10 Weirdest Holes On Earth

No, you’re ex girlfriend is NOT on this list…. Remember being a child and feeling like your falling through a hole in your nightmares? Well, what if that happened in real life? Our Earth is a powerful and freaky ass force and when you see these weird holes, you’ll understand why we call it mother earth. With that being said, Welcome to our list of the Ten Weirdest Holes on Earth.

10MT Baldy Sink Hole

This hole in Indiana’s Mt Baldy might only be 11 FT, just 2 feet shorter than Kim Kardashian’s hole, but these mysterious holes are appearing all around this san dune out of no where. Even once swallowing a child in 2011, this sink hole is definetly a scary phenomenon.

9Dead Sea Sinkhole

First off, The name Dead Sea sounds horrendous. Embedded between Isreal and Palestinian territories to the West, this salty sea is 10 times saltier than the ocean, and 20 times saltier than these nuts. Scientists believe the reason why weird sinkholes are popping up everywhere around the Dead Sea is because humans keep fucking it up pumping out the dead sea to harvest salts and minerals. Shitty humans…

8Bingham Canyon Mine

This man made hole in the Utah mountains have made many people super duper rich as it is the most productive mining hole on earth, right next to jenna jameson’s productive hole. The problem is, at Bingham Canyon Mine, these fuck heads give no shits about the environmental fallout it has caused for decades. What is an Environmental fallout you ask? Oh just/ Acid rain, birds falling from the sky, and decaying insects…Hashtag HappyFace

7Siberia’s Hole

Siberia sounds fucked as it is…Now Siberian Reindeer Herders have spotted 20-30 craters surrounding the region, and scientists are baffled as to why huge crater holes are popping up. Is it the entrance into the earth’s core? The entrance into the land of Reptilians? We will soon find out what scientists in Russia will find.

6The Sawmill Sink

The sinkhole in the Bahama’s is a phenomenon. Where humans have found a graveyard of fossils buried deep into the dark hole.. Recently we’ve discovered many human caused extinctions by researching the forbidden butt hole. There hasn’t been human exploration of the hole until 2004 when an expert cave diver was able to venture through toxic layers using protective gear. And the photographs are scary as fuck with complete skeletons of animals we’ve never seen.

5Guatemala City

If you ever decide to visit Guatemala city, you have been warned by us, that you may fall through a sinkhole as large as a city block. Apparently, these holes are caused by sped up geological erosion. Yes, the earth is crumbling beneath us! The problem with Guatemala city is that these holes are in major cities and literally huge intersections. And we bitch about traffic.

4Deans Blue Hole

Blue holes are usually up to 360 feet, and human butt holes about 1 feet, but Dean’s Hole reaches depths of 663 feet, damn dean must get his shit pushed in hard, As the world’s deepest known blue hole, and a perfect place to commit suicide. The locals call this place “the Hole dug by the devil”, as it has pulled many divers down to their death. It has also been called the pathway to Hell.

3Son Doong

As the largest cave in the world, this vietnamese hole is larger than Tila tequila’s Vietnamese butthole after being rammed in her fake sex tape. Son Doong’s hole is so big, that a whole city block with skyscrapers can fit into this cave. And now there is a jungle growing in the hole.. Which creeps me pout thinking about it. Damn Son Doong Pong, you got a deep ass hole bruh.

2Darvaza Gas Crater

This Turkmenistan gas crater was a man made accident when the Soviets had a gas explosion in the 1950’s. And it still burns today, with the smell of sulfur polluting the air for miles. And to the locals, who have all turned into The Hills Have Eyes Characters, or as i like to call them, floridians, they believe that THIS HOLE is defiantly the gates to hell.

1The Black Hole Of Andros

This black hole is darker than Blac Chyna’s. As this sinkhole is 47 Miles deep and gapping as fuck. Be super scared of this weird ass sinkhole as this hole has no living creatures alive. Why? Because it’s fucked and nothing survives.. that’s why! Nothing could survive there, because how would brittney say it, it’s toxic.

And there you have it; the 10 Weirdest Holes On Earth. Have we forgot to mention any other weird holes? If you know of any more, please mention them in the comments section below. And as always, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe.

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