10 Hottest NHL Wives

Who says dudes without teeth/ can’t score hot chicks. Well these National Hockey Players scored big time Bro, for better or for worse, through sickness and health. With some of the hottest women on the planet. With that being said, We’re back to our list, of the Ten Hottest NHL Wives.

10Maripier Morin

Kicking off this quarter inch chub, Montreal broadcast beauty and star of Hockey wives, Maripier Morin. As the fiance to ex Montreal Canadien, Brandon Prust, Morin is a household name in Canada. As she gained notoriety on the reality show Hockey Wives, where her relationship was tested when Brandon was traded to Vancouver. British Columbia just isn’t as good as Montreal, eh?

9Ashley Booth

Hottie Ashley also stars in the popular reality series, Hockey Wives, as she too was tested when her husband David Booth has to play in Russia. That’s a bit colder than Vancouver, them nipples definitely got hard, but she stuck with her man through the cold Siberian winter. And that’s what I call, a keeper.

8Lauren Cosgrove

Team USA’s win versus Russia in the Sochi Olympics was won by Lauren’s husband’s game winner. As the shot heard round the world, Lauren was live tweeting her nervousness while pregnant in St Louis as TJ Oshie apparently rushed to call his pregnant fiance immediately after the win. Now that’s love.

7Carrie Underwood

Country singer and American Idol Contestant winner could have made our list of Ten Hottest NFL Wives but decided to ditch her Dallas Cowboy Captain BF Tony Romo for Nashville Predators Captain Mike Fisher. Stating that her song ‘Cowboy Casanova’ was not about Romo and that she would never immortalize someone who did her wrong. Damn Tony, what did you do? The hottie singer is now happily married to a real Captain, and getting creampied on the daily.

6Noureen DeWulf

Actress and sexy mama Noureen married Vancouver Canuck’s Goaltender Ryan Miller , as she has 1 child with her NHL hubby. You may remember her as Lacey in Anger Management and more recently playing Melanie in the Romantic comedy ‘Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past’ starring Mathew McCounaghey. It’s a Comedy, but seeing all your past girlfriends as ghosts sounds more like a nightmare that ends with a wet dream.

5Lauren Bonino

While her husband Nick Bonino played for the Anaheim Ducks, Lauren was part of the Lady Ducks/ which is considered to be the most successful girl’s hockey program in the western United States. Lauren also has a huge heart, as she helped organize the Lady Ducks Fashion shows where some of the proceeds were donated to a local hospital. It’s always nice when your wife is hot and fund raises for a cause.

4Rachel Linke

Medical Doctor and Wife to Columbus Blue Jackets Centre Sam Gagner, Dr Linke is never bored. As she tends to her patients and sometimes her own husband. Sam shattered his jaw in 2013 when he was with the Oilers And yes, he lost 4 teeth. Luckily for Sam, his hottie wifey was there for support and some professional care. As the tough hockey stud got back on the ice in 5 weeks, just missing 13 games. Maybe the NBA players can get tough like that? (shaken my damn head) NAAAAAHHHH>>>

3Barbie Blank

Model and former WWE Diva, Barbie Blank knows a little something about being tough as she was trained in the Ohio Valley Wrestling league. Known as Kelly Kelly in the wrestling world, she successfully defeated Beth Phoenix and Eve in a tag team match with Maria Menounous at WrestleMania XXVIII. Her husband and hockey bad ass, Sheldon Souray must have been proud.

2Elisha Cuthbert

This Super hottie actress came into our lives when she played Kim Bauer on ’24’ and naughty high school student in comedy, Old School. In 2013, Maxim
magazine named Elisha, TV;s most beautiful women. That same year, NHL player ‘slash’ lucky ass, Dion Phaneuf tied the knot with the sexy actress. Since playing Kim Bauer many pervy publications like Maxim, FHM, Complex, and GQ have ranked her one of the hottest women on television. Dirty pervert mags… I love dirty perv mags.

1Emma Andersson

As we finish off our list, grab your tissues, cuz we dont want you finishing all over the place, because this ain’t carls jr. cuh. for the top hottie and wifey to Detroit Red Wings Captain, Henrik Zetterberg. The captain must be loving life motor boating those jugs every night. Emma is a television personality and singer with Swedish decent. Thats why shes a Vacker Tjej (vacker shay) which translates to ‘Beautiful girl faggots’ in swedish. See.. you learned something today.

And there you have it, our list of the ‘Ten Hottest NHL Wives.’ Did we miss any other hottie Hockey wives? If so, mention them in the comment section below, and as always/ don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe.

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