10 Hottest MLB Wives

Did you know that Major League Baseball has no salary cap restrictions? Not Like their North American counter parts the NBA and the NFL? Which means, baseball players get paid ridiculous amounts of money, just ask Pablo – the big ass panda – Sandoval, when dude signed a 5 year 95 million dollar deal with the Red Sox in 2016. So it has to be true right? More money, means more hotter honeys? Let’s see if those rules apply! With that being said, we’re back to our list of the Ten Hottest/ MLB Wives.

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10Chelsea Goffe

First baseman Freddie Freeman’s new wife’s Model Mayhem profile is pretty damn impressive. As she modeled for Ferrari, Harley Davidson, and was a Spring Break Nationals Model. But now that she’s cashed in on some MLB money, she quit the bikini modeling biz and is now a Real Estate agent in Atlanta.

9Diana Roberts

As 2006’s Miss FHMm this Florida native became a briefcase girl on the hit tv show Deal Or No Deal with germaphobe host Howie Mandel. The Hottest Girl Next Door married her way to some financial freedom when she met and married 2nd baseman Brian Roberts.

8Larisa Fraser

Ryan Braun’s super hot wife loves to show off her underwear. As she seems to be uploading lots of bra and pantie shots to her social media. But we get it, I mean, why else would you use social media if you looked like Larisa. And now she’s parlayed all that skin exposing to a modeling gig, for yes, Jockey’s underwear. Isn’t this country great? God Bless America

7Lisa Dergan Podsednik

Alright, so you know this list is fire if we have Lisa Dergan at number 7. As she was once Playboy’s Playmate of the month, Lisa is now married to World Series champion Scott Podsednik, who hit the walk-off homer in Game 2 of the 05 Series. Lisa also once dated Director and shitty movie producer Michael Bay. Not only does Michael love explosions on his sets, rumor has it he loves exploding in bed as well. You’d have to ask Lisa for the inside knowledge.

6Emily Greinke

Ace pitcher Zack Greinke’s wife is no stranger to the spotlight. As she was once a Dallas Cowboy’s cheerleader at 18 and Miss Daytona Beach USA in 2009. Mrs Greinke recently had the couples first baby and is aiding in Zack’s battle with social anxiety disorder. Not only is she a hottie wifey but a true BFF to her man Zack. Congrats guys.

5Amanda McCarthy

Amanda and husband pitcher Brandon McCarthy once donned the cover of ESPN The Magazine where the title read Chicks Dig The Ground Ball.. A play on words to the old school commercial “Chick dig the long Ball” by Nike… But what we remember most of the hottie wifey’s cover is the awesome cleavage. Smart ESPN…Her husband Brandon recently signed a 4 year $48 Million dollar deal with the Dodgers at 33 years old. MLB has stupid money.

4Hannah Jeter

As the cover model for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2015 and wifey to Yankee legend Derek Jeter, Hannah is a sure bet to make our Hottie list. Born and raised on St Thomas on the U.S. Virgin Islands, Hannah’s resume is ridiculous as she modeled for Victoria’s secret, American Eagle, Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren. We all knew Derek Jeter had His-Pees but now we know she has her Her-pes.

3Molly Beers

Mets 3rd baseman David Wright met his hottie wife during the 2006 World Baseball Classic and in 2008 she attended the winter meetings for free agents with David. Of course she was, Cha Ching… As he signed an 8 year $138 Million Dollar contract after the meetings. Now a days, those numbers sound like Peanuts in the MLB. Great catch Molly.

2Jaime Edmondson

Playboy centerfold and Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Jamie is fucking ridiculously hot. This sexy red head recently married Tampa Bay Rays star and multi multi millionaire Evan Longoria. A fun factoid about this beauty is she once was a Night Shift Police Officer in Boca Raton Florida for 2 years. I’d pullover and pull my pants down for her.

1Kate Upton

This one was obvious wasn’t it? If you have any disputes at Number 1, please watch Kate do the Cat Daddy Dance on repeat. It’s been said in Urban Myth that if you stare at Kate’s tits juggling for longer than 20 seconds your mind will be enlightened. Yes, Swimsuit model, actress, and winner of almost every hottest women alive list. Justin Verlander is our winner… at life.

And there you have it, our list of the ‘Ten Hottest MLB Wives.’ Did we miss any other hottie Baseball wives? If so, mention them in the comment section below, and as always/ don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe.

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