10 Rappers Who Use Ghostwriters

for many top music artists like Beyonce, Taylor Swift & Katy Perry, It’s not an uncommon thing to use several writers to produce a hit record, but when talking about genres like hip-hop and rap, the culture and community is not very accepting of it, here’s our list of 10 Rappers Who Use Ghostwriters

10Will Smith

Will is more than capable of delivering his own raps, as family-friendly and mundane as they might be. You and your mother may be surprised however to find out that the lyrics to his most memorable ’90s hit, “Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It,” was actually written by Nas, Who is one of the most respected rappers of all time.

9Fat Joe

Big Pun and Triple Seis were two well-known ghostwriters for Fat Joe during his Don Cartagina period, but when Pun died people noticed a significant slump in the quality of Fat Joe’s lyrics, Liza Rios the widow of Big Pun wrote in a recent interview “Every song that Joe was on with Pun, Pun wrote the whole song and the verse. Whatever verse Joe was on Pun wrote it. Then after Pun passed away other people started to write.”

8Bow Wow

There was a lot of ghostwriting happening in the So So Def camp, with Da Brat rumored to be handling a majority of behind the scenes lyrics for Jermaine Dupri and Bow Wow. Songs like “I’m Goin Outta My Mind” and “Fresh Az I’m Iz” had people doubting that Bow Wow was writing his own material, and he eventually admitted to it in a 2009 interview, claiming to have only written about “85 percent” of his Unleashed album.

7Beastie Boyz

“Paul Revere” may be a touching tale of how “one lone Beastie” soon expanded to become a horse and beer loving rap trio, But depending on what you believe, Run-D.M.C. wrote either segments or a sizeable chunk of The Beasties’ 1986 debut album Licensed To Ill, Which producer Rick Rubin admitted to in a interview following the release.

6Jim Jones

Max B wrote Jim Jones’ biggest single to date, “Ballin”, which skyrocketed the artists fame and success, but little do people know is that, Max B received no credit for the writing and also received a shitty deal from Jim Jone’s label which prevented him from releasing any new music.


Diddy was never too nice with the raps, but he always had a strong crew of writers around him, Diddy went on the radio before releasing Last Train To Paris and disputed claims that anyone else had written his lyrics on the album, but considering that this is the guy who told us not to worry if he writes rhymes, I wouldn’t quite take him for his word.

4Lil Wayne

Although Nicki casually asserted that she had written Wayne’s verse for the song “You The Boss,” which ended up being used by Rick Ross, it was back during Tha Carter that Wayne was catching flack for enlisting Gillie Da Kid as a ghostwriter, Gillie claimed to have ghostwritten “pretty much all” of Wayne’s first Carter album, which sparked one of many beefs that Gillie was involved in throughout his career.

3Kanye West

He was accused early in his career for having ghostwriter Rhymefest write one of his earliest breakout singles “Jesus Walks” from The College Dropout, and recently It’s become common knowledge that Kanye had a committee of writers for his album “Yeezus”. Lately his role has morphed into that of an actor/director instead of writer/producer these days, but aside from all this, we do know that kanye is a skilled lyricist.


The recent tension brought on by Meek Mill for exposing rapper drake for not writing his own lyrics, has had many people questioning how skilled drake actually is, his recent single “10 Bands” and his verse on Meek Mills track “R.I.C.O” has recently been credited to have been ghostwritten, but regardless of this information, his fans and supporters will always support his music, If you’d like to hear lyrics drake wrote, make sure to checkout his recent diss track towards meek mill titled “Back To Back”

1Dr. Dre

When your hip-hops first billionaire, and one of the most respected producers of our time, do you really need to write your own lyrics? His album “Chronic 2001” ushered in the most notable period of Dre’s hired ghostwriter days, where artists such as Jay-z and eminem were credited to have written tracks such “Still D.R.E” and “Forgot About Dre.” but regardless, does any of this information make you enjoy the song any less? not me.

and that concludes our list on 10 Rappers Who Use Ghostwriters, did we forget to mention someone on our list? make sure to let us know in the comment section below, and like always, make sure to like share and subscribe.

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