10 Most Terrifying Urban Legends

The bad news is You’re not getting any sleep tonight, but the good news is, you won’t be having any nightmares. From Bloody Mary, to the vanishing hitchhiker, were back with another horror episode. This time with our list of 10 most terrifying urban legends. so let’s take a look.

10The Fat Vampires

A classic Peruvian legend, fat vampires are known to stalk the night on deserted roads and use their magic to rob travelers of their human flesh and fat. Recently, the legend has resurfaced in Peru when the lost travelers were tricked and taken to a safe house where they were killed and their fat was sold on the black market. Well, now you have one more reason to lose weight.

9The Lost Child

Next time think twice before you help a lost girl find home. The legend of this girl has terrified many. As the story goes, one fine day, a lady encountered a poor hungry crying girl, asking her to help her get back home. The kind hearted, lady agreed to help her and as weird as it sound, that little girl knew her home address. When they reached her home, the front door was locked, and since the girl was too small to reach the doorbell, she asked the young woman to press it for her. The woman pressed the doorbell without a second thought, and immediately felt a powerful shock that knocked her out cold, and she woke up several hours later, completely naked, and surrounded by used condoms. The house she was in was empty, her rapists were long gone, and the child was nowhere to be seen.

8Bloody Mary

Probably one of the scariest legends of all time, ‘Bloody Mary’ has inspired many horror films over the years. Legend has it, a girl named Kat, invited some girls she didn’t know properly, for a sleepover, and thought It would be a good idea to play Truth and Dare. When Kat picked dare, she was assigned to lock herself in the bathroom with a lit candle, and say “Bloody Mary” three times. When poor Kat completed her dare, the sink and the bath started to run, and Thick, black blood poured out of the faucets. It then began too overflow on the floor. Kat screamed as Bloody Mary rose from the bloody water, crawled out, slit Kats throat, and then dragged her into the bath.

7The Vanishing Hitchhiker

The vanishing hitchhiker. a.k.a “The Lady In White”, is a classic urban legend of a young woman who asks for a ride, and after giving her address to which she wishes to be taken, she disappears from the car without the driver’s knowledge. Upon arrival, the driver questions a resident at the address, about his vanishing hitchhiker, to only find out, that she has been dead for quite some time. There has been various reports and encounters of the lady in white, all over the world, over the past century. As if that’s not scary enough, the ghost sometimes leaves items behind, such as a scarf or a traveling bag in the car. Gifts from the dead.

6The Roommate’s Death

A young college girl who was studying late, spending extra time in the library, realized that she had forgotten something in her dorm room, so she decided to make a trip back to her dorm room. That is when she noticed the door was opened, she found the room dark, but figured that her roommate was asleep. Not wanting to disturb her in case she was asleep, she left the light off, grabbed what she needed, and went back to the library. Upon returning to her room, she found her roommate lying on the floor with a slit throat. But the worst part was the message written in lipstick on the bathroom mirror that read simply, “Aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the light?”

5The Dead Boyfriend

Just like the vanishing hitchhiker, ‘The dead boyfriend’ stories have also made the headlines worldwide over the years. A couple are stuck in the middle of nowhere, in the dead of night. The boyfriend leaves the car to seek help. As the girl waits restlessly, she encounters a strange, crazed looking man outside her car window, swinging something in his right hand, which then turns out to be her boyfriend’s head, covered in blood. There are different theories to how this story ends, but we’ll let your imagination fill in the rest.

4The Hook

Almost everyone must have heard some version of the hook in their childhood. Legend has it, Teenage Lovers drove to a far-away land for a make-out session, turned on the car radio for mood music, and when they are just about to get started, but the romantic song on the radio is interrupted by a scary announcement that, a convicted murderer had just escaped from the state insane asylum located within a half-mile of where they were parked, urging to inform the police if anyone notices a man wearing a stainless steel hook in place of his missing right hand. Frightened of the situation, When the boy took his girl home and went around to open the car door for her, he saw a bloody hook on the door handle! Just as The Dead Boyfriend there are many different theories and sightings of the hook.

3The Clown

A filthy rich family, a babysitter, a room with a TV and a midget clown. This is one of the scariest clown stories, and it has it all. When the parents are going out for a late party, leaving the kids with a babysitter, the father suggests the babysitter to watch TV in the room once the kids are off to bed. As She tries watching TV, she gets disturbed by a clown statue in the corner of the room, she then called the father to see if she could switch rooms because she was frightened by the clown statue. The father immediately advised her to call the police, and get the kids out the house. As she asks for the reason, the father replies, “We don’t have a clown statue.”

2The White Death

This is a story about a little girl in Scotland who hated life so much that she wanted to destroy every last trace of herself, and finally committed suicide. In a scary twist, a few days later, every member of her family died horrible deaths, The legend says that when you learn about the White Death, the girl’s ghost might come and find you, and knock repeatedly on your door. Each knock gets louder, till you open the door, and she kills you for fear that you’ll tell someone else of her existence; her main goal is to prevent anyone from knowing about her.

1Premature Burial

There have been various accounts of people having been buried alive in ancient times, long before the latest bio medical technologies were invented. If you think about all those poor souls who woke up six feet under, the thought itself is horrifying. One of those legend has it, after the burial of a long time ill wife, an old man was having a dream of his wife scratching the window of his room, begging to let her in. The old man had his doubt about her death and refused the burial, his sons did not believe him, so they went on with the burial. After a series of dreams, the old man begged to have his wife’s body exhumed. Finally the doctor gave in and, together with local authorities, exhumed the body. The coffin was pried open and to everyone’s horror and amazement, his wifes nails were bent back, and there were obvious scratches on the inside of the coffin.

And there you have it, our list of 10 most terrifying urban legends? Have you experienced anything supernatural yourself? If so, mention them in the comments section, below. And as always, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.

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