10 Most Expensive Movie Props Sold

We know just how much money it takes to make a film, but not many people realize how much of a toll the budget takes from PROPS. Let’s take a look at our top ten most expensive movie props in history.

10James Bond’s Aston Martin

Remember the super slick car Sean Connery drove in Gold Finger? Well, that exact car sold at an auction for a whopping $4.6 million. Whoever bought it is either richer than Mr. Connery himself, or used his life savings to live out the rest of his life in one of the most famous vehicles on Earth.

9Marilyn Monroe’s Dress

The amount of movies who have parodied the famous shot of Marilyn’s dress flying up is endless, and the price it sold for – astronomical. It’s the most expensive movie costume EVER sold, so we just hope it fits its new owner snugly.

8Steve McQueen’s Racing Suit

This historical suit worn in the movie “Le Mans” is one of only three surviving suits from the film, and sold for $984,000. We don’t even know if dry cleaning would be good enough for this timeless piece of history!

7The Black Dress from Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Remember Audrey Hepburn strutting through the streets in that stunning black number? Well, it sold for $807,000 in 2006. Whoever the owner is, they better be having breakfast at one place, and one place only!

6Audrey Hepburn’s Ascot Dress

Ms. Hepburn sure had one expensive wardrobe, one that no Kardashian can ever compete with. The Ascot dress she wore in My Fair Lady sold for 3.7 million dollars. Eat your heart out, Kim.

5The Delorean Car

This incredible vehicle from the movie “Back to the Future” will forever take its new owner back to the past, after they paid over half a million dollars to get their hands on it. For that price, it better take them on one hell of a ride. Or, more like heaven!

4The Maltese Falcon

This statue from a film of the same name sold for not one, not two, not three, but FOUR million dollars on auction. We can only hope it’s surrounded by security systems that no burglar (or film fanatic) can break through!

3Luke’s Lightsaber

This specific lightsaber was used by Mr. Skywalker in Star Wars: A New Hope AND The Empire Strikes Back. It sold back in 2008 for $240,000. We don’t know where it’s sitting right now, but if it doesn’t beat the speed of light, it would be a pretty disappointing investment.

2The Cowardly Lion Costume

This extraordinary lion costume worn by Bert Lahr in the Wizard of Oz sold for over $3,000,000. It’s made from the hide of a real lion, and is currently stuffed and sculpted to look exactly like the actor. Creepy or cool? We’ll let you decide.

1Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers

There’s no place like home for the person who paid $666,000 for these little beauties. Worn by Judy Garland herself, these supposedly priceless slippers turned out to be not so priceless after all.

And there you have it; our top ten most expensive movie props of all time. Have we forgotten any? If you know of any more exorbitantly priced pieces, please mention them in the comments section below. And as always, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.

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