10 Celebrities Who Cheated Death

Feeling lucky to be alive? Well, these mega stars are definitely lucky as fuck to see the sunrise today. As these celebrities were once in a situation where one slight move or decision would have cost them their lives. With that being said, Welcome to our list of the 10 Celebrities Who Cheated Death. So sit back and grab your buttery popcorn my whizzas, and try not to choke on any kernels and die. Muah HA HA HA HA HA HA (that’s my grim reaper voice)

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10Ozzy Osbourne

You would think the Black Sabbath rock legend would have been dead by now, I mean he did snort fire ants, and bit off a bats head.. Aww.. I remember my first shot.. OF HEROIN.. Back in 2003, Ozzy was riding his ATV when he ran into a pothole that wasn’t visible..He flipped over the handle bars and landed on his head and back. Luckily for him his bodyguard was there to give him CPR. The rock legend was in a coma for 8 days fighting for his life.

9Jason Statham

In a stunt gone horribly wrong on the set of Expendables 3. Jason Statham’s 3 ton truck’s brakes failed and plunged 60 feet into the black sea at night. Luckily for Statham, the doors were taken off, so he was able to swim up and catch his air.. Something like your MOM Does, with the pool boy after getting creampied. Luckily for us, we got another transporter Movie. Thats me being sarcastic btw..

8Sylvester Stallone

In another Expendables movie accident. Our beloved Rambo, almost died when he needed a very serious neck operation when a fight stunt went wrong.. Apparently, 63 year old Sly was filming a fight scene with wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin. Rocky experienced a hairline fracture in his neck and The star had emergency surgery and now has a metal plate inserted into his neck. So look out arnold schwarzenegger, looks like Sly’s coming for that Terminator role as the new T1000.. But this time, With a way bigger bionic dick

7Ellie Goulding

The Lights singer almost had her lights turned off..When her dumb ass drove a SUV over a frozen lake in Norway at 30 degrees below zero.. Sounds like a smart idea doesn’t it? The SUV cracked through the ice and was completely submerged as the singer and photographer buddy hopped out the sunroof. They then walked miles to civilization in the freezing cold… I bet those nipples were hard AF.

650 Cent

Being shot 9 times is a good indication that you probably should have died. Before 50 was super famous, the Queens bridge rapper was shot in his head, shoulders, Knees an toes, knees an toes in 2000. Which left him with a scar and slur in his voice. 50 spent 13 days in the hospital recovering. This near death experience inspired him to write and produce his hit album Get Rich Or Die Trying. We love you like a fat kid loves cake.

5Joaquin Phoenix

In a bizarre story, legendary actor Joaquin Phoenix crashed his car and collided with another vehicle on Sunset BLVD. His car flipped and he barely survived, luckily for him he was wearing his seatbelt..But the bizarre part of the story, is when legendary German director Werner Herzog coincidentally witnessed the accident and rescued Joaquin. Only in Hollywood!

4Sean Kingston

When the Beautiful Girls singer was showing off, he decided to gun it on his jet ski when the 300 pound singer hit a bridge, which catapulted him and knocked him unconscious. Sean was rushed to the hospital, where he was in critical condition for days.. Then 11 days later, Sean experienced a torn aorta, and had an open heart surgery. Final Destination for Kingston might be true.. Damn. There’s no reason your fat ass should be going 65 mph on a jetski while you weigh 300 f*cking pounds.

3Tracy Morgan

SNL alum Tracy Morgan had a horrific accident in 2014, when his limo bus was hit by a Walmart Truck driver who hadn’t slept for 28 hours..WTF right? His comedian friend Jimmy McNair died and Tracy had suffered a traumatic brain injury that left him in a coma for 8 days. Tracy made a full recovery and had an intense desire to master bate while hospitalized. Shit, wouldn’t you?

2Seth MacFarlane

Imagine if Family Guy was never made! That would be some parallel universe shit. On September 11, 2001 Macfarlane was booked to return to LA on American Airlines flight 11 from Boston. Though he never made the flight, due to 2 reasons, being hung the f*ck over and being ten minutes too late. He was told from his travel agent that his flight was departing at 8:15 am instead of 7:45 am. The gate closed on his face and he was rejected.. Flight 11 was hijacked and flown into the north Tower at 8:46 am.

1Travis Barker

On September 19th 2008, Travis Barker, DJ Am and 4 others were on a private plane that crashed in South Carolina. Which killed 4 others on the flight. Before the doomed flight, Travis recounts the day when his daughter begged him not to fly, because she had a premonition that the roof was going to come off the plane. Travis had 65 percent of his body burned to the 3rd degree..And to this day, Travis says he will never fly again. Both artists fell into deep depression and 11 months later, DJ AM died of a drug overdose.

And there you have it, our list of the 10 Times A Celebrity Cheated Death. Did we miss any other near death stories? If so, mention them in the comment section below, and as always/don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe.

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