Top 10 Best & Most Popular Synth VST

today we will be going over the best and most popular synth virtual studio instruments, discussing the artists and producers who use them, along with notable songs featuring these great instruments, lets get started.

10Hypersonic 2

Hypersonic 2, Developed by Steinberg in 2005, now discontinued by the company, was one of the first instrument plugins to make its way on to modern day pop music, such artists and producers as just blaze, Hans Zimmer, Rodney “darkchild” Jerkins and Timbaland to name a few have used hypersonic 2 to create, The plugin has also found its way on to top video game Titanfall and Disney’s movie “Tron” You can also hear hypersonic 2 being put to use in songs such as “Promiscuous Girl” By Nelly Furtado & “Pullin Me Back” By Chingy Ft. Tyrese


Rapture, Developed By Cakewalk in 2006, featured wavetable synthesis to replicate and generate a analogue-style synthesis sound, now considered one of today’s classic synth plugins, is still making its way on to current productions, you can hear the plugin in use by checking out such records as “We Are” By Hollywood Undead” and “Serial Number” By Dom Kane


Serum, Developed By Xfer Records in 2014, combines wavetable synthesis and sample packs with its noise oscillator feature, the plugin is quickly becoming producers go-to wavetable synthesizer, one notable dj / producer who uses this plugin rather often would be deadmaus, you can hear it getting put to good use in his song “Avaritia” or however its pronounced.


Predator, Developed By Rob Papen in 2009, most popularly used in the digital audio workstation “Reason” by propellerhead features very powerful and wide synth leads and pads along with ambient elements, such known producers as Armin van Buuren and Carmen Rizzo use this plugin in a lot of their sets and productions.

6Arturia V Collection

Arturia V Collection, Developed By Arturia Since 2003, Features recreations from such legendary analogue synthesizers as moog’s minimoog and dave smiths “Prophet”, if you haven’t had time to sit down and play with these plugins, then make time and check them out, artists such as Jordan Rudess from “Dream Theatre” and Steve Porcaro from “Todo” say the arturia v collection has changed and improved their entire work flow.


Trillian also known as Trilogy, started Development by Spectrasonics in 2003, features classic bass synth patches used by one of the greatest west coast legends ever, “Dr Dre” he has stated in several interviews that the audio plugin has come in handy in many occasions, i’ve had the pleasure of working with the plugin several times, and its definitely “Next Generation Technology” which is what spectrasonics describes its vst as being.


Nexus, Developed by Refx in 2007, if Nexus has to be summed up into one word, that word would be “versatile” as david guetta once said “Everything is there from a classic string sounds to the most cutting edge electronic sounds.” i think its say to say that most modern day producers and dj’s work closely along side this plugin. You can hear some plugin patches featured in such songs as “I Found You” By Axwell and “Calling” by Alesso.


Sylenth, Developed By Lennar Digital in 2007, features original patches that have been heard millions of times over the internet and radio because of the sheer amount of artists and producers who use the plugin such names as avicii, martin garrix, Steve Aoki and cheif keef to name a few, sylenth has definitely become a household name in every production studio for its use in not just EDM but hip-hop and pop records as well, you can hear the plugin in such records as “Tennis Court” By Flume and “Talking Body” By Tove Lo


Kontakt, Developed By Native Instruments in 2002 changed the workflow for producers drastically by creating a well organised and easy to use player, this also opened the door to audio developers everywhere to use the player to create and distribute some of their own creations, a lot has changed since the release of the plugin back in 2002, with now millions of patches on the internet for people to purchase or download, the player is also a free download, so make sure to go ahead and grab it when your done watching this video.


Massive, Developed By Native Instruments, i mean what artist hasn’t used this plugin before? the list of people who have ever tinkered with this plugin is probably limitless, but let me name a few anways, “Justin Timberlake, Skrillex, Zedd, Eminem, Max Martin, Dr. Luke, Dr. Dre, Benny Blanco & Diplo to just name a few, the plugin has made its way on-to such #1 billboard hits as “California Gurls” By Katy Perry, “Hold It Against Me” By Britney Spears, and “Blank Space” By Taylor Swift

and that concludes this top 10, i hope you enjoyed the video, are there any synth vsts you think should have made the list? make sure to comment them below, also remember to like share and subscribe.

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