted Rapist and killer? You might think if he is convicted, He should be behind bars for life, but sadly, our legal system thinks otherwise. So leave your doors unlocked and lets take a look at our list, of 10 dangerous killers, walking among us today.

10Curtis Fairchild Jones

Curtis Fairchild Jones walked into prison a 12-year-old boy, for killing his sister and father’s girlfriend in 1999. Jones had also planned to kill his father, and a male relative, who he claims was sexually abusing him. He pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, and accepted the sentence of 18 years, and probation for life. Curtis, now 29, was released from prison in 2015, and is now living on the other side of a door, near you.

9Pedro Lopez

“The Monster of the Andes” Pedro Lopes” is believed to have killed over three hundred young girls across South America. This psycho was arrested in 1980, by the Ecuadorian Government, after a failed abduction, and confessed to his horrific crimes. After serving just 18 years in an Ecuadorian Prison, he was released, and spent three years in a mental asylum, in Columbia. He was then released again in 1998, on $50 bail. After claiming insanity, he is now wondering free roaming the roads of Colombia.

8Karla Homolka

Along with her husband Paul Bernardo, the couple were convicted of rape and murder, of at least 3 young girls. They were eventually caught by the Canadian Police in 1993, but Karla turned over evidence on her husband, in exchange for a reduced sentence, and served only 12 years in prison, while her husband received a life sentence. She was released in 2005, and now lives in Guadalupe with her new husband. She now has 3 children, and goes by the new name ‘Leanne Bordelais’.

7Mary Bell

Just a day before her eleventh birthday, this little girl strangled and killed two kids, a four-year-old Martin Brown, and a three-year old Brian Howe. Mary was convicted of manslaughter in 1968, and spent twelve years in prison, before being released at the age of 23. She is now in her 50’s and has one daughter and one grandchild.

6Louis Van Schoor

An Ex-cop, a Security guard and a prolific mass murderers of South Africa, He killed more than 39 burglars, in response to silent alarms triggered at white-owned business properties, This was ALL done in the name of Justice. A majority of his victims were Black Men, and it is said that he is an open Racist. He was sentenced to 20 years Prison, but he was released on parole, after serving twelve years. After many interviews, he is a very proud free man with no regrets.

5Nikita Bergenström

The biggest fan of ‘the Shawshank Redemption’, this Swedish killer took the life of 3 innocent people in 1988, he was convicted that same year and received a life sentence. The only problem is, he escaped in 1994, after serving just 6 years in prison. This Leo of “catch me if you can” was caught again two more times in 2002 and 2004, only to escape again and again, putting entire Police Departments to shame. And the story isn’t over yet. He was caught yet again in 2006, and escaped, and is believed to be currently living in Helsinki. According to his latest interview, He is writing his Autobiography and we are eagerly waiting!

4Issei Sagawa

Meet the Japanese Hannibal Lecter, Issei Sagawa, who was a doctorate Student in Paris, when he invited his Dutch classmate Renee Hartevelt over for dinner. Poor girl did not know that she would soon become dinner. He shot her in the neck with a rifle, and ate her over the course of two days, but he was eventually caught, while dumping her remaining parts and claimed that he wanted to absorb her energy. However, his wealthy background and strong defense, led him to being sent to a mental institution by a French Judge. He was later released just after 15 months, and was then expedited to Japan for the rest of his life. He was declared sane by Japanese Judiciary and has been free ever since. This Japanecter is now a minor celebrity in Tokyo, and openly talks about his experience of eating a human.

3Arnfinn Nesset

A former Norwegian nurse and a convicted serial killer Arnfinn Nesset is believed to have killed up to 138 people in 1981, but he was only charged with the murders of 22 of his former patients. He claimed to have killed them by injecting them with a deadly muscle relaxer and was eventually convicted of poisoning 22 patients and sentenced to 21 years in prison. However, Nesset was released after just twelve years for good behavior, and put under supervision for another ten years. Today he is living in an unknown location under an unknown Identity.

2Genene Anne Jones

Next on the list is another psychopath nurse, who killed more than 45 infants with different chemicals. She induced the infants to later use medical crisis methods to save the infants, and claim heroism. Obviously the plan did not work out for 45 unfortunate souls, and because of her monstrous intentions. Jones was sentenced to 99 years in prison for the killing spree. However, Jones is all set to be released on February 24, 2018, on her good behavior and due to prison overcrowding.

1Nikolai Dzhumagaliev

Infamously known as “The Metal Feng”, this prostitute-eater lunatic, killed more than 7 prostitutes in the 80s, and ate them after their bloody murders. However, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and was only sentenced to less than a year in a mental institution. He was finally arrested once again, after his ninth murder, when he invited a few friends to his home, and killed one of the guests, and started cutting her for dinner. As he had already been diagnosed with schizophrenia, he was sentenced to just eight years in a closed clinic, and was released afterwards.

And there you have it, our list of the 10 most dangerous criminals released from prison. What would you do if you ran into one of these horrible criminals? Mention it in the comments section, below. And as always, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.

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