Top 10 Best Hook Artists

It’s pretty hard now n days to make a hit record, but your song is nearly guranteed to catch a buzz when you feature one of these artists, with such captivating and unique styles of singing, they could pretty much fart on the record and still make it catchy, heres our list of the Top 10 Best Hook Artists.


Sia’s music incorporates hip hop, funk and soul as a base for her vocal styling. she was ranked the 97th richest Australian person under the age of 40 by BRW magazine, with a reported net worth of $15 million dollars USD. She’s responsible for writing the amazing hooks for “Titanium” by David Guetta, “Wild Ones” By Flo Rida, and “Wolves” by kanye west.

9Ty Dolla Sign

This vocalist is an American hip hop and R&B recording artist from Los Angeles, California. who has an amazing singing voice, he’s a big reason behind the new sound of the west with dj mustard and yg. He’s featured on countless artists records from wiz khalifa to kanye west, he’s also featured on p.diddys most recent single “you could be my lover”


Best known for his trap singing style, has been targeted by many artists recently trying to steal his sound, which is responsible for bringing the Atlanta trap sound all over the world. His captivating and mesmerizing hook melodies helped bring him to the top of the hip-hop elite, Which is why he is in such a high demand.


Theres only a handful of female singers that can bring the heat on every track they touch, and Rihanna is one of them. She has 3 #1 billboard hits as a featured artist, from T.I’s “Live Your Life” to Eminem’s “Love The Way You Lie & The Monster”

6R. Kelly

He was named the most successful R&B artist of the last 25 years by Billboard. Throughout his career, R.Kelly has won numerous awards, including a Guinness World Record for writing and producing “You Are Not Alone” By Michael Jackson which is the first song in the 37-year history of the Billboard Hot 100 to debut at number one, as well as countless of other awards like Grammys, BET awards, Soul Train award, Billboard awards and many more.


When the name Pharrell pops into your head, you can quickly hear his voice also pop into your head, He released his first single “Frontin'” in 2003, and continued seeing great success even all the way up until 2014 over 11 years later with “Happy”. He’s known for his great melodies also as a featured artist on “Drop It Like Its Hot & Beautiful” By Snoop Dogg, and “Change Clothes, Excuse Me Miss” By Jay Z, he also wrote the hook for number 1 billboard smash “Money Maker” By Ludacris.


Akon just isn’t known for being the great guy he is, for example, bringing electricity to over 600 million people in Africa, But is also known for his unique and unreplicated singing style, during 2004-2010 there wasn’t an hour any radio station didn’t play a song with a hook by akon, here is some of his featured catalog you might recognize “The Sweet Escape” by Gwen Stefani, “Soul Survivor” By Young Jeezy, and “bartender” by t-pain.

3Chris Brown

In this current day of age, Chris Breezy is getting the call to save everyone’s records, if you can afford his featured rate that is, which is estimated to be around $30,000 USD. I don’t really think i should go over all the featured work he’s done, just simply give it a quick YouTube or google search, and you’ll see that nearly every major artist has at least 1 or more records featuring Mr. Brown.


It’s pretty obvious why drake is on this list, he’s currently winning at the hip-hop game of thrones, setting trends and styles all over the music industry, with countless hits and hooks you just cant get out of your head. If you could get him on a hook, then there’s no other person you would need.

1Nate Dogg

What can i say, Nate dogg is the forerunner of all hook artists, he is the “hook artist” he is truly one of the greatest, anyone on this list would agree. If nate dogg is a little out of your time frame, make sure to go check out his records ASAP, some of his greats include “Regulate” By Warren G, “21 Questions” By 50 Cent, “Area Codes” By Ludacris, “Oh No” By Dr Dre, and “Shake That” By Eminem.

and that wraps up our list of the top 10 best hook artists, did we forget to mention someone on our list? make sure to let us know in the comment section below, and like always, make sure to like, share and subscribe.


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