10 Hottest NFL Wives

Some die hard fans have been calling out the NFL/ with their new rule changes/ and calling it the No Fun League. But as much fun these NFL players are not having on the field, according to some ex players..these ten NFL millionaires are enjoying the fun at home…with their hot ass wives. With that being said, we’re back with our list of the Ten Hottest NFL wives

10Katherine Webb

Former Miss Alabama Katherine Webb, shot up to fame after legendary announcer Brent Musburger popped a chubby , complementing the shit out of AJ McCarron’s girl while she innocently rooted for her man during the BCS title game. After the game Her Twitter handle went from 2000 followers to 175,000/ pervs. Sky rocketing her to overnight celebrity and even having then NFL player Darnell Dockett tweet his number to her, apparently to get her wings and go to a strip club with him.. bro, does that line work?

9Sasha Lee Dindayal

Former Video vixen and model, Sasha has once dated Director Hype Williams but is now married to future hall of famer Tight End Antonio Gates. Married in 2011 the couple seems to be loving married life with kids and are now working on philanthropy work together. And i must say, Sasha Lee Dindayal’s instagram is super hot.

8Kelsi Reich

Buffalo Bills Wide receiver David Nelson once hugged Cowboys cheerleader girlfriend Kelsi Reich during his touchdown celebration and giving her the TD ball. Making his Cowgirl girlfriend super awkward due to the fact she’s rooting for the Cowboys, and even raising questions to whether she should be fired for that stunt. Luckily for him, the cheerleader beauty eventually married Nelson.

7Jesse James Decker

Hottie Country Pop singer Jesse James was famous before she met her hunky wide receiver hubby Eric Decker. But when the two met and became an item, she propelled her career into another larger demographic, the NFL fandom. The two even starring in their own E! reality show, that no longer airs. She can also be found on her own Youtube Channel, giving out beauty tips.

6October Gonzalez

Married to all time great Tight End Tony Gonzalez in 2007, The Animal lover couple disrobed for a naked photo shoot titled, “we’d rather go naked than wear fur”.. the hottie wifey was then a finalist for a panel spot on The View with Rosie and Whoopi. She ended up not getting the gig ,but she’s still hot as fuck/ so she makes our list.

5Lacey Minchew

This Southern beauty met her eventual NFL husband Matt Flynn while the two attended LSU. While Matt was the starting QB for the ranked Tigers, Lacey was competing on the LSU dance team for 5 years. She also was Miss Teen America in 2002, and Miss Louisiana in 09.

4Giselle Bundchen

Former Victoria’s Secret Angel and highest paid model in the world. Giselle has been in our lives for some time now. And according to Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell, she is the last true remaining supermodel. Bundchen married some scrub named Tom Brady in 2009. No idea, what her husband has accomplished thus far. But as for her! She is not only super hot, but cares about the children and people in need with her charity organizations and environmental causes.

3Ariel Meredith

As a 5-time Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, Ariel Meredith is considered to be one of the most beautiful models to ever wear a itty bitty poka dot bikini. The 30 year old model is pregnant with Wide receiver Hakeem Nick’s baby, and is now engaged to the Colts star. Congrats guys!

2Kelly Hall

QB Matt Stafford isn’t the only one in the family with ridiculous athletic skills. His super hottie wifey Kelly received national notoriety when she showed off her 3 point jumper on her instagram, draining 5 in a row from NBA range. Now, that’s
fucking hot! But it doesn’t stop there, she even kills the guys at Golf! So if you ever see her on the sideline of a pickup game, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

1Sarah Hinton Celek

Hooters Bikini Model and Tight End Garrett Celek’s wife, Sarah Hinton was discovered by the internet in 2012. And what a great 5 years it has been. Please be warned before hand, that her calendar pics are not safe for work , only because its a good chance you’ll pop a semi in your cubicle. But here you go, and Enjoy!

And there you have it, our list of the Ten Hottest NFL Wives, Did we forget to mention any other hot NFL wifeys? If so, mention them in the comment section below, and as always/ don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe.

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