10 Most Believable Ghost Stories

Mom, Dad, are ghosts real? Many have claimed to witness and experience haunting supernatural phenomena, things unexplained in the world of logic and reason. Call it a myth, urban legend, or a ghost story, no matter what you call it, apparitions are reported all over the world. So let’s get started with our list, of 10 most believable ghost stories.

10The Flying Dutchman

The tale of The Flying Dutchman goes back to 1641, when a stubborn Captain Hendrik van der Decken, took vows to round the Cape of Good Hope. Only problem is things didn’t go quite as planned. They were caught in a terrible storm and sunk in the Atlantic Ocean. Sightings of The Flying Dutchman have been recorded till this day. Witnesses report that the ship appears and vanishes into thin air. It is considered to bring very bad luck to the first eyes who witness the ghost ship. Even King George V of England, reported the sightings of this ghost ship in his memoir of 1881. He also mentioned that the sailor who originally spotted the Ship, fell to his death the very next morning.

9Kreischer Mansion Ghost

Once the largest Brick Manufacturer on Staten island, during the 1800’s. The Kreischer family built two large mansions – one for the original family members and a second for their son and his new wife. Over the years, the father and son had a terrible falling out, and on one mysterious evening, the second mansion erupted into flames, and burnt to the ground – killing both the son and his wife. Years later, the lot was used to build a restaurant. In the early 1900’s, one of the chefs complained of having supernatural encounters, and was later found hung to death in the restaurant. Many visitors and employees have since reported strange ghostly entities, and unexplained events, such as doors slamming, objects mysteriously flying across the room, and more.

8Queen Anne Boleyn

Mother of Queen Elizabeth the first, and wife of Henry the 8th, Anne Boleyn was falsely Accused of adultery, incest and witchcraft. She was executed by the King’s order, on May 19th, 1536. She was never given a chance to prove her innocence, and died by having her head cut off by a sword. Since then, her ghost has been spotted in several different locations all around England. Including Hever Castle, Blickling Hall, Salle Church, Marwell Hall, and the Tower of London. She has been sighted in many different forms. The most common, are sightings of as her when she was young and beautiful, before she was executed, and other reports are of her, after her death, headless, often with the head tucked under one arm.

7Resurrection Mary

You might fall in love with her blue eyes, blond hair and exceptional beauty, but don’t get tempted to give a ride to this pretty little stranger. If you are traveling northeast on Archer Lane between the Willowbrook Ballroom, and Resurrection Cemetery in Justice, Illinois, you may just run into this hitch hiking lady, who died in 1930. If you pick her up, she will ask you to stop in front of Resurrection cemetery, and vanish from the car as soon as you reach her destination. What makes this one so different from the other ghost stories, is the consistency of the story, the same description of the girl, and the same spot of disappearance, has been frequently reported over the years.

6The Lady in Blue

Moss beach, California, 1927. The Legend of the lady in blue originated at a highly successful Moss Beach Distillery that turned into a club called “Frank’s Place”, where popular movie stars, politicians, gangsters, and celebrities used to hang out and drink during the prohibition era. A pretty woman named Mary Ellen who loved wearing blue dresses, fell in love with a charming already married Piano Player, named John Contina, but the romantic love affair ended tragically, when Mary died in a horrible car accident. John, found out about the accident, and depression drove him to jump off a cliff. A few weeks later, locals discovered John’s body on the shore. Till this day, many reports claim to have seen a ghost Lady in Blue, along with other ghosts, startling the moss beach visitors. There are various reports of Supernatural activities in the surrounding neighborhood including constant blank calls, wine bottles moving by themselves, random furniture being tossed around, and doors mysteriously slamming shut. If you still don’t believe in ghosts, then why not try some night surfing at Moss Beach.

