10 Most Expensive Fidget Spinners

Hey guys, this is Buffalo Bob, Yori and HD are on their gay vacation together..so here it goes guys…If you’re stressed as fuck and need something to do with your fingers and hands.. then give yourself a stranger, its when you sit on your hand, and wait till it gets numb, then use said hand to alleviate yourself. Fads and trends can spread like wild airborne ass herpes and the Fidget Spinner mania took over class rooms and cubicles in matter of weeks. As it was never promoted on commercials, or even produced by any major companies.The fidget spinner craze even has the rich people wanting a taste, purchasing bedazzled vagina repellent spinners. With that being said, Welcome to our list of the 10 Most Expensive Fidget Spinners.

10Alpha Spinner at $200

Crafted by 954 bearing bronze using a CNC machined technique, this spinner’s batons are stainless steel and silicon nitride ceramic bearings. The pocket top and the base button are also interchangeable. Like the juicy pink thong im wearing, cuz ive been sweating and my nuts are all juicy..

9Ti EDC Hand Finger Spinner at $255

This spinner’s uniqueness comes from the fact you don’t even have to spin it yourself. Just push the center button and it’ll spin on its own..oooh, fun right? 60 mm high, 60 mm wide and a depth of 11mm, the spinner weighs 130 grams and the metal looks all cool and shiny. Like my ass pussy.o

8Crusader bronze at $260

You can change the buttons, and remove the hybrid ceramic 688 bearings, if you feel like an engineer that particular day. The buttons screw on and there are 12 rivets on each side with if you do that math theres 48 in all. The spin time for this guy is about 4 fun filled minutes. Of pleasure.

7Turbine Spinner at $279

The turbine spinner is fully made of grade 2 titanium. Designed with ceramic bearings, this little guy makes me wonder if I can spin other titanium shit..uhh, maybe not. The Turbine Spinner will surely get you more ass.

6Black Lotus Tri at 300

If you haven’t had a spinner that can table spin, well you’re sooo last week bro. This spinner is all one piece and has 2 buttons to activate the spin. Bitches be on those nuts when you get yo self a Lotus Tri.. actually not really.

5Weiheng 925 Silver Fidget at $339

You may not want to take this hand spinner to your next class, because if your teacher takes it from you..She may sell in on the open market.. As this customizable hand spinner is made of stabilized wood with a SKH hybrid ceramic bearing.

4Silver Fidget Spinner by SunnyTech at $459

SunnyTech must be rolling in the dough this spring, as it is now selling the fuck out with the limited edition Silver Fidget. This toy will make every parent cringe when they hear the price tag, but hey, it’s your kid..Go out and spoil them once in awhile you cheap bastard.

39 Gear at $600

Seriously? 600 fucking dollars? Silver and small, you can push the button and it’ll do the spinning for you.. wait, doesn’t that defeat the purpose of fidgety hands? This spinner is 62 mm deep and 62 mm wide, with 9 brass gears that spin themselves!

2Bathgate Artifact Spinners at $700

Stainless steel brace spinner that will get you all the ladies..is the Bathgate artifact spinner. This fucking little thing, can spin mad long and make your fingers happy..but your wallets may not be so happy at 7 Bills.

1Kytra’s Star Two Spinner Diamond Fidget at $31,000

With 99 diamonds, and a bitch aint one. This spinner takes the cake for the most expensive fidget toy.. Tell your rich daddy to buy you this on Amazon or he’s a poor fucker . Guaranteed if your spin this on your fingers and post it to your Instagram, you’ll get yourself some likes.

And there you have it, our list of the 10 Most Expensive Fidget Spinners. Did we miss any other high priced fidgets? If so, mention them in the comment section below, and as always/don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe.

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