10 Athletes Who Fought Fans

It’s always nice to have fan involvement, but when these overzealous drunk ass fans get too carried away, these Athletes are down to fuck some dudes up. With that being said, We’re back to our list of the 10 Athletes Who Fought Fans. You’re not gunna wanna miss this!

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10Winnipeg Football Team

During a playoff game between the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and the B.C. Lions of the CFL, an idiot fan ran onto the field and jumped on Lions cornerback Eric Carter. The fan was then picked up by Carter and was thrown to the ground as a dozen Winnipeg players landed punches and kicks to the man on the floor. The game was called after that, as angry B.C. fans jumped onto the field.

9Eric Cantona’s Flying Kick

Eric Cantona loves Kung Fu fighting, (du dud du du du dddu du) In 1995, the Manchester United striker Cantona was a loose cannon that could explode at any moment. And when heckler fan Matthew Simmons said some enticing words towards Cantona, the French footballer launched and threw a Street Fighter flying kick in Simmons chest. It’s been over 2 decades and Cantona has yet to defend his actions. Adding to his legend.

8Nebraska Player knocks out Fan

Nebraska cornerback Kellen Huston was not the obvious candidate to ever land on this list. A mild mannered college student who studied and tutored his teammates for free was running off the field again rival Missouri when Huston rears back and knocks out a Mizzou fan and breaks his nose. The incident was caught on camera and is now used as a warning for fans running onto fields and courts. But that doesn’t seem to deter college basketball fans when they storm the courts. Huston is now an orthopedic surgeon in Iowa.

7Rob Ray punches fan 15 times

Buffalo Sabres enforcer Rob Ray recorded over 3200 minutes in the penalty box. That’s a whole lotta time penalized. So when a dumb ass 21 year old fan jumped into the Sabres bench on a bet, he landed next to the wrong hombre. As Ray grabbed the fan’s shirt and landed 15 clear blows to the guys head, face and neck. The fan later looked like Rhianna after a cozy date with Chris Brown.

6Tel Aviv Derby Fight

The Isreali Premiere League got violent when two prominent Tel Aviv rivals squared off in what is known as ‘the derby’. The Hapoel and Maccabi Tel Aviv game was stopped in the 33rd minute when a fan ran onto the field to fight Maccabi striker Eran Zahavi, The two kicked at each other as the fan was stopped and arrested. The game was called after more disruptive fans ran onto the field. Ten were arrested.

5Jazz Mascot humiliates Fan

This video is fucking awesome, When an unruly Cavs fan was given a sign to hold by the Jazz bear reading “Im a Loser”… The fan wearing a Cavs jersey took offense and hit the mascot. As security swooped in to grab the man, the Bear taunted the fan at half court with his hat. The man rushed the Bear and he got bucked. Hopefully this isn’t staged like the other Jazz Bear moments..We’re gunna start calling you RiceGum or worse Fousey Tube if this is fake, Jazz Bear…

4Chad Kreuter chokes Cubs Fan

Now this is 100% real deal roid rage, i mean rage, here. In 2000, Dodgers back up catcher Chad Kreuter was sitting in the bullpen in wrigley field Chicago when a fan allegedly took Kreuter’s hat and socked him in the back of the head. The catcher and his bullpen mates went after the fan and the choking begins. As Krueter is seen with blood shot eyes fucking up a Wrigley Field Cubs fan. FYI, the fan that was choked out by Chad, received $475,000 from an Illinois judge.

3Tie Domi Fights Drunk

Maple Leafs enforcer Tie Domi does not fuck around. When thrown in the penalty box for having his teammates back, idiot fans threw beer at Domi. He then turns around and squirts his water at the fans sitting behind him. When fan Chris Marcone flys over the penally box and tries to throw down with the Maple
Leaf. Tie then gets a few shots in as Marcone was thrown out of the game and cited. Stan Marsh would be so proud.

2Boston Bruins VS Madison Square Garden

This melee was absolutely crazy. When Boston Bruins player Terry O’Reilly climbed into the stands at MSG in New York and started scrapping fans in 1979 with his skates still on. His teammates jumping over the railing after him to get O’Reilly’s back as more spectators seemed to be jumping into the mix. The most bizarre part of the rumble was when Bruins defensemen Mike Millbury took a shoe off a Ranger’s fan and began to beat the fan with his own shoe. After the incident. the NHL raised the glass higher so players can not climb over in the future.

1The Malice At the Palace

The Indiana Pacers and The Detroit Pistons on November 19, 2004 played a Nationally Televised game on ESPN at The Palace in Auburn Hills. With 47 seconds left in the game, Ron Artest fouls Ben Wallace going up to the rack. Wallace was not pleased, and shoved Ron Ron in the face. The two teams tried to play peacemaker between Wallace and Stephen Jackson who wanted to throw blows with Wallace. As Ron’s teammates held back the Pistons, Ron laid on the scorers table when a fan by the name of John Green, threw a beer on Artest. Ron then runs up the stands and grabs a fan who did not throw the beer. John Green (who ended up receiving 30 days in jail) tries to restrain Artest from hitting the wrong fan. Teammate Stephen Jackson runs up the stands and throws haymakers at a fan who threw more liquid on Ron. Add in Jermaine O’neal’s highlight punch when he rocks a fan that gets on the court. The Malise At The Palace is considered the worst night in NBA history.

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