10 Most Disliked Videos On YouTube

What it do bitches, This is Big HD, and as you know, on Youtube you can do just about anything you want, from unboxing your favorite barbie doll, to twerkin that ass, and everything between that ass. And then, people are gonna decide, whether they like it or not, by clickin the like or dislike button. Well thotties, today we’re going 187 on a like, cause that the shit I dont like. and with that being said, here we go with our list of the 10 Most Disliked YouTube videos LEGO

Number Ten: Ghostbusters- Official trailer

The Internet rolled out its anti feminist movement, with boycott threats, or should I say girlcott threats, sexest trolling and personal attacks towards the actresses of the film, all because its an all female cast. The video still till this day, has more dislikes then likes, and had over 1 million dislikes before the film hit theatres. #NOLOVE

Number Nine: Nicki Minaj Anaconda

I guess home girls got way too much in de trunk, cause a whole lot of people hit that Dislike button, a whole 1.2 million people, that is. Now granted, most these people are prolly your average flat bootied white girls, but hey, if your in that 4-5’s category, shit, id hit it too. Literally #HDdontDiscriminate #HollaAtYaBoy

Number Eight: Miley Cyrus – We cant stop

If you love that cute little Miley From Hannah Montana, to bad, cause that bitch is dead. But from the ashes comes a whole new Mess of sloppy AND toppy. So in June of 2013, she dropped her video “We cant Stop” and the dislikes just kept on rolling in, and well, I guess they couldn’t stop, and it accumulated 1.2 million dislikes. But it dont stop there

Number Seven: Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball

Also in 2013, miley dropped this construction/ demolition tutorial. That took ball dangling to a whole new level, unfortunately the walls came crashing down, and it only added to Miley’s dislike campaign, and added an additional 1.3 million dislikes.

Number Six: Jacob Sartorius – Sweatshirt

If you have a favorite sweatshirt, you might just want to torch it after watching this music video. Basically, somebody thought this kid, could be the next Justin Bieber, but someone Fucked up, BIG TIME BRO. Cause all the Autotune in the world, couldn’t do shit for this boy version of Rebecca Black, and it landed him 1.4 million D’s, Throw some D’s on dat.

Number Five: Gangnam Style

Love him or Hate him, there’s one thing you can’t do, and that’s ignore him. With his 2012 iconic Korean song called “Gangnam style” PSY got worldwide fame. Gangnam style became “the most watched video on Youtube”. The craziness went to that extent that the YouTube Counter broke and had to be reset with new and efficient codes for the new counter. But with all perks, Gangnam style also has a huge amount of haters, about 1.6 million haters to be exact, apparently Psy just “Oppa Gangnam Style’s” on those bitches.

Number Four: Cortando O Botão Do Youtube

There is this moron in Brazil called Aruan Felix who uploaded a video called “Cortando O Botão Do Youtube”, which literally means “Cutting The YouTube Button”. In the video he destroys his YouTube Silver Button plaque, given to him for reaching 100,000 subscribers. He breaks the frame and tries to cut the silver button with a knife. But when he couldn’t cut it by himself, he goes to a local body shop and gets it cut by professionals. For obvious reasons, this video now has over 2.2 million dislikes. All i know is, If we had a 100k youtube plaque, we would treat her with class.

Number Three: Friday – Rebecca Black

If you want your eye sockets to hemorrhage, and the ability to not have children, then head over to Rebecca Black’s music video Friday, which now has over 2.3 millions Dislike, Fun Fact: The song was actually removed from youtube in 2011, due to some disputes between the producer and the Black’s. At that time it had about 167 million views and 3.1 Million Dislikes. Later it was re uploaded on Rebecca’s official channel, and still managed to gain back about 2.3 million dislikes in a short time. Those are some loyal haters if you ask me.

Number Two: Official Call of Duty®: Infinite Warfare Reveal Trailer

Don’t fuck up our beloved video game franchise, that’s the message 3.3 million fans sent when they disliked this reveal trailer. Yes, I’m talking about The official Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Reveal trailer, which was uploaded in May of 2016. In just 6 months, the video was flooded with various hatred comments. Why? According to CoD CEO, Fans weren’t happy with a futuristic war scenario by sending soldiers into battles in space or using drones, which takes the player away from the gritty realism that the franchise was once loved for. How did you guys like infinite warfare? Let us know in the comments.

Number One: Baby – Justin Bieber

How many of you still remember that annoying tune baby baby baby oooh? Just kidding, this shit is my jam son, On number one is Our beloved Justin Bieber’s music video for Baby, which has a blood curdling 6.9 Million dislikes. believe it or not, Bieber has legions of “Beliebers” across the world, but regardless the Internet loves to hate Justin Bieber. Well, as internet Jesus said in iBible, YouTube giveth and YouTube taketh away.

And there you have it, our list of 10 Most Disliked mother fucking YouTube Videos. Have we missed any? like the ones on watchmojo? and as always, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.


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