10 Scariest Roller Coasters In The World

Not tall enough to ride roller coasters? Well lucky for you, this list will not scare you. But if you’re a Roller Coaster thrill seeker like Fabio, then hold onto your panties, because these 10 roller coasters will pull your G strings down, with it’s G Force. With that being said, we’re back to our list of the, “Ten Scariest Roller Coasters”.

10Intimidator 305

With its first sudden drop of 300 Feet and a decent angle of 85 degrees, the Intimidator 305 has had reports from riders who have said they have greyed or blacked out from the first drop. And if you really want to experience the Intimidator 305 at its best, ride in the back of the train, you’ll be thrown out of your seat into restraints, so when your dropping 300 feet, you’ll feel like you’re about to fall out.

9Expedition GeForce

Ranked as one of the best Steel Roller Coasters for decades, the Expedition GeForce in Holiday Park Germany lives up to its hype. With 7 periods of weightlessness and stomach turning sensations of air-time, this ride is highly recommended/ to be rode after lunch.


This New Jersey roller coaster has some unique turns that most rides do not. For one, have you ever tried a Hammerhead turn or a 540 degree helix? NO? Then get your ass over to Jackson New Jersey and enjoy the Mortal Kombat theme song/ while you wait in line, for your 5th time.


This roller coaster was the first to implement the 4th dimension (no, not like the time you were tripping on DMT) its when a rider is rotated independently of the orientation of the track. In layman’s terms, ‘its scary as fuck’. After the main drop, riders will be rotated 180 degrees staring at the ground, then rotated again on a half twist in a maneuver called “fly to lie”.. sounds fucked, doesn’t it?


England’s Alton Towers Nemesis has been regarded as one of the most consistently popular roller coasters in the world. Meaning at any given day, this ride will have a wait of over an hour. With three inversions and 2 corkscrews this ride has once broke the record for the most naked people on a roller coaster at 32 riders. Which was eventually broke 6 years later , by Green Scream at Adventure land, by 40 other freaky pervs.

5Kingda Ka

When you’re launched by a Hydraulic launch mechanism, topping speeds of 128 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds, it’s clear that Kingda Ka is one of the more scary rides you can strap your body into. As the world record holder as the tallest roller coaster in the World, riding the Kingda Ka will make any novice’s heart start rushing while waiting in line. The experience is only 28 seconds, but we can guarantee, that the blood rushing to your head with adrenaline, will be scary worth it.

4Superman The Ride

Six Flags New England made a good one. Built in 2000, Superman features a 221 foot drop, over 1 mile of track and a G Force of about 3.6. And is now in the works for a virtual reality feature, during the thrill ride. And to make Superman more scary, a 53 year old man was killed as he was flung out during its last turn. Although safety modifications have been made, it still scares the living shit out of me. Throughout it’s history, Superman The Ride is praised by the roller coaster community for its smoothness and large amounts of airtime. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Its Superman

3Millennium Force

As the World’s second made, Giga coaster, (which means: a roller coaster that exceeds 300 feet in height,) and costing $25 Million dollars to construct. This thrill ride has what every adrenaline junkie craves. At top speeds of 93 Miles per hour with a 300 foot drop, this 2 minute and 20 second 4.5 G force ride, is worth every scream/ out of your vocal chords.

2Formula Rossa

Located in Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, this roller coaster is now the fastest roller coaster in the world by a large margin, of top speeds at 149 miles per hour or for you non americans 239 Km/h. Yes you’re right, that’s fucking fast. And if you’re a speed freak, you’ll appreciate the launch system similar to an aircraft carrier that accelerates from standstill that reaches 62 miles per hour in 2 seconds, which pretty much beats every super car thats ever been made.

1Fury 325

If you’re a Hyper Coaster enthusiast, then you need to get your ass on the 30 million dollar/ Fury 325 in Charlotte North Carolina. Reaching heights of 325 feet and max speeds of 95 miles per hour, while whipping through high speed curves , this thrill seeker ride is our Number 1 scariest, shit my pants, roller coaster of all time.

And there you have it, our list of the Ten Scariest roller coasters, Did we miss any other scary rides? If so, mention them in the comment section below, and as always/ don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe.

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