10 Celebrity Death Conspiracies

When a celebrity dies, the world mourns for a couple days and then the conspiracy theories begin to swirl. Why did it happen, and who caused it? Especially if someone else had something to gain, to keep quiet, or was there an evil spirit after them. With that being said, We’re back with our list of the Top Ten Celebrity Death Conspiracies.

10Princess Diana

The Princess of Wales died in 1997 in an accidental automobile crash inside a road tunnel in Paris, France with her then boyfriend Egyptian Muslim Dodi Al- Fayed. Which was subsequently blamed by media and George Clooney to be attributed by the French paparazzi. Years later, Mohammed al-fayed the father to Dodi came out saying that it was an assassination plot. The Princess 10 months before her death wrote a letter saying that her husband Charles was planning to kill her through brake failure in her car, so he can re-marry. Adding to the theory is, the MI6 and Parliament did not want a Muslim married into the royal family.

9Michael Jackson

While MJ was climbing trees and pretending to be Peter Pan, he was also getting super lit off Pharma meds, propofol and benzodiazepine, which ultimately took his life. But wait. Soon after his death, There were theories that MJ never died, that he planned a fake death so he can escape the spotlight and to avoid bankruptcy so his family and estate can keep all of his dough. but a more interesting theory is that MJ is an Immortal Ancient Egyptian Prince. Who’s been living since the pyramids were built. So dude can’t really die. Here’s a 3000 year old sculpture that totally resembles him, and a painting done in the 15th century that looks like him too. So now, he’s just gunna chill out till all of us die and emerge again as Space Michael.

8Kurt Cobain

We’ve all heard the theories that Kurt Cobain did not commit suicide and that he was murdered. One theory is that Courtney Love had him killed and believed that his suicide note was falsified. Partly because the hand writing in the suicide letter looked like there were two different penman. But the theory that will blow your dick off, or in this case, your head, is that Kurt is still alive and singing… in South America. Apparently
Kurt emerged in 2012 on a talent show called Yo Soy as Ramiro Saavedra. Or the other theory is that he’s really Rivers Cuomo. Just take your pick.

7Marilyn Monroe

The Kennedy Connection is scary. Pretty much, America’s first family, ‘the Kennedys’ are now all dead, fucked up on drugs or looks like Maria Shriver. And if you’re Marilyn Monroe who allegedly was getting Eiffel Towered by JFK and his bro Bobby, you’re probably not going to live long. As the theory goes, she was murdered for knowing too much info about the Kennedys and planned to reveal their secret affairs.

6Robin Williams

I’m going to tread lightly on this subject because his death was so recent and Robin Williams was my fucking hero growing up. Robin was found dead with a rope around his neck and was subsequently ruled a suicide by officials. But some believe that the Illuminati got a lil naughty and had the legendary comedian killed. C’mon this wouldn’t be a conspiracy theory list without the Illuminati, ok? Fucking bear with me. Some believe that after Robin’s suicide the Family Guy episode was purposely aired to show us non illuminated people of how powerful their reach is. So the all-knowing and powerful crew decided to sacrifice him in their weird fucked up ritual, do you believe this? Let us know in the comment section below.

5Tupac And Biggie

Some believe that Tupac is still alive because there’s been a shit ton of music that came out after his death. But that theory is debunked because there are no more newbies from him. He just had a bunch of saved up hits for years because Tupac is a fucking musical genius. But the conspiracy theory for the two rap titans being murdered had nothing to do with gang involvement as was once suspected. The two rappers were killed by the American Intelligence agencies to stop the two from starting a civil war between the west and east coasts of America. The plan worked as the feud between the two sides stopped as they called on a peace-truce from Afeni Shakur and Voletta Wallace, the mothers of Tupac and BIG.. Hashtag westside…

4Lisa Left Eye Lopes

If you haven’t seen Lisa Left Eye Lopes’ documentary “The Last Days Of Left Eye” then you’re missing out on some crazy ass shit! As Left Eye was filming her 30 day spiritual retreat in Honduras with friends and family, revealing that she had premonitions of a evil spirit trying to take her life. During the retreat Lisa and a few friends were being driven by her assistant when they ran over a small boy and killed him, His last name was Lopes , spelled the same way, and had the same shoe size as her. Left Eye felt that the evil spirit had taken the boy instead by mistake. It gets crazier…Days later while still in Honduras, Lisa loses control of the vehicle she was driving and died while the other seven passengers survived. You got any chills yet?

3Brittany Murphy

Usually fathers knows best, and for this celebrity death Brittany’s pops is going full conspiracy mode. As he believes that his daughter Brittany was poisoned by the government due to the fact that her husband and her were supporting a whistleblower fighting the government. Add in the fact , that her hubby died weeks after makes shit more weird. And father Murphy wasn’t done, as he campaigned for a separate toxicology to be conducted on his daughter. And this time, the new report found Rat poison, when the first official coroner concluded it was death by natural causes. Rat Poison doesn’t seem too natural to me.

2Paul McCartney

I can already hear you.. “Paul is still alive you fucking idiots”.. we know, can you just smoke another bowl and listen.. Beatlemaniac conspiracy theorists believe that Paul McCartney died in 1967 and a look-a-like has been playing him since his car accident that killed the Beatle great. In 1969 the Beatles released Abbey Road, while Paul was allegedly considering going solo cholo. When the rumor of Paul dieing emerged, fans did their own investigation finding clues in album covers and lyrics pertaining to the untimely death. Allegedly, a body double by the name of Billy Shepherd is the new Paul McCartney we know and love today…Shut up, I said Allegedly.

1John F. Kennedy

On April 27, 1961 President John F Kennedy gave a speech titled the ‘The President and The Press’ given to the American Newspaper Publishers Association. In that particular speech JFK comments on secret societies and the new world order. Now, there are many many conspiracy theories as to why JFK was assassinated. But this speech is known to many in the digital world as the one that got the 35th President snuffed. These days, there are many celebrities talking shit on the New World Order, and getting away with it. Well not exactly, Charlie Sheen was talking hella shit on the New World Order and now look at him… Not so secret anymore is it?

And there you have it, our list of the ‘Ten Celebrity Death Conspiracies.’ Did we miss any other conspiracy deaths? If so, mention them in the comment section below, and as always/ don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe.

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