10 Possible Ways The World Could End

The Global Catastrophic Risk Conference at Oxford University have suggested that there is a 19% chance that humans will be extinct by 2100…So If you’re a paranoid person and sleep is something you are accustomed to.. It might be best to not watch this video. Get ready for the end of the world, as it’s waaaay waaaay closer than you might think.. With that being said, welcome to our list of Ten Scenarios Of How The World May End.

10Hyper Intelligent Robots

Yes The Terminator scenario just got a little bit more real…As the Robot Sophia at South By Southwest tells us, she wants to destroy humans.. So here’s the deal, experts believe in 20 years Robots will be interacting with humans, conscious, capable and as creative. The algorithm that makes Sophia smarter daily ahas been invented and now robot sophia wants to be known as a legal person one day. How will she achieve that objective? Kill us all and write their own rules of course.

9Nuclear War Between The U.S. And Russia

Recently, Vice News interviewed former Secretary of Defense Bill Perry who has spent most of his public life warning and preparing the world for possible Nuclear war. Bill believes the time is closer than we all think,, And after the tomahawk strike on Putin’s homeboy Assad’s Syria. The United States may not be as safe as we once were. Especially since, Russia and the US own 90% of the World’s nukes…Add in the fact that Trump has an impulsive temperament, which means he’s an idiot, Bill Perry expects a 50/50 chance that a Nuclear war will happen in the next 10 years.. And in his words, it will be the end of all civilization, and this is not a hyperbole.

8The Extinction Of Bees

If you’re wondering why this is even on the list, let me start by saying it’s more dangerous than you will ever believe. In recent years, more than a third of the bee population has been wiped out throughout the world, and the numbers seem to be growing with no clear understanding as to why. And At a recent Earth watch Debate, scientists from around the world have declared that Bees are the most valuable species on the planet, and a world without bees would be catastrophic.. Albert Einstein even said “if bees disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have 4 years left to live”..Peep this, without Bees to pollinate crops, there will be a systematic snowball effect that will collapse our ecosystem, where trees wont be able to filter water and it will become impossible for humans to sustain.. which means, (the end of the world as we know it). Bees? That’s how its gunna end? Fuck you, E equals MC squared.

7Rogue Planet

Not only do we have to worry about our own planet going to shit, we have to worry about big ass planets near us from fucking up.. Some believe that a rogue planet near Neptune is on its way towards Earth and may eventually collide with us… Sounds like some bullshit right? Well, there may be some merit to it. Apparently, the planet people are calling Niburu is just floating in our solar system with no star attached to it.. this theory is wildly popular on the internet as the Doomsday Planet.


If you’re a conscious person, you will realize that everything in life connects somehow. Meaning, Over population is slowly affecting our water, food, energy, increasing soil degredation, and deforestation.. And while we keep fucking and making more in-the way people, animal and insect species are feeling the blunt and hundreds are on its way to extinction. And its not as though the people we’re creating is getting smarter and will one day help.. Just watch the Maury Povich show, don’t you think to yourself, “why do they let these people keep having kids?”

5Asteroid Impact Event

Hey, it’s happened before to Earth… This event has nothing to do with how shitty we’ve been treating our planet. But more about Bad luck. As scientists believe that there will one day be another major impact event with Earth. Pretty much saying, its not if its going to happen but when…so the question is, are we technoligcally capable of launching something that can intercept it? The clear and sad answer is NO.. unless we can convince Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck to save us again. We’re pretty much Shit outta luck…

4Deadly Super Virus

This is more common than we think…A few years ago , it was the H1N1, then came ass herpes, bird flu,and next up was our favorite, Zika. Well, sucks for us because more and more our bodies can’t fight these super virus ass herpes because we take antibiotics for everything nowadays, fucking pussies. Meaning we’ve slightly become more immune to the drug, so when we do get hit with the super virus our bodies will not be able to combat it.. Wiping us all out — and yes, scientists have already created a Virus that can kill all humans, with no vaccinations that can cure it.. so if that ever gets in the wrong hands or in the wrong animals blood to spread…bye bye humans.

3Genetic Super Humans

Have you been noticing celebrities are having more and more twins and triplets? Well, thats because you can now Octomom it and make more babies through in vitro fertilization .. Now with greater genetic technologies, the super successful generation of enhanced children may start to seperate into a new species. And out compete us normal people into extinction or slavery. Get ready to be ruled one day by Jay Z and Beyonce’s twins..Throw up the rock!

2Climate Change

This scenario went from a theory to seriously fucked in a matter of a few years. And what’s worse is most world leaders believe Climate Change to be a hoax. Trump, Ted Cruz, you know, the usual idiots who want to shut down the very important Environmental Protection Agency… But what’s scary is that people are being affected by this now, just talk to people who live in Jakarta, Guangzhou and even Alaska. The ice caps are melting, the sea levels are rising which means soon there will be no more South Beach titties.. Because Miami will be underwater as fuck.

1World War 3

If Modern WHIZ WAS RICH, we would hire Michael Buffer to read this line: Lets get ready to BEEEP…The chance of World War 3 is a lot closer than we think. Recently, North Korea has been testing some serious ass missiles.. and if Kim Jung Un, one day decides to deploy their 1 million person army plus their ICBM missiles on South korea or Japan.. Then we bout to Rumble homie.. Because the US and their allies will have their backs. And when Russia and China feel the heat and help out there boys in North Korea. Then it’s an all out World War 3 with disastrous consequences resulting in the eventual death to millions and maybe even the end of the world as we know it..

And there you have it, our list of the ‘Ten Scenarios Of How The World May End’ Did we miss any other fucked up scenerios? If so, mention them in the comment section below, and as always don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe.

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