10 Things Girls Do That Turns Guys On

Men are simple creatures.. We tend to not overthink what turns us on.. It just naturally does.. From a casual smile with eye contact to a little flirting, us men are pretty easy to please.. So just embrace the pheromone ladies! With that being said, Welcome to OUR list, of ’10 Things Girls Do, That Turns Guys On!’

10Wearing Yoga Pants

Whoever made Yoga Pants in style for women… needs to be rewarded with the Nobel Peace Prize. Because this fashion phenomenon caught fire, and many women are showing off their curves and makes men go bananas. God bless stretchy pants.


Every man gets turned on by a girl who’s turned on by them.. Meaning, if she doesn’t flirt back, we have no idea that you even like us. So when you ladies flirt back, we get turned on in a major way. Annnnnd we don’t feel like a creeper.

8Eye Contact

It’s not a coincidence when Beyonce, Rihanna, and Kylie Jenner stare deep into the camera in all their music videos.. It turns us men all on! When the girl you’re crushing on, makes eye contact with you for the first time, our heart starts beating a little faster than normal.. And when you gaze into our eyes.. Its pretty much a wrap..


Every dude needs to feel like their worthy.. So when a girl tells us how good the new shirt looks on us, or how she loves the way we make her laugh.. We go into overdrive to keep getting more compliments.. Think of it like your puppy, when you give them a rub on their tummy, they want it more and more.. Pretty much, all of us guys are straight dogs..

6Being Competitive

Whether it’s video games, sports or even a cooking competition.. We love it when our girl gets competitive, and sometimes plays dirty to win. The most sexiest thing a women can do, is be better than us at something competitive, like shooting Pool, or even having a better jump shot than us. Just don’t punk us when you win, ladies.. Y’all mean sometimes.

5Smelling Great

Damn this can’t be stressed enough… Like i said before, Men are like animals.. And when animals hunt, they go off smell.. When we hunt for our lady love, it can be the difference of how you smell.. After a date, guys will even smell our own shirts so we can get the whiff of your perfume one more time..Mmmm. So sexy.


When a guy makes a lame joke, please don’t turn the other way. If you’re feeling your dude, it’s important that you attempt to laugh..And the worst thing a women can do is not laugh, ever.. That would make a man go crazy. The sexiest thing a girl can do is enjoy life with us. So, go ahead and laugh.. even if you think it sounds like a Hyena. We love it! Let us know who in your group of friends has the funniest laugh in the comment section below.

3Being Natural

We definitely love a woman who gets dolled up for us. Makeup, high heels, and a sexy dress. But when you wanna throw on the baggy clothes, let down your hair, and go makeup free for a day.. We fucking love that! So don’t be afraid to show us you’re comfortable side.. Because that shit is super sexy.


Ne-yo was right when he says how much he loves Miss Independence. A woman with her own goals, career and making her own dough is soooo hot. And it’ll sometimes force the man into striving for more. So don’t ever think we don’t love it when you pick up the tab.. No seriously, pick up the damn TAB sometimes.. Shit!

1Staying Positive

You all thought Number 1 was gunna be something sexual like show more skin, right? Nope.. This is a basic easy thing that a lot of people take for granted. Life is not always easy, and when things get bad, we need you ladies to stay positive with us.. Having a positive attitude makes us love you even more! So keep up the good work and watch this video 2 or 3 more times.. It might change your life!

And there you have it, our list of 10 Things Girls Do That Turns Guys On! Did we miss any other turn-ons? If so, mention them in the comment section below, and as always, don’t forget to Like, Share, and Subscribe.

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