10 Things You Need To Know About Pokemon GO

While the globe stuck on the reality of Pokemon in the real world here’s our list of The 10 Things you need to know to Play Pokemon GO.


Lure is used to attract Pokemon to a given pokestop location, but you have to stay there the full 30 minutes to use the lure to its full potential. Once you leave that location, you lose the lure.


Incense can be used at any location, and it follows you everywhere you go, attracting Pokemon in the Area around you for 30 minutes.

8lucky Egg

A lucky egg can be used at any location and it follows you everywhere you go, and will grant you double the experience for 30 minutes. This is basically the same thing as Steroids. Except their virtual steroids.

7Tracking Tool

Tracking tool when using the tracking tool located on the bottom right hand of your screen, it must be opened up to work. As you walk in a certain direction you will see the footsteps go from 3 to 2 and 2 to one, this indicates you are getting closer or warmer to that given Pokemon. Its like tinder but way more difficult, because poke balls don’t work on girls.


There are 3 different types of gyms, Red Team Valor, Yellow Team Instinct and blue Team Mystic, you can only choose one, and at the moment theirs no going back to change teams after wards so heads up. You must at least level 5 to qualify at a gym, and If you see explosions happening at the top of the gym, that is because someone is currently battling there.

5Gym Battles

If you battle at a friendly gym, you only will use 1 of your Pokemon to go against the gym leaders, gain experience, and strengthen that gym. If you battle a rival gym, then you will use 6 Pokemon to fight the gym leaders, gain experience and take down the gym leaders. When you earn a spot at a gym, your Pokemon will be there until they are defeated. The more gyms you are apart of, the more experience you gain and the more coins you receive.

4Catching Pokemon

The colored circles around the Pokemon your trying to catch vary from green the easiest to red the hardest, when throwing a poke ball, the main objective is to throw your poke ball in the inner circle.also Make sure to use your best poke balls on the tougher Pokemon. So get your Kobe on, n don’t choke on the curry.

3Candies & Stardust

to gain more candies and stardust at the same time, simply catch Pokemon, you can also gain an additional candy when transferring your unwanted Pokemon to the Butcher aka professor willow aka the slaughter house.

2Transferring Pokemon

When you click your poke ball and select Pokemon, you can view the stats of your individual Pokemon, if you scroll to the bottom you have the option to transfer your Pokemon. The reason you want to transfer your lower CP Pokemon, is to gain candies for your higher CP Pokemon, every time you transfer a Pokemon you receive 1 candy for that Pokemon. We still don’t know exactly where these Pokemon are “transferred” too, but we can only speculate slavery or prostitution.

1Evolution & Eggs

To evolve your Pokemon you need at least 12, 25 or 50 of that specific Pokemon candy, your evolved Pokemon can range in CP depending on the luck of your roll, to incubate an egg, select your egg and click start incubation, your Pokemon will hatch once you’ve walked the required amount of kilometers. So get on the Pokemon go plan if you wanna lose some weight, and friends.

And there u have it, ten things u need to know about pokemon go, if you have any more suggestions, be sure to mention them in the comment section below.. and as always dont forget to like share and sunscribe


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