10 Celebrities Who Got Away With Murder

With power, comes great responsibilities, but there are some celebrities, who, in spite of their great talents, have committed vicious crimes such as, battery, theft and EVEN murder, but due to their status, Mulla count, and defense team. They got away scott free. Which brings us to our list, of 10 Celebrities Who Got Away With Murder. Muhahahahah

10Vince Neil

‘Motley Crue’ front man served only 20 days behind bars, for killing his fellow musician friend, Nicholas Razzle Dingley in 1985. He was driving drunk which resulted in a tragic DUI accident. There were also to other passengers on board, and both suffered severe brain damage, which still affect them till this day. But not to worry, Vince made it out A OK. As for the sentence, 200 hours of community service, and 2.6 million dollars. But this guy made that money back and more, after he tributed his album “Theatre of Pain” to Dingley.

9Laura Bush

Before marrying then-president George W. Bush, the former first lady killed a 17-year-old athlete, with her car back in 1963, The victim was Michael Douglas, and reports indicate that he was killed instantly. However, a thorough investigation was not conducted, due to the leverage of Laura’s powerful family background, so she was able to keep on living her luxurious life.

8Robert Blake

Known for many years as an on screen undercover cop, actor Robert Blake ended up on the wrong side of the law in 2001, when he shot his then-wife, Bonnie Lee Bakley in ‘Cold Blood’. However, he was never convicted, due to the lack of evidence, or may be coz he was defended by the same lawyer, who got Pop king MJ out of all the child molestation cases. Or maybe because he learned a thing or 2 through all those years playing an undercover cop. No matter what it was, he executed it to perfection. Literally! it is now an open-and-shut case, as there was nobody except the couple at the crime scene that night.

7William S. Burroughs

While vacationing in Mexico, this legendary beat Generation writer and Junkie, shot his wife Joan Vollmer in the skull, while playing the game of “William Tell”. 1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila, DEAD! Burroughs only spent 13 days in a Mexican Jail, before his wealthy parents stepped in and bribed the local PD to release him to the States. As disturbing as it may sound, he never faced any penalties in the US, and it was this 1951 murder, that inspired his writings, in the paranoid fiction genre

6Matthew Broderick

In 1987, this Actor Comedian killed 28-year-old Anna Gallhaler and her 63-year-old mother in a tragic road accident. As per the eyewitness reports, this ferris bueller mother fucker was driving on the wrong side of the road. Broderick suffered minor injuries while the victims died on the the scene. Later, his defense team convinced the jury that he blacked out during the accident, and was fined just 175 dollars for careless driving. Well I guess this Jury took Hakuna Matata a bit too seriously.

5Don King

A former promoter of boxing legends like Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson, was charged twice with second degree murder. In 1954, This crazy haired psychopath, According to reports, shot his first victim Hillary Brown in the back, but got off on Self-DefensE. 13 years later, He was charged with second-degree murder for beating his employee Sam Garrett to death over a $600 debt. However he served less than three years in Jail and Now just chills at home, rich as fuck, worth over 300 million dollars. Make sure to never owe this guy money.


Next on the list is American singer songwriter Brandy, who killed a 38-year old mother of two in a 2006 horrific car accident. According to reports, She wasn’t paying attention to the road and crashed into the car in front of her, instantly killing the driver. Later on, This ‘Brokenhearted’ Singer settled the case with an undisclosed amount of money to the victim’s family, and was released from all charges, as no drugs or alcohol were involved. I guess she really is an ‘angel in disguise’, umm.. well angel of death, that is.

3Sid Vicious

Next on the list is Sex Pistol’s Bassist and junkie Sid Vicious, who stabbed his then-girlfriend Nancy Spungen to death in 1978. According to his confession, they were high as fuck that night on dirty needle prison heroin, and anally imported Mexican stress weed, when their argument turned into a tragic fight that ended with the fatal stabbing of Nancy In their New York Hotel Room. However, just after four months while, he was on bail, 21-year-old Sid committed suicide and left a suicide note for his mother, in which he wrote that the couple had a death pack and asked to bury him next to his baby. As they say, karma will bite you in the ass.

2O.J Simpson

Perhaps the most controversial case of all time happened when Nicole Simpson, an ex-wife of NFL star OJ Simpson, was found brutally murdered along with her friend Ronald Goldman in their Brentwood mansion. Even though all the witnesses and evidence were pointing towards A guilty OJ, the jury found him NOT GUILTY for those horrific murders. According to reports, his strong defense led by Johnnie Cochran played the “race card” that ultimately led to his freedom. If the glove don’t fit, you must acquit, mother fuckers.

1Snoop Dogg

Our top Contender on the list is kush commander Snoop Dogg, In 1995, he along with his bodyguard were charged with the murder of a 20-year-old disabled man named Philip Woldemariam, in a gang related shooting. But as the defense team was led by one of the most powerful celebrity Lawyers, Johnny Cochran, No charges were pressed, on the basis of self defense, that’s one good mother fucking lawyer.

And there you have it, our list of 10 Celebrities Who Got Away With Murder, Have we missed any? Mention them in the comments section, below. And as always, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.

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