10 Hottest Netflix Sex Scenes

’What is Netflix and Chill?” Netflix and chill is an English-language term using an invitation to watch Netflix together as a euphemism for sex, either between partners or casually as a “Booty Call”.. hey Lisa, Wanna come over and fuck? “ummm lose my number.” Hey Lisa, Wanna Netflix and Chill at my place? “Yes! That sounds like fun!” Now why did this term become the gateway to dropping panties? Well. I think you’ll all know why, after watching this steamy sexual Modern Whiz Video, remember, all these shows have once streamed on Netflix…With that being said, We’re back to our list of the Ten Hottest Netflix Sex Scenes! So grab your personalized sex toys, lotion and try to hold off the Jizz alert until after the video.

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10Young & Beautiful

After Isabelle, played by hottie Marine Vacth, loses her virginity, she starts a new secret life as a call-girl, where she gets dicked down by many dudes, we counted at least 8 times where she’s getting that D. And don’t forget the nudity and masterbation scene.. Would this be a good start movie to play to get your Netflix and Chill date in the mood? Let us know in the comment section below.

9Marvel’s Jessica Jones

I had no clue Marvel gets kinky like this.. Jessica Jones was a former superhero that became a private investigator, and some of the ass pounding she stumbles upon is pretty graphic. AS the Premiere episode opens with hot wild monkey gorilla sex going down in the back of a car.. There’s a good chance a lot of our whizza’s were created in the back of cars, their dads car.

8On The Road

If you got as much ass as these guys on a cross country road trip.., You probably wouldn’t mind the boring open road, plus Road Head is always fun.. As Sal Paradise, Dean Moriarty and Marylou played by Kristen Stewart embark on a sexual trip that changes everyone’s lives.. This 2012 movie is nothing like Kristen’s teeny bopper Twilight series, as she gets freaky in a threesome, brags about loving to give blow jobs and dabbling in some voyeurism…Jizz Alert! Don’t be offended Kristen Stewart, it’s just computer jizz, it’s not as sticky.

7How To Get Away With Murder

Viola Davis’s character Annalise Keating gets fucked a lot.. As the badass law professor who solves murders with her students, Viola once threw her back out in a simulated sex scene on set… That’s Some serious thrusting right there… but don’t forget about the rest of the class, as they all get their freak on too…

6Bang Gang

Damn French Cinema is kinky,, As these teenagers get their freak on one summer in the French suburbs.. Playing naked Truth or dare and popping Vcards like it’s their job. Directed and written by Eva Husson, this coming to age film reminds us old dudes how great being 16 was… Organized sex parties called Bang Gangs and doing drugs while they post the videos of their sex on a password protected website, which coincidentally jared fogle had the password too.

5Sleeping Beauty

Beware before putting on this movie for your kids, because it’s not the lovely 1959 Disney animated Classic Sleeping Beauty, but the 2011 Dark tale of Erotic drama starring Emily Browning, which i also love, but only when i’m by myself of course. This movie’s plot is as weird and erotic as it gets..When main character Lucy, played by Emily, answers an ad for a short term job service performing as a serving girl, where she is sedated and sleeps naked next to rich dudes who get to fondle her body while shes all drugged up.. Just ask any women who’s met Bill Cosby…No, we’re not going to do any Cosby Jell-O jokes..It’s off Pudding, get it?


This Political Thriller will give you boners on the regular, so if you’re Netflixing and Chilling don’t forget to suggest Scandal to the girl you’re trying to get naked. Olivia Pope played by the beautiful Kerry Washington is a professional ‘fixer’ who makes problems go away for the rich and powerful, even for the President of the united states… but what makes our list is the hot sex Olivia get’s from President Fitzgerald Grant, not only did the Prez want to show Olivia the Oval Office, he wanted to show her his Ovalsized dick. But the Russell rebound sex scene really got my blood flowing..to my shaft.

3The Duke Of Burgundy

When a powerful horny older lady wants to spank you with leather whips, you let her. In this 2014 British drama film, Cynthia likes to punish her maid Evelyn with sexually exciting themes.. This shit gets super kinky as Evelyn wants to be locked up in a trunk at night as her punishment, with a butterfly butt plug.. You know that leather whip looks familiar. Cynthia prolly got her whips and chokers at romantix.com… I know I did.. Shit.. imma boutta go buy my butterfly butt plug right now.

2The Affair

This Golden Globe winning series is predicated on steamy moments… We all know that Premium cable networks like Showtime loves showing those sexy scenes. I mean, I grew up on showtime sex scenes, especially at night when Mom n Dad were asleep… but The Affair takes it to a whole NOTHA mutha fucken level as it takes infidelity into overdrive cause this show will have you running to get married. Created by Sarah Treem and Hagai Levi, The Affair has received critical praise, and has won many awards.. so go get your Netflix DVD of The Affair, some viagra, and get your boner ON…

1Orange Is The New Black

Get the jergens in your hand, cause this Netflix Original wasted no time when they showed a super sexy scene in the pilot episode when Nicky eats out Morello like she hasn’t eaten in months.. Shit, I took notes.. But the hot lesbian scenes don’t stop as the shower scenes get intense with some more ass licking.. yum, Here’s a scene where Alex is about to show Piper what orgasmic ecstasy feels like.. another bonus, Justin Bieber (I mean) Ruby Rose’s awesome titties.. I love those perky thangs.

And there you have it, our list of the ‘10 Hottest NETFLIX Sex Scenes” Did we miss any other hot sexy Netflix And Chill Scenes? If so, call up your side chick, and mention them in the comment section below, and as always/ don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe.

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