10 Mysterious Facts About Mars

We’ve walked the moon, soared through space and even discovered planets similar to ours light-years away, but we are yet to unravel a mystery that lies closer to home – The Planet of Mars. Today we’re going to take a look at the top ten most mysterious facts about Mars.

10The Martian Dichotomy

While Earth also possesses a Northern and Southern Hemisphere, Mars has one that is slightly more baffling. The geological contract between the two is remarkably unusual; the Southern one displaying a more crusty appearance, and the Northern one much smoother. Scientists have no idea what causes this, but hope that one day they will find an answer.

9The Presence Of High Amounts Of Methane

Methane is one of the reasons life can exist here on Earth, but scientists are unsure if the same goes for Mars. Could the planet be home to alien methane-producing organisms? Only time will tell. Or maybe it won’t – but there’s no harm in researching.


Scientists recently discovered the presence of something called Phyllosilicates, which in laymen’s terms means a watery environment. Now, typically, where there’s water, there’s life. Could this be the case for Mars? The scientists will have to dig a bit deeper to find out!


Did you know that Mars has its own Moons? Two of them to be exact, and yes, we know they look a little like potatoes. Some suspect that this brother and sister duo was pulled into Mars’ atmosphere by its gravity, but only with hard evidence can we know for sure.

6Ice Pits

Mars’ poles are permanently covered in what looks like large chunks of ice, but is actually frozen carbon dioxide. Some of it dries during summertime, but it’s always there. This gives it the appearance of being lined with Gold – but if this were the case, we’re sure people would have made a plan to mine it a long time ago!

5Mars’ Grand Canyon

Mars has a grand canyon just like we do, expect this one is over 8km deep, meaning you wouldn’t wanna fall down there! It’s the largest canyon in the entire solar system, and keeps scientists on the hunt for an answer to how it initially formed.

4Liquid Oceans

While Mars may currently beat Antarctica with its freezing temperatures, scientists have collected strong evidence that it may have once been warm enough to produce life. If this is the case, what happened? An Ice Age? We may never know.

3Dust Storms

There’s more dust on Mars than under a bed that hasn’t been moved in fifty years, which gives way to the most epic dust storms in our solar system. While scientists believe they are initiated by the sun, they cannot justify why this would make them so incredibly intense.


Connecting back to the water mystery, NASA discovered clusters of long, dark and narrow lines on Mars’ surface. It could be normal geological formations, it could be streams – we simply don’t know, and unless someone takes up residency on this mysterious planet, we may never find out.

1Did Life On Earth Begin On Mars?

Modern day experiments have revealed that primitive microbes might have possessed the potential to survive a trip to Earth, meaning there’s a small chance that life on Mars existed thousands of years ago, and led to the development of life on Earth. Sound far-reaching? Maybe, maybe not. We guess only research will give us the answer we seek.

And that wraps up our top ten most mysterious facts about Mars. Have we forgotten to mention any? Be sure to share them with us in the comments section below. And as always, remember to like, share and subscribe.

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