10 NBA Players Who NEVER Fight

These our the players that will get all up in your face, and don’t do shit about it! If you’re an 80’s baby like me, you’re asking yourself “where did the goons go?”. 80’s and 90s NBA basketball had intensity, real rivalries, true hate and more importantly, real fights. The Millennials are getting something similar to that — actually nothing similar to that. These days you get the guy hopping up and almost getting into a fight. Really he’s just waiting for someone to grab him so he doesn’t get fucked up. If you’re going to get up in someones face. Then the NBA should clear the court like the NHL and let the two square up. Or atleast let them slap box – With that being said, heres our list of the 10 NBA players who never fight. “don’t hold me back guys!”

10Russell Westbrook

Westbrook who attacks the basket with ferociousness always seems to be getting thrown on the floor. With his aggressiveness and his all around unlike ability, opposition loves the hard foul against Russ. But once he falls down and jumps up, he never gets the chance to throw a blow because teammates and opposition block him. Or do they? When Russell jumps up, he leads with his chest and never his arms. Stop playing Russell, you know you don’t want any from Zaza.

9Marcus Smart

For some reason, people think Marcus Smart is a bad ass. But really, he seems like the guy who never wants it. After being thrown like a rag doll by Boogie Cousins and then watching his teammate Jae Crowder getting bitch slapped by John Wall. He’s the first to be there but never does shit. Relax Marcus. You know you don’t want none.

8Patrick Beverley

Patrick Beverly is a unique case. He seems to be the agitator in most confrontations, but also tries to play it off like he never did anything ALA Dennis Rodman. Beverly has gotten into riffs with many of the top NBA talents on multiple occasions , such as Westbrook, Lebron, Curry and Wade. But never ever was there a chin check involved. Someone needs to take a lesson from Rick Fox and meet their rival in the tunnel.

7Goran Dragic

Phoenix Suns point guard and favorite euro stepper Goran Dragic doesn’t mind mixing it up with his fellow guards. But when it comes to truly throwing blows against his foes, Dragic takes the pussy route and just attempts to be upset. Good work Goran. You’re really a tough guy.

6Kevin Garnett

KG makes the list just because so many low post players want to fuck him up. And from what we can remember, its been all talk and no fuckin walk. Now everybody remembers the Dwight Coward (I mean Howard) ‘chin touch’ on KG (we don’t call it a chin check or the NHL players will call us all pussies), but if you slow the video up, you can see KG had a clear shot at getting
an elbow or two at Howards grill piece. Buuutt.. i think we all know what happens next…Don’t Hold me back! don’t Hold me back refs!

5Thabo Sefolosha

When you get punched by Carmelo Anthony and don’t do shit about it… It’s a very ‘shake my head’ moment. Thabo had the clear pass to get ‘his’ when Carmelo seemingly gets a side punch at Thabo’s Swiss face. Thabo then takes a step towards Carmelo with no attempt to get even , he just wanted to maybe scare Melo? Not sure exactly what he attempted, but Thabo definetly took the Swiss approach and kept things neutral. In America Thabo, when we get sucker punched we chuck em back. Shaking my fucking head…

4Jae Crowder

Celtic wingman and all-around consistent player Jae Crowder was bitch slapped so disrespectfully from John Wall, that even I got mad! During a timeout after John wall spin moves on Crowder and drops a dime, Crowder throws the stank finger in Wall’s face. Wall then bitch slaps him and laughs about it. Now I know, Jae Crowder didn’t have the time or the reflexes to react and get Wall back, but that shit ain’t cool Crowder. Yes yes, we know..you’re all friends now cuz that’s how the new NBA is… we all hug in the beginning and almost extend hand jobs but fucking A man! you need to fuck John Wall up for that!! Step up or get your dreads revoked!

3Richard Jefferson

Jefferson grew up as a child to two parents that were Christian Missionaries. Grew up in a happy and well fed home. Good possibility that his well upbringing shows as to why he always “almost” gets into a fight. {{here? here? no?? ok now right? No? Ok now here.. No again..}} If i was a betting man, I’d bet that Jefferson has never ever been in a fight in his holy life. Clarence parents had a real good marriage!

2Klay Thompson

This one is very embarrassing. If any NHL or NFL fan tells you that the NBA is full of pussies. Please do not argue back and just say “so!?” Because the top NBA baller and NBA Champion Klay thompson got into an almost fight. While trying to break up and push Indiana Pacer players off his teammates. with one hand still holding the basketball..yes holding the ball…worst of all..his father and ex Laker Mychal Thompson then takes away the then 23 year old millionaires allowance for the week for being involved. Klay, you’re an adult now, Go buy your own underwear at the GAP.

1Devin Booker

Baby face assassin and wannabe badass needs to chill a bit. Because dude is feeling himself a little too much. Word to Troy Daniels, you better get this 5 year old baby grill back for clowning you in the press like that. Daniels and Booker were held back from teammates and officials when words got a little heated after Daniles ‘and 1’d’ a 3 pointer. The problem is, Booker went to the press and talk smacked on Daniels with his shirt off! OH hell nah. Yo , Troy…You up next bro… As Kobe bean Bryant put it, These NBA players are as soft as charmin.

And there you have it our list of Ten NBA players that never fight. Did we forget to mention someone on our list, please mention them in the commert section below. And as always, dont forget to like, share and subscribe.


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