With an estimated net worth of $12 million dollars, it’s no wonder Casey Neistat stays in $18,000 a night hotel rooms, takes $21,000 first class flights, and can easily fundraise $150,000 dollars in just a quick 24 hours, with that being said, welcome to the very first episode of The Real Net Worth, where we explore your favorite celebrities businesses, properties and all other assets in between, so let’s begin and take a closer look at Casey Neistat’s Real Net Worth.


First off, who is Casey Neistat? Casey is an American YouTube personality, filmmaker, vlogger, and co-founder of the social media company Beme. Neistat was born in Gales Ferry, Connecticut on March 25, 1981. And at the tender age of 15, He decided school just wasn’t for him, so he decided to say FUCK THAT, and dropped out of Ledyard High School in 1996. Just a quick two years later, Casey had his first child Owen, and while living in a trailer park with his friend Robin Harris, Casey washed dishes for a living, but shortly after, Neistat decided it was time for a change, and moved to New York City to pursue his dream of filmmaking. Neistat first gained international exposure in 2003 for a three-minute film titled iPod’s Dirty Secret, criticizing Apple’s lack of a battery replacement program for the iPod. The film received national media attention and brought major attention to Apple’s policy towards iPod battery replacements. In July 2008, HBO purchased an eight-episode television series titled the Neistat Brothers, and in March 24, 2015, Casey started his daily vlog series on Youtube, In July 2015, Casey released the first version of Beme on the app store, and in November 2016, CNN purchased the app.


Now that you know a little bit more about Casey, let’s take a look at some of his most well known properties, like his connecticut summer home which is valued at a modest $350,000. The home is featured in many of his popular vlogs and is a popular tourist destination for people to stop by and take selfies, but he hardly spends any time at his New London home, as he spends most of his time in his New York studio, which is estimated to cost over $6,000 a month because it is located on one of the most famous streets in the world, Broadway. He also has a beautiful New York apartment where he pays an estimated $4,500 a month, which features a stunning view of new york from the bedroom and living room.


If we’re talking about how Casey usually gets around, there’s nothing he uses more than his boosted board, but if we’re talking about somewhere he can’t get on a full charge. That means neistat is probably tearing up the earth in his 2007 Jeep Wrangler, which has survived exceptional odds on several occasions… like… being submerged in a icy lake. Well, one things for sure, casey’s not spending his money on boats and hoes.


So let’s talk about where all his money comes from, in 2008 casey’s got to see what it tastes like, when he sold his show “The Neistat Brothers” to HBO, this eight-episode television series sold for $2,000,000, and since Casey has produced many major television commercials for companies like Nike, Mercedes-Benz, Samsung and even Google. The work he’s done for television has generated him an estimated $800,000, But one thing The legendary Casey Neistat could have done, was rake in an additional $1,000,000 from YouTube Ad Revenue, since his channel generates nearly 50,000,000 views a month, but instead he has chosen not to run any ads on his page. Nevertheless, the biggest money maker for casey is definitely the sale of his technology company Beme. The app took over 2 years and $2.6 million dollars to create, but all that hard work paid off when CNN purchased the app, for an estimated $25 million dollars. This of course didn’t all go to Casey, as he had a team and partner who were also included in the deal.


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