5The Chained Man

The Chained Man is perhaps the most well known legend of the Greeks. Roman Senator and author “Pliny the Younger” reported in his 113 AD journal, that he had encountered a large supernatural house in Athens, where he frequently heard the disturbing noises, resembling the clashing of Iron. According to him, it was as if, an old man was trying to free himself from heavy rattling chains. This report of Pliny gave birth to the legend of the Chained Man, Centuries later, when a curious philosopher named Athenodorus heard about the legend, he rented the haunted house, and confronted the ghost of the chained man. Later he had the foundation of the property dug up, and to everyone’s surprise, they found A skeleton of a man, bonded in heavy iron chains.

4Aokigahara Woods

“The perfect place to die,” “World’s second most popular suicide location”. “Japan’s Official Suicide Spot”, these are all titles given to the Aokigahara Woods. Located at the foot of Mount Fuji in Japan, Aokigahara woods became infamous for people rage quitting life, as Over 500 corpses of suicide victims have been found over the past two decades, the forest has become a popular place for troubled Japanese to end their lives. Japanese spiritualists believe that the suicides committed in the forest have permeated Aokigahara trees, generating paranormal occurrences and preventing many who enter from escaping the forest’s depths. Due to all these deaths, many ghost stories, and alleged encounters with apparitions have surfaced on the Internet. Their spirits are said to scream through the night, and that their bodies come to life, haunting the visitors of the Aokigahara Woods.

3Ghosts of The Alcatraz

You may know Alcatraz as a host to many notorious criminals, like Al capone and Alvin Karpis, but you may not know that it was already considered one of the most haunted places on earth by native americans, long before it became the infamous prison. Native Americans used the Alcatraz Island as a place to punish those who violated Tribal Laws. Years later, the US government would have the great idea to turn the unholy Island into a hell hole filled with notorious criminals. As a result, there have been many encounters with supernatural entities on the island, even years after it was closed. One legend still stays strong, called “The corridor” in which there were three inmates who were shot dead while trying to escape, It’s said their ghosts still haunt the prison today, making scary noises. But amongst all the legends, the most famous of all is the ghost of Al Capone, which still haunts many employees till this day.

2Waverly Hills Sanitarium

Opened in 1910, The sanitarium used to be a small hospital, that treated patients with TB, which was an incurable disease at that time. Because the disease kept spreading, in 1924, Waverly Hills Sanitarium became one of the biggest TB treatment facilities in the world. Which led to the terror that would soon begin. The desperate doctors used the infected patients for torturous testing, abuse, and experimental treatments. It is estimated that about 40,000 people died in the hospital, either from the disease itself, or by experimentation. As a result, The Waverly Hills Sanitarium, is said to be one of the scariest locations for paranormal activities in the world. You’ll experience all types of scary shit happening, like haunting erie cold spots, disembodied voices, ghostly appearances, flying objects, and even demonic possessions have been reported and witnessed at this former hell hole, so if you’re planning to visit, don’t say I didn’t warn you. bitch.

1The Borden House Murders

Lizzie Borden took an axe, And gave her mother forty whacks, And when she saw what she had done, She gave her father forty-one. The Story dates back to 1892, when 32-year-old Lizzie Borden was arrested for the brutal Murder of her father Andrew Borden, and her Stepmother Abbey Borden. Lizzie is responsible for butchering her parents face off with an Ax, As there wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute her, she was released from all the allegations, and till this day, It’s widely believed that she committed these murders to Inherit her parent’s $500,000 property. Lizzie would later go on to die in the Borden House in 1927, and since then, has become the legendary murderess ghost at the Borden house. The House has changed in many ways today, as it’s been turned into a Bed & Breakfast, but many visitors and employees still experience paranormal activity on the estate, everything from hearing voices of a woman softly weeping in the night, to shoes and furniture moving by itself, and other reports include seeing an older lady wandering around the house and vanishing in the dark.

And there you have it. Our list of 10 most believable ghost stories. Have we forgot to mention your favorite ghost story? If so, keep it too yourself, because we don’t care, and as always, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.

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