10 Richest Athletes Of All-Time

It may be smart thinking to start having babies and put a soccer ball, a basketball, and a golf club in their cribs. Because this list will make you throw away all your girl’s birth control pills and make some money earning athletes. Right, Lavar Ball? With that being said, Welcome to our list of the Ten Highest Paid Athletes Ever.

10Shaquille O’Neal at $735 Million Dollars

During the Diesel’s NBA career, the Hall of Fame big man earned a total of $292 Million dollars throughout his 19 year career. Which is more than any other NBA player not named kevin Garnett or Kobe. But what makes his earnings over $700 Million throughout his illustrious career is the fact that Shaq is the perfect pitch man. Reebok, Buick, Icy Hot, Pepsi, Taco Bell and Radioshack get it? shack, and even Soda Shaq. Even making millions off pretending to be a 7 foot genie.

9David Beckham at $742 Million Dollars

The stud footballer is actually worth more money off the field than on it. As he reached deals with Global Brands Group selling all Beckham gear around the world, and partnering with a Scotch Whiskey company. And don’t forget his deals with Adidas at $160 Million and all those butt hugger companies… wasn’t your commute to work just a little more delightful seeing David Beckham’s billboard bulge? I know I got hard, how about you? Let us know in the comment section below!

8Phil Mickelson at $760 Million Dollars

The rich always want to get richer. As Phil Mickelson almost got hemmed up last year with an insider trading case, just like Martha. But good boy Phil returned all the 1 million he earned off playing the stocks, ‘with some alleged help’. Be careful Phil, don’t get your shit pushed in, you need to keep winning those majors..I think Phil will agree to just keep getting his paper from big ass companies like Callaway, Barclay’s, Rolex, and KPMG.

7Floyd Mayweather at $765 Million Dollars

Money Mayweather just can’t lose. As the undefeated prize fighter collected some serious cha ching when he won the 3 biggest bouts ,as far as money is concerned, in the history of boxing. Taking down Oscar De La Hoya, Canelo Alvarez and Manny Pacquiao…But the big pay day was when he promoted the shit out of The Pacquiao fight and earned him $240 Million dollars in 1 night. And this Conor McGregor fight might propel Mayweather higher up the list as he is trying to orchestrate another huge Pay Per view pay day. Now that’s how you make $765 Million throughout your career.

6Kobe Bryant at $720 Million Dollars

The Laker legend lost many sponsorships when he was accused of sexually assaulting a 19 year old women back in 2003…But luckily for Kobe, he was still marketable as Nike, Sprite, and Spaulding kept the NBA super star. And throughout Kobe Bryant’s NBA career, he is by far, the highest paid athlete in the history of team sports. And Shout out to Body Armor as one of Kobe’s new partnership.

5Michael Schumacher at $1 Billion Dollars

Oh, now we’ve hit the Billionaire Boys Club, as the seven time F1 Champion, Schumacher has once become the face of Ferrari racing. Although tragedy struck for the retired race car driver when he had a skiing accident where he suffered a significant brain injury. And it’s looking like his situation is not too good, as he continues to get intensive treatment at his home in Switzerland. Many companies have dropped Schumacher as a partner after they realize he may never make a full recovery…

4Jack Nicklaus at $1.15 Billion Dollars

Who woulda thunk it.. The Golden Bear was worth a whopping Billy Goat! As the legend golfer lived in the era of low money earnings for his sport, Jack made the best of his name and became a golf course developer. As his firm has designed more than 400 golf courses and still is responsible for over 60 more courses in development in 19 countries. This man IS truly the GOAT.. (greatest of all time)

3Arnold Palmer at $1.35 Billion Dollars

Isn’t it fitting that Jack And Arnold were neck and neck even in lifetime earnings? As the two went head to head for decades in Golf, Arnold inched past Jack by a mere 200 Million. As the creator of the Arnold Palmer – an iced tea lemonade combo , the late great legend had 500 Arnold Palmer – branded stores in Asia selling footwear and apparel. Now That’s a shit ton of umbrella golf shirts he sold to all us asians.. Rest In Peace, Arnie.

2Tiger Woods $1.65 Billion

At one point in Tiger’s life, dude could not stop winning.. Literally beating every human at golf by a wide margin, having a super hottie wife with two adorable kids, a sick amount of endorsement deals such as Nike, Rolex, Upper Deck, Taylormade golf, and the list goes on. As a half asian, half black young golfer Tiger Woods was on top of the planet pulling in $60 Million dollars per year from winnings and partnerships. Everything I just listed there came to a crash one day, after his wife Elin found out that his dick has been in more holes than his golf balls.

1Michael Jordan $1.7 Billion

Did you know that Michael Jeffrey Jordan only made $93 million during his 15 years of playing in the NBA? But don’t be sad for MJ, as his Jordan Brand pulled in $2.8 Billion dollars in revenue for Nike in 2016, Mike gets his small cut of $100 Million from Nike during that fiscal year. But let’s put those numbers into perspective. 2.8 Billion in a year equals to 7,671,232 dollars/ a day, 2.8 Billy equals to 319,634 dollars per hour, and 2.8 Billion fucking dollars equals $5,327 and 23 cents per minute! I think it’s safe to say/ the Jordan Brand makes a profit. Throw in the fact that he owns the charlotte hornets, gatorade still hooks him up with dough, and pretty sure he gets Space Jam residuals..Michael Jordan is our top flight, highest paid athlete/ of all time.

And there you have it, our list of the ‘Ten Highest Paid Athletes Ever ’ Did we miss any other rich athlete fucks? If so, mention them in the comment section below, and as always/ don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe.

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