5 Reasons Donald Trump is Hitler

An American Media Personality, A real estate developer, businessman-turned-republican presidential candidate. With a net worth of over 10 billion dollars, and a funny hairstyle, this materialistic motherfucker Donald Trump is all over the news these days, and for all the wrong reasons. Many intellectuals believe that Trump very much resembles the Nazi Leader Adolf Hitler. Let’s take a look at our five most prominent reasons Why Trump is a Modern-time resurrection of Hitler.

5“Me Myself & I”

The self-proclaimed title of greatest man alive. Makes one believe that Trump is a cloned version of Hitler. Hitler was known to consider himself “the genius, the great man” that he alone held the key to a country’s destiny. Sound Familiar? Cause Trump also believes that he alone can make America Great again.

4“Blames Immigrants For Societies Problems”

Yes, you got it right. Racism. Hitler constantly used the term “weak majorities.” In his racist political manifesto “Mein Kampf.” Likewise, Trump has called Mexicans “rapists” and proposed a ban on Muslims from entering the U.S. Clearly this Racist a-hole is not only against Mexicans, and Muslims, but he’ll pretty much demote anyone who is not American – by birth or culture, and wants to build a wall around America so that no one can bury a tunnel under it, or fly over it.

3“Trumps Movement”

Hitler frequently monopolized the Nazi Power during the 1920s with “the idea,” of National Socialism. A movement that he believed all of his followers were a part of. But that idea has pretty much contradicted his own “Me Myself & I” Propaganda. Likewise, Trump likes to call his juggernauts a ‘movement’, but In his 1997 memoire, he himself proclaimed, ”Everyone underneath the top guy in a company is just an employee.” so ya trump 99% of American are Employees so fuck all of us right!

2“Nobody Took Them Seriously”

One of the many “Trump kinda seems like Hitler” comparisons, came from the fact that In Hitler’s Time, It was all political cartoons and people laughing off the notion that he could ever really take power. What’s terrifying is that Trump is already so close. As if his funny Guniea Pig of a hair and stupid expressions are not enough, he keeps on bullshitting his crap radical ideas on Immigration, reformation, gun control, you name it. You’d think if you’re the Republican nomination, You’d at least act like it, and not like a little high school girl.

1“Savior Of America”

Messiah to stop all the apocalypse and Armageddon. As Hitler firmly believed only he could save Germany from all other countries in WW2 and with it, Hitler eventually won power in Germany and governed as an absolute supreme power. On the topic of Saving Countries, I am sure you have heard Trump’s famous slogan ”Let’s Make America Great Again.” Well Trump, why not just say your the God King and end us all already!

And there you have it, Why Donald Trump is considered the Hitler of America. For all the echoes, no one could seriously argue that January 2017 isn’t already replicating January 1933 if Trump is sworn in. We would love to hear your thoughts on this one. If so Mention them in the comments section, below. And as always, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.


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