10 Unsolved Murder Case Mysteries

Murder. A word that widens eyes and chills spines globally. We all watch crime shows where homicide detectives catch these murderous menaces, but we don’t hear the stories that have no ending – the chilling, UNSOLVED murder mysteries. Take a look at our top 10 unsolved murder case mysteries.

10The Hall-Mills Murder.

A tranquil apple Orchard in New Jersey became a murderers playground back in 1922, when the bodies of two people were discovered. The pair was covered in love letters to each other, but the killer was never uncovered. An explicit love affair gone wrong? Perhaps.

9The Grimes Sisters.

Two young girls were out to paint the town RED in Chicago…when a stranger stole the paintbrush. While the naked and mutilated bodies of Barbara and Patricia Grimes were discovered a year after they went missing, the culprit has, to this day, never been found.

8JonBenet Ramsey.

This budding beauty queen lost her life before she got a chance to win her crown. Jonbenet’s body was found in the basement of her home – just hours after her parents skipped town, never to be seen again. Coincidence? Maybe not.

7Olof Palme.

This Swedish Prime Minister was highly opinionated, and apparently somebody didn’t like what he had to say – quickly shutting him up for good. One fatal bullet was all it took, but the owner of the gun was never identified.

6Oscar Romero.

Bishop of the Roman Catholic Church in El Salvador, Oscar stood firm in his belief that soldiers should not repress citizens, but it seems someone disagreed with him. After his assassination in 1980, the police have never been able to find his killer.

5Rose Harsent.

A mere servant in England back in 1902, this young, innocent girl was stabbed to death – with no mercy. The fact that she was pregnant made the police suspect a love affair gone horribly wrong – but with no DNA testing existing back then, there was not enough evidence to convict anybody.

4Peter Ivers.

His name was up in shining lights during the seventies and eighties, but someone quickly switched it off. Some believe it was a botched robbery, or maybe someone just didn’t like his acting skills. Either way, they got away with murder.

3Mary Meyer.

Mary’s death was quite contrary indeed, especially since she was a friend of the late John F. Kennedy. An African American man was arrested, but with no weapon to be found on his person, the police had no choice but to release him.

2Mary Rogers.

Mary was known around town for her killer good looks – apparently too killer for someone out there. Some suspect gang violence…others reckon the whole thing was a hoax. Regardless, there was never any sign of Mary again – OR her murderer.

1Jack The Ripper.

And finally, number one: No unsolved murder list can ever be complete without the infamous and viscous killer – Jack the Ripper. Jack was known to prey on ladies of the night, and his identity was never discovered. Some suspect he was probably a doctor or slaughterhouse worker, judging from his expertise at mutilating a body.

And there you have it folks – our top ten most intriguing unsolved murder mysteries. Do you know of any creepy cases we haven’t covered? Be sure to share them with us in the comment section below. And as always, make sure to like, share and subscribe.

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