Another 10 Hottest Movie Sex Scenes

At Modern Whiz, we listen to our fans and we deliver on your demands. Our top video to date was the ten hottest movie sex scenes, but with comments from people like, HorrorBuff 1990 asking us “why No, 9 and a half weeks?” Well, with so many hot sex scenes to choose from in the world of film. We decided to make Another. So we’re back to our list of “Another, Ten Hottest Movie Sex Scenes of all time”. So get comfortable, grab the finest red wine (you can afford), and a bottle of your creamiest lotion and let’s get it on…


This film ‘earned’ its R Rating when movie goers got to experience some hot and heavy fucking with Ryan Reynolds and Morena Baccarin. Some call it athletic intercourse we call it pure entertainment. As we watch Ryan’s Trap muscles going to work while he thrusts Morena against the wall. Bad Deadpool

9Cruel Intentions

Aaah, this movie reminds me of Puberty..Even after 18 years, Cruel Intentions is still too hot for TV. One scene in particular, that is censored for cable television is this scene where Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character swaps spit with Selma Blair. This hot scene is probably the motivation for the ‘wide eyed emoji’ that you use today. But the scene that wins is when Sarah Michelle fucks Ryan Phillippe’s brains out. Her words, not mine.

8Wolf Of Wall Street

Yes, Jordan Belfort loves drugs…In this scene we see Leo DiCaprio’s character blowing coke up a hookers ass..and yes, hookers like drugs too..but the scene that takes the cakes in this movie, is when Jordan meets Naomi Lapaglia played by Margot Robbie who might possibly be the hottest women naked, ever to live. And Jordan fucking Naomi on top of a bed of hundreds, is definitely a memorable Hot sex scene.

7Wild Orchid

This 1989 movie had so many raunchy sex scenes in it, that porn sites carry Wild Orchid sex clips. But in a battle of fucking between Carrie Otis’ character and Mickey Rourke’s, it looked like the bed took the blunt of the punishment. When the two were dripping sweat on each other while making Kama Sutra sex look tame.

6Blue Is The Warmest Color

Next time you meet a girl with blue hair you may think of this movie. In this film, we see newcomer Adele Exarchopoulos exploring her sexual side when she meets a girl with blue hair Emma, played by Lea Seydoux , who shows Adele how to discover her desires. This hot scene where the lesbian couple have 7 minutes of uncut sex with no musical score shows that the director and writer (sorry I can’t pronounce his name) gave no fucks about what he wanted to show. Although he was ruthlessly crushed by lesbian critics saying the sex scene between the two women lacks authenticity. Call it what you will, it makes our list..

5Set It Off

Stony is hard up for cash so she will literally do anything to get it ..That involves robbing banks and having sex for money. Jada Pinkett Smith played Stony way back in 1996, when four inner city women gotta do what they gotta do..But the scene were Stony and Blair Underwoods character Keith, get it going hot and heavy, made moviegoers fall in love with Jada and Blair for decades to come.

4Baby Boy

If you’re like Melvin and just got out of doing hard time in Prison, your gunna crave that hot ass as much as possible. But don’t look around the house Baby Boy, because you might catch your Mom getting ‘did’ froggy style from Vin Rhames’ big ass. And thats something you can never un see.

3Nine And A half Weeks

Mickey Rourke in the 80’s was getting it in! This time, in a steamy affair with blonde bombshell Kim Basinger.Right? isn’t that what they call hot blondes back in the 80’s? Bombshells. I digress, this sexy affair had many bonerific moments and hardcore fucking. You pick the scene, there’s this scene where Kim Basinger is getting it, this one here with some ice cubes, and oh one more here. And heres a bonus kids, Kim Basinger MILF fuck scene on 8 Mile. You’re Welcome HorrorBuff1990…

2Black Swan

Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman’s sex scene was hot and creepy all rolled into one. And if you haven’t heard Natalie moan while Mila eats her out, then you’re missing the fuck out. Luckily for you, you’re subscribed to Modern Whiz and get the moan and alerts for free. And here we go…(natalie moaning)

1Monster’s Ball

To not have this scene where Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton’s sex scene as number 1/ as The Hottest Movie sex scene would be disrespectful to Halle’s Oscar award winning performance. This simulated sex scene was so good, that fan boys around the world have theories that this sex was real between the two. Partly because, If you look closely when Berry rides Thornton, you can see Thornton’s genitals. Enjoy

And there you have it, our list of ‘Another Ten Hottest Movie Sex Scenes.’ Did we miss any other sexy scenes? If so, mention them in the comment section below, and as always don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe.

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