10 Most Widely-Believed Mysterious Creatures

You may have heard the stories of these mysterious creatures that live in the dark and haunt us, but many of them, aren’t just stories. There have been countless reports, numerous sightings and plenty of books written about them since the beginning of time. With that being said, we are back again, with our list of the 10 most widely believed mysterious creatures.

10The Jersey Devil

The Jersey Devil, As the name Suggests, is believed to be a hideous creature that haunts the dense pine barrens of New Jersey. The first sighting of the Jersey Devil dates back to the 1800’s, and the horror still continues with over 2000 witnesses till date. This weird creature is described as a flying beast, with hooves, dark wings, and a head resembling a horse. According to legend, the origin of the jersey devil was believed to be the 13th child of a Witch named “Mother Leeds”. Here baby was born, with horrible defects, and it is believed that this baby grew to become what is today known as the Jersey Devil.


Often referred to as “America’s Loch Ness Monster,” this mysterious creature in Lake Champlain, is said to be anywhere between 10 to 100 feet in length. It has dark skin covered with several humps, and its head resembles that of a snake or dog. A photograph of the monster was published in The New York Times in 1981. It is still considered the biggest evidence of the Champ.


Located in British Columbia, Lake Okanagan might be home to one of the biggest living sea monsters, known as Ogopogo. There have been many stories about this legendary giant, and one of these stories derives from an ancient native legend. Native indians used to make live sacrifices to the water spirit in the lake, so that they may safely cross to the other side. According to a well renowned Ogopogo expert, John Kirk, claims that there is far more evidence for the existence of this mysterious monster. More so than, the Lochness Monster. Even in recent times, many visitors still claim to witness the creature.


The phenomena of El Chupacabra aka “the goat sucker” came to light in 1990, when many farmers in Puerto Rico, reported a strange red eyed, blood sucking creature that was killing their goats, and other livestock. The fear increased exponentially when over one hundred farm animals were killed in one night. This deadly monster has a unique style of killing. It sucks and drains the blood out of its victims through small incisions, just like a spider would. According to the Native Indians, Chupacabra resurfaced because of the experiments going on in the Jungles of Puerto Rico, by the US Government.

6Pope Lick Monster

In most of the encounters, The Pope Lick Monster, aka The goatman, was described as a human-goat hybrid creature with a furry body, and the face of the devil. Witnesses from all over the world, have encountered this beast, resulting in many eye witness stories. According to one legend, this cunning creature uses hypnosis, and voice mimicking, to lure its victims in, and kills them mercilessly.


A large eel-like monster, and I ain’t talking BBC. This creature lived in the lakes of Fiji, Solomon and Vanuatu Islands, Abaia is believed to be the protector of all the lake creatures, and thus, it killed anyone who attempted to harm or disturb them. The creature is believed to have had supernatural abilities to manipulate the weather, and was known for drowning villagers who disturbed its territory.


According to the East-Slavic tradition, Vodyanoy is a sea monster with a scary wide face covered with greenish hair, an ugly fat body and a long green beard that stretch down to its feet. For a long time, Vodyanoy has been blamed for drowning villagers, causing floods, and killing young girls. Many Mythologists believe that Vodyanoy originated from the spirit of an unbaptized man, who committed suicide. In ancient times, people worshipped the rivers whenever it appeared, forcing it to leave. On the other hand, fishermen respected it, and praised it in hopes of receiving good fish.


Dragons have always captured our imaginations, even though most accounts and tales of dragons are that of vicious fire-breathing behemoths, that hoard gold and destroy everything they touch. They have been identified by every civilization in the world, throughout time, which begs the question “Did they really exist”. In 2002 a group of 500 people in China, claim to have seen a sleek, black-scaled dragon in Lake Tianchi, many are still frightened by the possibility of this mysterious creature, which has caused less and less people to visit the lake.


There’s a good chance, you may have heard the stories of this furry beast, or even seen grained photos of the giant. Bigfoot aka Yeti aka Sasquatch, has inspired hundreds of writers and filmmakers over the years. Even President Roosevelt, reported an encounter with Bigfoot in his 1892 book “The Wilderness Hunter”. From the North American northwest, to Florida, to Australia, many claimed to have witnessed this monster, and the descriptions have all been remarkably consistent. Bigfoot still has, arguably, the largest following of believers. With people still searching for him today.

1Loch Ness Monster

Any Mysterious creatures List, would not be complete without Scotland’s Loch Ness. The earliest eyewitness account of the Loch Ness monster, dates back to 1933, and it has been a major tourism boon for the lake ever since. People have repeatedly searched for the creature over the past 70 years, and many sightings, photos, and videos have surfaced throughout this time. According to some believers, Loch Ness Monster is a plesiosaur, a large marine reptile from the age of the dinosaurs.

And there you have it, our list of the 10 most widely believed mysterious creatures, that ever existed. Have we missed any? If so, then mention them in the comments section, below. And as always, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.

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