10 Hottest Movie Sex Scenes

What makes a sex scene legendary? Is it the chemistry? Realism? Nipples? or Maybe you know it when you actually see it, or do it. Well, with That being said, the best sex on film, is just a click away from your average Porn Hub video. So here we are with our top ten timeless celebrity sex scenes of all TIME. So grab a beer, grab a bottle of jergens and some tissue, cuz you’re gonna need it fuckers.

10Eyes Wide Shut

a film that’s about insecurities, fidelity, sex, marriage, secret societies and occult groups, pretty much, a Christian Film. This 1999 Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece as well as the last film, created a huge fuss due to lots of erotic sex scenes and Nudity, between then real life couple Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. This film held a Guinness World Record as the longest continual film shoot. Holding it down with 15 ‘fucking’ months, you see what I did there? Yup!


When your lovable wife falls for a suave French dude, there’s gotta be the most spectacular sex possible. What separates this incredibly sexy sex scene from the others on this list, is how for the most part, it’s explained via a monologue, riding a train back home after a good old fuck.

8Blue Valentine

The dorm room sex scene that infamously earned Blue Valentine, its NC-17 rating, is also one of the most sexiest scenes of 2010. As this Romantic drama starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams took the mattress to the theatre. Filling the room with moans, and quarter inch chubs. It’s as realistic as you can get with a love scene, and porno, while sitting next to mom n dad.

7Love and Other Drugs

This 2010 erotic rom-com thoroughly acquaints us, with a topless Anne Hathaway, and a totally hung Jake Gyllenhaal. The chemistry between them is undeniable, and this scene reveals the moment when casual sex, quickly becomes wild monkey gorilla sex.

6Wild Things

Yep you guessed it right. The famous pool scene between Denise Richards and Neve Campbell, is still one of the best erotic scenes Hollywood has ever produced. This highly stylized lesbian scene, was known for turning most boys into men during the 90’s, and this was most boy’s first glimpse at on-screen sex between two women, that didn’t classify as porn. Also, Kevin Bacon is spying & shooting them while making out from the bushes the whole time. Which makes it even twice as Hot.. #SexyBacon

5The Notebook

Sweet Summer love, soul mate romance, and a smoldering epic make up sex scenes, because nothing smells better then Makeup SEX. This pops off when Noah and Allie, played by then real life lovers, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, finally unite after years of being apart, this 2004 romantic drama has got it all, but most of all, Sex, pure smelly sex.

4The Dreamers

Set in the backdrop of Politics, this 2003 master piece from Italian legend Bernardo Bertolucci, was slapped with an NC-17 rating, due to lots and lots, and lots, of sex. There’s sex between Eva Green and Michael Pitt, sex between Michael Pitt and Louis Garel, sex between Michael Pitt Louis Garel, and Eva Green #keeping it in the Family #Threesome #I thought I was watching Game of Thrones!

3Original Sin

Angelina Jolie, Antonio Banderas and Sex. Yes again, Lots of sex. No wonder people remember only sex scenes in this 2001 erotic thriller. Those scenes were so magnificently shot, there were rumors that one or more of the sex scenes were unsimulated, meaning, holes were filled #creampie. As Bonus, there’s also a bloody BDSM scene by Jolie and Thomas Jane, ending with rough Anal. #Ever had your shit pushed in


Jack and Rose’s sweaty sexy car scene had set high standards for what lovemaking is really all about. When you are in the middle of the ocean, with Kate and Leo, you gotta have the steamiest sex scene of all time. After all, we’ll never forget Kate’s famous hand stamping, against the foggy window glass. Thank you Mr. Cameron, for all the wet tissues, and new millennials

1Basic Instinct

This 1992 erotic thriller starring Michael Douglas and Sharon stone is more infamous for a single sex scene, than the entire rest of the film put together. Basin Instinct portrays many passionate, athletic, mutually beneficial, and most importantly, believable sex scenes of all time. Both looked supremely hot and managed to heat up the temperature through-out.

And there you have it. Some of the steamiest sex scenes ever produced. Have we missed any shots?? If so, Mention them in the comments section, below. And as always, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.


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