10 Crazy Things Kids Brought To School

Let’s take a drive down memory lane, HOT Wheels style. Do remember back in the middle school days, we all knew that one kid, who would bring just about anything in his backpack. Ya know, vodka filled water bottles, porn mags, E, weed, ya you know what I’m talkin bout. Well, we dug through all the best teacher submitted stories from all over the world, so with that being said, here’s our list of 10 Crazy Things, Kids Brought to School.

5th Grade Drug Dealer

Ya thats 5th Grade Walter White, not only was this kid a 12 year old 5th grader who flunked twice, but he also was the playground dope dealer. He was slanging that marijuana by the swing set, up until he got caught up by the yard duty. Which got him placed in juvenile hall. Hopefully he doesn’t flunk that too.


And I ain’t talkin the front seat. This here’s a story of a cute and little innocent 9 year old kid, who brought his dad’s shotgun to school. Luckily this kid didn’t have any bully problems, as he brought it just to brag about it, in front of his friends. But, coolness and laughter, soon came to an end, when Teachers found out about the gun, panicked, called the police, took the gun, and called his parents; which ultimately lead to a major ass whooping.

Dummy Grenade

Have you ever scared your girlfriend with a big fake snake? Well, this is something like that. Cause this 11 year old kid, brought a replica military grenade to school. He popped it out in the back of class, and the teacher caught him, got scared, called the cops, who brought the bomb squad, who thoroughly examined the grenade, to confirm if it was real or not. Luckily it was fake, so nobody blew the fuck up.

Crack Pipe

If you think marijuana was bad, listen here. Cause this innocent 8 year old brought a glass crack pipe to his show and tell, it had obvious signs of usage, and some left overs inside the chamber. The Teacher called the police, which went to the kids home, searched the house, found crack rock and other drugs, arrested the kids parents, which lead the kid to have to live with his grandma, hopefully not the grandma from #1.

Glass Eye

What do you do when you forget to bring something special to your show and tell? Hehe.. That doesn’t get your parents arrested? Well, this interesting kid, popped out his glass eye, passed it around, and let his classmates play with it. Thats some pretty pirate ass shit to do, all I know is this kids a savage.

Greygoose Water Bottles

Probably the beginning of all trust issues you had with your friends started like this. After a long day playing at school, your buddy offers you a nice cold bottle of water, so you crack that sucker open and begin chugging it, to only realize half way down the bottle, that you’re chugging vodka. This is a common schoolyard story, did you ever prank your friends in school? Let us know in the comment section below, I’ll leave a comment to the most ruthless prank.

Vibrating Stick

This little bastard thought he had the coolest toy in town. but, Little did he know, it was his mother’s favorite toy first. So as soon as he whipped out that big black vibrating monster in the classroom for show n tell, the teacher had to immediately take it away. And Rumor has it, the lady principal kept it for further investigation, if you know what I’m sayin.

Stay At Home Mom

Do you remember that life-changing moment when you discovered porn for the first time? Well this kid was lucky enough to be introduced to it personally by his parents, by demonstration. Because the first porn that this little unfortunate kid ever watched was his mom giving his father head for at least a good three hours straight, That’s love, The thing is, he thought it would be a great idea to bring a Polaroid camera to school, not knowing it was loaded with some of the finest amateur porn my eyes have ever seen, I guess dad must of forgot to remove his spank bank photo, too bad for that kid, that’s really gonna fuck him up.

Daddy’s Special Herbs

Don’t smoke in front of your kids. But if you do, make sure they don’t bring the stuff to school. like this little crazy kid did. Raised by hipster parents, they instructed him to never touch “daddy’s Special herbs’. Because daddy will get pissed and get his belt, But that didn’t stop this kid, as he did exactly that, but worst! he put some of daddy’s plants in his backpack, so that he could show his entire class, And As the aroma filled the classroom with creativeness and color, the teacher smelled the beautiful fragrance and quickly confiscated the plants, and rumor has it, the kid is now an a+ student, and his teacher and dad get along very well now.

Grandmothers Bloody Tampon

If you think kids stopped at vibrating sticks, Wait until you hear this, One Kid actually brought his grandmas used Tampon, which was covered in grandma’s period blood to class for Show n tell. When he showed it to his teacher, she threw up a lil, then immediately threw it away, as it smelled like big foots dick. Hopefully now his grandma knows not to leave her blood suckers lying around the house.

And there you have it, our list of 10 crazy things kids brought to school, did you ever bring something you’re not proud of to school? or maybe you are proud of it, Let us know in the comment section below, and as always, don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe.


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