10 Greatest First Person Shooter Games

Due to the success and influence of Doom’s popularity. The term Doom clone was used for the FPS video game genre. But with the enhancement of puzzle elements, doper graphics and even sicker weapons.. These First Person Shooter games are regarded as the most popular and influential FPS games EVER. So get your head sets ready, and try not to be a weak ass noob, as we go into our list, of the 10 Greatest First Person Shooter Games Of All Time!

10Wolfenstein 3D

Released in 1992 under id Software, this game’s legacy goes down as the grandfather of 3D First Person Shooters. It was the first to establish that fast paced action and gorey violence that we all love, which made Wolfenstein 3D, an instant hit in the 90’s.. And don’t forget, you can blow away Adolf Hitler in his robotic suit.. SO Fuuuckkk you Hitley, and hell yeah to Wolfenstein 3D.

9Battlefield 1

If you’re a fan of blowing shit up, than Battlefield 1, might be your favorite FPS. And if you’re into Teamplay and not foreplay, than its BF1 before sidechicks ALL day. The first person perspective can control 6 different characters, and the story mode has six separate War Stories. Which is why Battlefield 1, was a Top selling game within the first month of its release, with over 14 million copies sold. That’s 14 million Sidechicks that were itchin for that D.

8Duke Nukem 3D

Prepare yourself for total meltdown! Known as the game that help popularize first person shooters, Duke Nukem fights against an Alien invasion on Earth, and its fucking awesome. With many expansion packs, fans around the world were getting boners with some hot shots of sexy digital women.. Which Gained much controversy in 1996, and started the Era of wacking off to Digital tities.

7Half Life 2

Sequel to the 1998 game Half Life, this 2004 game had a $40 Million dollar development phase, won 39 “Game Of The Year” awards, and the title
“Game of The Decade”. With fantastic gunplay and the ability to launch toilets at Alien’s heads, Half Life 2 is regarded as one of the greatest games ever made. Hashtag Crowbar To Your Head Bitch


With a beloved cast of MOBA-inspired heroes, Overwatch’s characters won the hearts and Chubs of millions of gamers around the world.. On a side note, even fine ass SSSniper dresses up as a Overwatch character.. I mean look at that, oh, nooo… not again, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh… JIZZ ALERT… Developed by Blizzard Entertainment Overwatch assigns players into teams of 6, with each hero’s roles divided into 4 categories. A week after launch, Blizzard reported over 7 million Overwatch players with a total playtime of 119 million hours..

5Call Of Duty

Set in the premise of World War 2, this series began on Microsoft windows and evolved to consoles and even handhelds, or should I say Devovled because PC is LIFE BITCHES. And now 12 games later, Call of Duty 4 is set in the future.. Just like Modern Future. And as of February 2016, COD has sold over 250 million copies and grossed over 15 billion dollars..god damn! With over 12 different COD games, it was hard to choose just one, so we opted to go with the whole mutha fucken series.

4Halo: Combat Evolved

As the first game of the Halo franchise, Halo was the launch title for the first Xbox in 2001. With Halo’s worldwide popularity, the game inspired the fan created Red VS Blue video series, which is credited as the first success of Machinima. The Halo series has combined over 65 Million copies sold worldwide, and grossing over $3.4 Billion dollars. So lets give it up to 117, cause cortana’s inbound, and she wants to give up that ass. If master chief could fuck cortana, would he give her that master pipe? Let us know in the comment section below. Cause I’d totally creampie those digital cheeks.


As the FPS pioneer and triple OG to the genre, Doom is everything great about first person shooter games. The development started in 1992, when most of you were still a wet spot in your daddies pants.. Which is why the Doom’s series is ranked by Next Generation as the 19th top game of all time. And despite many copy cats, Doom is still the classic. SO YA FUCK YOU QUAKE, JUST KIDDING!

2Goldeneye 007

Based on the 1995 James Bond GoldenEye movie, this FPS which was released for Nintendo 64 in 1997, is as old school as POGS.. remember those fucking things?? Golden Eye is credited for transitioning from the standard Doom like style, to the more realistic style of FPS.. N best believe ya boy was playing as Odd Job, straight pwning noobs with that golden gun.

1Counter Strike

Do you PC bang? Counter strike has created a phenomenon of young people entering PC cafes and gaming for hours.. CS is a series of multiplayer FPS, in which teams of terrorists and counter terrorists battle. For the past decade, it has continued to be the worldwide leader in competitive gaming tournaments. In some random odd news, One guy who got killed in counter strike, spent 6 months looking for the guy who beat him in CS.. once he found him in Paris..he shanked the dude 1 inch from his heart. In real life!!. Counter Strike is some serious shit.. So if your a nub, get the fuck out the server bitch.

And there you have it, our list of the 10 Greatest 1st Person Games. Did we miss any other great FPS? If so, mention them in the comment section below, and as always/don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe.

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