Top 10 Movie Car Explosions

These are the explosions that make movies worth watching. We all love a good car chase, and even better, a good car chase ending with a killer explosion, and with that being said, lets take a look at our list of Top 10 Movie Car Explosions.

10Need For Speed

Just look at the enormity of that explosion. Just look at it. However, that’s just one of many in THIS film. The bigger the explosion, the bigger the budget, and we guess…the bigger the profit?

9The Dark Knight

While this particular explosion didn’t quite go according to plan, the late Heath Ledger certainly did a good job at hiding it. His first attempt at detonation didn’t work, so he just casually continued walking towards the camera and on the second attempt… Boom…and there’s was the result. What a legend.

8Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift

This may not be the most biggest explosion, but it makes up for it with timing and emotion, as the films hero watches his friend and mentor die right infront of his eyes, but then again, whats a car movie, without a car explosion!


Now, not many people would be able to stomach the sight of a very, very expensive Aston Martin burning to the ground. Unfortunately, this was the reality in this 1964 film. While special Effects in the 60s weren’t what they are today, this scene certainly didn’t fail to impress audiences globally.

6Captain America: The Winter Soldier

We’re sure anyone standing close to this car didn’t experience Winter vibes at all. As this 2014 film saw one of the highest budgeted explosions go down, and the film made more than $707 million worldwide. We’re sure that explosion had to spark a bit of those numbers.


This 1998 film saw Mr. Robert De Niro, assist in exposing a secret sunroof rocket launcher, causing this very car to burst into flames. Haven’t seen this De Niro in awhile, but certainly is a timeless piece of Boom. Good job John Frankenheimer!


A very famous movie, with equally famous explosions. Director Martin Scorsese loves explosions so much, he even made sure that the very first thing audiences see is, well an Explosion.

3The Avengers

This epic movie is made just a little bit more epic with this awesome and very expensive.. Boom. Cause, slow motion shots, just make everything a bit more cooler. Don’t you think?

2Mission Impossible III

We think it’s fair to say that every Mission Impossible film had its share of sweet explosions, but this one in particular raised a fair amount of eyebrows. It happens when a drone ship and a helicopter attack a convoy – and the rest is, well, History! $397.9 million worth of history.

1The Godfather

This shot of an incredulous explosion is pretty impressive for 1972. This particular shot is the turning point for Michael Corleone, upon his decision to become the Godfather. Forget the story line, and just look how freaking cool that is! Fuckin Look at it! Sorry. Ahem.

And there you have it; our list of ten biggest car explosions ever filmed. Have we forgotten any? If you know of any more, please mention them in the comments section below. And as always, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.


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