10 Most Dangerous Toys Ever Made

When you think of Toys, you think of kids, fun, and innocence. But little did you know, thousands of these innocent little toys, are recalled, Every year. From toys that just hurt you, to others that leave a hole in your leg, and explode into millions of pieces. Heres our list, of the 10 most dangerous toys ever made.

Number Ten: The CSI Fingerprint Examination Kit

For all those kids that were fans of CSI, comes a toy equip with some potent powder, and we aint talkin White Gurl. This CSI kit for kids, allowed children to look for fingerprints with a special powder and brushes. The only problem was, Adults started hearing complaints from their children, as they were developing skin problems. So an investigation was opened in 2007, and the toy was taken off the shelf; because the powder contained asbestos. You know, that friendly chemical element that’s known to cause cancer.

Number Nine: Austin Magic Pistol

If you were in the hood, and you heard this thing go off, you’d prolly GTFO. But for 90’s kids, this was the shit. Its a Ping Pong shooting gun, that uses calcium carbide mixed with water, to create a flaming explosion, that sends a pingpong flying at over 60 miles per hour. Only problem is, kids started shooting their friends with it, and well, the rest is history. As the old saying goes, keep your enemys close, and shoot your friends with a Ping pong.

Number Eight: Moon Shoes

Do you remember that moment, when Amurica tricked the Russians into thinking Neil Arm Strong landed on the moon? Well, from that great story, came these awesome pair of moon shoes, only problem was, they were made entirely out of Iron, so if you missed a step, you were most definitely breaking your pinky toe, or if you stepped on someones cat, then you were definitely going to need to buy them a new cat.

Number Seven: Slip N’ Slide

We ain’t talkin bout your ex girlfriend, but you might still remember this. For the most part it’s fine for kids, unless you forgot to moisten the slide, in which case, it became a slip n’ cry. But that’s not all, many kids and teenagers ended up being paralyzed from spine damage, due to the speed and sudden impact of falling victims.

Number Six: Lawn Darts

It doesn’t take much imagination to see why steel missiles with weighted skewers could make for a dangerous toy. Originally designed to pierce lawns, until children found different ways to play with them. Which has lead to the deaths of 10 children. For this, Lawn darts were banned by the CPSC, and the agency has recommended the destruction of all existing sets. Well, good luck with that, cause im saving mine for World War 3.

Number Five: Magnetix

Have you ever played with Legos? Of course you have, Now replace those Legos with magnetized balls, because we know you like balls, you could burst these balls open and a bunch of small magnets would pour out. Stupid right? Not only that, Some kids will naturally put everything in their mouths, like your ex wife. After 34 kids were injured, they were pulled from stores, the makers fortunately found another way to sell the remaining ones, by rebranding them as MagNext, and making them for adults, now we just gotta hope you won’t try shoving them in your Butt.

Number Four: Hannah Montana Pop Star Card Game

Alright, this is for all my Hannah Montana fans. You gotta see this, when Hannah Montana’s Popstar cards launched, they contained a toxic amount of lead. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that no toy contain more than 40 parts per million lead. Which is why many abusive parents were thrilled to hear that The Hannah Montana Pop Star Card Game, contained lead at 75 times that level – a whopping 3,000 parts per million. Even though many experts tried to ban it, Hanna Montana stayed on shelves, because the lead was found in it’s vinyl wrapping, not in the paint, and thus was against any regulations. Did you collect any cards? Let us know in the comment section, because Pokémon cards were way more lit than this shit, and it wouldn’t give us lead poisoning.

Number Three: Splash Off Water Rockets

If your kid wants to be an astronaut, that’s good, because this next toy wouldn’t help.. For a short period In 1997, stores sold this portable death trap, a rocket you fill with water until the pressure builds up too much and it blasts off (insert inappropriate joke here). Unfortunately, the rocket would often not take off, like your dad, and instead detonate, hurling shards of now-deceased rocket parts throughout the flesh cavities of your small children. At least 37 accounts have been reported of people suffering lacerations to various body parts. The product has now been removed from stores, so parents can sleep at peace tonight, just kidding, wait till you hear about the next one.

Number Two: Wego Kite Tube

Have you ever wanted to get as high as a kite? and I ain’t talkin OG kush. What if I were to tell you, you could be the kite, flying away from all of life’s problems, like fuck it? Well then take a look at this inflatable mid-air surfboard (Boat not included). Now your probably thinking, What’s the problem with this one? The problem is, It actually works, exactly as described, until Your Kid falls 50 feet from the air and breaks his pinky toe. Well, i’m sure if that thing could get my Fatass up 50 feet, i’d try it.

Number One: Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab

Even a broke dick dog knows, Uranium in a child’s toy, isn’t a good idea. But apparently that never occurred to the makers of the Gilbert Atomic Energy Lab, sold in the early 1950s as “the most elaborate Atomic Energy educational set ever produced”, it featured four Uranium samples and some receipes. For obvious health and hazard reasons, it is considered as the most dangerous toy ever designed.

And there you have it, our list of the 10 Most Dangerous Toys Ever Made. Have we missed any? If so, mention them in the comments section, below. And as always, don’t forget to like, share and enable notifications.


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