10 Most Terrifying Sea Monsters To Ever Exist

The ocean may be a place to swim, surf, and scuba dive, but millions of years ago, it was home to the most Terrifying Monsters of all time. These creatures lurked from the depths of darkness and surprised their victims, with a mouth full of teeth. Whether its Real or Legend, these stories have always fascinated us, and that’s why were back, with our list of the 10 most Terrifying sea monsters to ever exist.


this gigantic marine predators existed over 200 million years ago. They, till this day, are the largest marine reptile species ever discovered, and could grow more than 65 feet. Think of them, as a really big ass swimming lizard. They were clever suction feeders, and big fish were their favorite item on the menu.


The literal meaning of this Greek word: is “The Sea Lord”, and they Ruled very well. Thalassomedon could grow up to 40 ft. in length. This massive predators, dominated all the way up until the Cretaceous period. One of their most unique features, is their long neck. It consisted of 62 vertebrae. Scientists blame the extinction of these mega monsters on the rise of a new beast, named mosasaurs, who were believed to have killed off their entire species.


the ones responsible for killing off the entire Thalassomedon species, 187 on a Thalassomedon. These monsters weren’t just huge, they were colossal. Fossil evidence suggests that Mosasaurus could reach up to 50 feet in length, making it one of the largest predators of the Cretaceous period. Experts believe that the head of these giants, had over one hundred razor sharp teeth, which made them one of the most dangerous sea monsters to ever exist.


These are the predatory ancestors of our modern day whales, and they grew to over 80 ft. in length. These alligator-snake-whales, are the offspring, straight out of a scary orgy. The most dangerous whales to ever swim the 7 sea’s, and they were believed to be just as clever as our Modern Day Whales. So getting away from one of these beasts, would be nearly impossible.


Don’t get fooled by their average size of 30 ft., Remember, Big things come in small packages. With a record breaking 11 inch long teeth, These Australian sea monster called Kronosaurus, had one of the biggest mouths amongst all the giants on our list. Named after Cronus, a Greek Mythological King, who was the father of Zeus. Kronosaurus very well lived up to the hype and crushed the skulls of its enemies and prey.


The cousins of Mosasaurus, these 50 ft. mega monsters were equally dangerous and lived around the oceans of North America, during the late Cretaceous Era. They are the great ancestors of the modern day monitor lizards. Tylosaurus were one of the most deadliest hunters to ever live. They killed any creature that came in their way, and dominated with their cone-shaped teeth. They used their snout to ram and stun their prey, something like that D do.


Their Long neck puts Giraffes to shame. Elasmosaurus aka the swimming dinosaur, was a 45 ft. long creature, that lived about 80 million years ago. This beast also lived in the late Cretaceous era. One of their most important features, is their long neck that consisted of over 70 vertebrae. This covered about ⅔ of their entire body, and Paleontologists believe that their evolutionary process was based on their hunting techniques. They used to hide in the dark depths of the ocean and the would come up from the depths to ambush their prey.


By far the biggest snake that ever lived, and we aint talkin about congo. They slithered around 60 million years ago, and were 50 foot long Monster snakes. This beast is something straight outta Harry Potter, and is 10 times bigger than our modern day anaconda’s. Weighing in at 2,500 pounds, they spent most of their life in the water, hunting sea fish and whales.


Probably one of the most well known creature on our list, Megalodon was a monster shark species, 10 times bigger than the great white shark. They coexisted with dinosaurs and lived from 25 to 2.6 million years ago. While a great white shark averages 20 feet long and 7,000 pounds, Megalodon was estimated to be nearly 60 feet in length, weighing anywhere from a whooping 110,000 to 220,000 pounds.

1Livyatan Melvillei

With 2 foot long sharp teeth, these monster whale sharks crushed other sharks with their giant 10 ft. long mouth, making them one of the scariest cannibals of all time. Named after biblical monster Leviathan. This beast is what inspired Author Herman Melville, when writing Moby Dick, these Shark Whales reached nearly 60 feet in length, and lived at the same time as Megalodon. It is believed that these 2 fought to the death, and battled for ocean territories. Creditable fossils were not discovered until 2008, so before then, they were just a legend. Now, they are the most newly discovered Sea Monsters breaking into the media, and this is why we crown Livyatan Melville #1 as king of the sea.

And there you have it, our list of the 10 most terrifying Sea Monsters to ever existed. Have we missed any other terrifying monsters? If so, then mention them in the comments section, below. And as always, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.


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